Be me

>be me
>30 years old
>have a computer shop in a little town
>open it
>notice there is some teen in scholar uniform sitting across the street
>never saw her before
>keep doing my shit
>midday comes, she is still there
>I close (we have siesta time) and go to the gym
>return at 4 pm and open again, she is still there
>I have things to do so I don't mind
>afternoon passes, I close at 8 pm, she's still there
>look for the FBI and cross the street
>"what are you doing here?"
>look at her closely, she is a petite qt3.14, blonde, have light blue eyes and braces
>also notice she has a black eye
>she tells me that she is doing bad in classes, is on drugs and her parents beat the shit out of her, she doesn't want to go back
>"don't you have any friend to stay in her home?"
>she tells me that no, their friends are 16 years old and live with their parents
>sound legit
>it's windy and I'm getting cold as fuck, I don't know what to do
>"so, want to stay in my place for the night?"
>she agrees
>drive her to my house
>I gave her some of my gym clothes and ask her about her parents, she tells me they are two pieces of shit that beat her regularly, I listen while I cook
>we eat and not a single word is spoken
>I usually play my videogames but I just put a movie instead, we are sitting in two separate couches
>I have two dorms, I tell her she can sleep in the other room, she agrees
>I go to sleep and I don't close an eye the whole night thinking she is in the other dorm
>she wakes me up 7 am telling me she has to go to school
>of course
>have breakfast and drive her to her school
>casually I did the network of the place 2 months before
>leave her, go to my shop
>day passes
>close, go to gym
>return 4 pm, she is standing in the door ~/herewego.jpg
>asks me if she can stay there
>"ok", (what I am supposed to say)

>she makes me coffee
>close and go to my home
>she asks if she can take a shower, she actually brought some clothes
>I cook, we repeat the same ritual of last night but she sits with me
>fuck it, I let her hug me
>I smell her hair and my dick turns into diamonds
>"you know, I'll go to take a shower before bed"
>I'm sweating like a false witness
>leave the bathroom and go to my dorm, she is in my bed
>enable cruise control
>she asks me if I'm not going to my bed
>I don't say a word, I just went to bed
>she hugs me, I didn't do anything, I just wanted to sleep
>another night without bating an eye
>7 am, she wakes up, we have breakfast
>I give her a copy of my keys, I don't want her to stay 4 hours outside my shop again
>I drive her to school
>8 am, I'm in my shop, tired as fuck, thinking what the fuck is going on
>close my shop, go to the gym, return to my home 2 pm to have lunch
>thinking if my house was ransacked by her
>enter my home, she is actually making the lunch
>sleep some siesta and return to my shop
>don't think too much about it
>close and return to my home
>she cleaned up the entire place from top to bottom
>and is making the dinner
>mfw 2.0
>it's Friday night so we don't have to wake up in the morning
>call for icecream
>stay watching tv until 3 am
>she falls asleep aside me
>I carry her to my bed
>she kisses me
>this is it, I'm in the point of no return, I lay her in my bed and fuck her with the force of a thousand suns
>actually sleep
>wake up in the morning
>fuck again
>we expend the day walking in the park
>she started to smile more often
>we did the same on Sunday
>we pass the next week going to her house when her parents are not there to bring her things to my place
>half of my wardrobe has her clothes now

>I asked her why she was sitting in front my shop of all places
>she told me she saw me making the network of her school and thought I was cute
>"ok, why not"
>never caught her doing drugs
>her notes seems to be going up
>I work, she cooks me and we fuck like rabbits every night

have been 3 months like that, I'm actively avoiding my family and my friends because there is no fucking way I can explain to them I'm living with a loli

I'm just waiting to be torched in the main square

post pictures of her feets or dirty socks

Because that is definitely going to end well and her family isn't looking for her right now.

Enjoy being arrested for false imprisonment and abduction of a minor.

Post proofs

nice fictional short story user
i liked it

Don't forget to give her eggs.

>I'm actively avoiding my family and my friends because there is no fucking way I can explain to them I'm living with a loli
I kek'd

Why do you write these pedo fantasies? You know people like you are disgusting and no woman young or old would willingly touch.

and now that you've posted here, the authorities know

I'm in my shop

her sister knows she is with me, she is older than her and agrees that their parents are two sacks of shit

also, age of consent here is 13, god bless Argentina

I'm improving

of course

it's actually called ephebophilia, get out of my fucking thread

I'm not doing anything illegal though

Wikipedia says age of consent in Argentina is 13. I would assume she's 16 like the rest of her friends right?

God bless the Pope and the Catholic Church

You are living the dream. But you should have handed her to them authorities, good luck man



I'm proud

If this is true, i honestly hope you aren't a fucking idiot. You treat that chick right.
She might still be saved.

>call for icecream

Just like in my Japanese animes...

I still would ask for a proof
Pic of her?

you are a good man, privet from russia

authorities don't give a fuck, do you think someone in her school noticed her black eye and did something about?

Pick up a hair of her from the floor and post it

Come on, any proof

Holy shit man

I can only post a picture from her fb in this moment

This all sounds too surreal. Parents where? Cops nowhere! But I wish you both good luck and fuck

loli here
fleed to chile because this guy kidnapped me
i managed to take a pic of him while he raped me
beware argies
do not believe his lies he is the one, kill him.

I seriously hope you don't plan to post a picture of your own little part of paradise on a fucking image board ?

Girls sure live life on easy mode, all they have to do is open their legs and they get some betabuck to provide shelter, 3 meals a day and basically everything for them.

Beware user. You really should find out more about her.


like you wouldnt take this opportunity


I'm pretty sure their parents are not looking for her, I mean, cops just need to go to her school and find her, also I said before that her older sister knows she is with me and although she doesn't like the idea she agrees she can't be in her home with them, she also left her home too



she actually helps a lot, she does all the chores, you know what is returning from work and that a real food is waiting for you?

I can't find anything suspicious, can it be possible that she actually likes me?



The drugs and apparent lack of inhibitions are big red flags desu. It sounds like she likes you but she might be properly crazy, so just be careful until you really get to know her.

Best of luck to you mate.


underrated German humor

Most likely scenerio is shes gonna rob you, not just taking a tv or pc but your savings

please, do post in the future and let me know if I was right

my savings are in a bank, I have a shop, I do transfers and use my credit card (that is with me everywhere)

also, I have a cctv network in my house, I can check from here what's going on

Well mate then really good for you for being there for someone else when they needed you. But fuck, letting someone you hardly know just move in and then you giving them a set of your keys has got to be some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard in my life mate. I really do hope it works out for both of you, though... Assuming you didn't just make this up, anyway.
>age of consent here is 13
If that's the case then your friends and family can go fuck themselves with their opinions, really. If you're not going to prison for having sex with her, which let's be honest, is the real concern here, then sounds like you're in the clear. At least to a degree.
Or am I missing something here? Despite your country's legal system, have you still commited some kind of social tabboo that you must never commit or something like that?

>Most likely scenerio is shes gonna rob you, not just taking a tv or pc but your savings
So.. she wants to wed?

>>I work, she cooks me and we fuck like rabbits every night
That was called having a wife once anyway, har har

Nice doujin material btw, would download


I want to believe.

>Despite your country's legal system, have you still commited some kind of social tabboo that you must never commit or something like that?

well, think that in one moment you are fucking her and in the other she is putting her school uniform ready to go to school, that really makes you think

also, my friends will consider me a hero but my parents will never ever approve this


Yeah, it sounds awkward, but I would wager it happens more than you think. I know it happens here. It's frowned upon, but nobody can do anything about it and if nobody can do anything about then then the people in question aren't going to stop, either.
So I suppose you'll be quickly faced with the option of either turfing her back out on the street at the mercy of her allegedly abusive parents and whatever other horrible shit life can throw at her, or being made into a pariah among your friends and family... Or who knows? Maybe they will be surprisingly understanding, or at the very least just not go psycho when they hear your story.
You really are in a bind though, I will give you that.

Post pics please lovely argie

Then I still stand by everything I said here:

Hahahahahahahaha bit rude

>my friends will consider me a hero
lmao, no, no they won't. they'll think it's weird lad she's literally, unironically half your age.

For those of you who don't know, by notes he means grades

OP you lying piece of shit. I know this is from an anime somewhere. Enjoy your delusions faggot.

the story is obviously fake, but if you need a picture to fap to use this cunny


well, I'm going to post a picture of her


We're waiting.

>those kids

fuggg image search gave no results

also you still use chalkboards in argieland? sub-saharan tier


Holy Shit, that class room looks like Africa lol

qt3.14 for sure, lad.

That school seems to be near collapse.

What? Are you implying i'm a proxy?

that's the average public school in Argentina

Also, why do only the gurls have uniforms? Topkek

but it's 2016 user

No, I'm just putting both posts together and acknowledging that you do have a point and it makes this more interesting.

What gets used in Britain? Whiteboards?

Sure, but you can always google search it yourself. The question is how OP got this pic.

it's for stopping them looking sexy, unironically

>>I'm sweating like a false witness

of course
most of the ones at my school were the touch enabled kind for projectors 2bh and that was over 10 years ago

Yeah, I got that. That's sad, man.
Dude, I'm a 1.5 worlder (gommie Germany :DD), and I was in school 20 yrs ago. So I thought my school was shit tier, but in comparison to yours it was like a NASA training center

>The question is how OP got this pic.
Yeah I'm wondering the same thing. On the one hand, reverse image search comes back with nothing, but that doesn't immediatley mean he's telling the truth, either.

>1.5 worlder

Ever visited Poortugal?

menos mal que mis viejos me mandaron a una privada juajaja

>touch enabled kind
As in retractable or something like that?

Yeah, I assumed that. That's pretty misogynistic. Kek

we have private schools too

I always expected better from Argentina desu, put six black kids in that class and you literally have our average public (non-federal) school.

Well, he took about 10 minutes to get the pic. And i can't really imagine him going over the supposed girl and asking for some picture of her.

Yeah it does seem to line up a bit oddly, but then I suppose there's still a chance that he could be telling the truth, it's just very unlikely.
Actually it's chauvanistic. Misogyny is a whole other thing.

Nice story, OP
I called the Federal now

Why is she neither petite nor blond like your greentext said?

Che Santi, te la bancaste esta vez

I'm actually disgusted.

What? The "guardapolvo" (that uniform) its suposed to be used in publics schools for both girls and boys, but the kids in the age of op's girl usually dont use it because muh im in rebel age.

Heh, who cares, just some other degenerate on Cred Forums.

>but the kids in the age of op's girl usually dont use it because muh im in rebel age.

I went to a public school too, boys don't use uniform, what shit are you talking about

No, but I would guess that's more like 1.75 - 2nd World.
BTW Germany is a fucking meme. We're all like
>Muh German Cars
>No speed limit :DD
>gr8st beer in ze world
>Messiah complex
But actually our streets are fucking shit tier cuz they didn't invest for centuries, our major beers taste all the same (still many very good small family breweries tho), and unemployment rates are super faked.

she is like 1.60 m, and well, she is light brown, fuck you

dunno what you mean by this lad and it was so long ago I can't remember specifics. all I know is that the teachers could interact with the machine via the projector screen. imagine it was pretty primitive given this was xp days.

You don't mean to imply that OP has fabricated some of his information, do you?

Ur rite ofc. I haven't slept too much, sry

Wew, then all the german propaganda we get here must be fake too.

>she is like 1.60 m
don't worry, she's still got plenty of time to grow m8 :^)

Pls OP, make a post on Taringa
Make Taringa great a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶

What propaganda?

>looks like a 18 year old

dropped like a hot potato
wasted my time

>Muh German Cars
>No speed limit :DD
>gr8st beer in ze world
>Messiah complex
>low unemployment rates


>me cogi a una pendeja y te lo muestro

wtf are you talking about
kannst du mal deine behinderte kleine Fresse halten du dreckiger Cuck?

Don't listen to him
He shitposts all day in german general

En serio? Toda la primaria use guardapolvo, toda la secundaria la hice en una escuela técnica publica que tenía uniforme (que algunos nomas usaban), en cualquier otra secundaria se supone que se usen, la mayoría no lo usa, pero no solo hombres, las mujeres tampoco lo usan. No se de donde sacaste que solo a las mujeres las hacen usarlo


Good for you OP.

You might want to think about putting some babies in her.

Wouldn't it be awesome having children from a fresh, young , fecund, nubile womb?

so much better than children grown in a shitty 25-35 year old womb like normal.

Imagine how healthy and strong they'll be. Wouldn't it just be the fucking best thing in the world? cuming raw and knocking up a cute 15 year old?

Also, what was she like in bed? was she a total slut?

Don't apologise to people on here. Especially not for something like that.


Why the fuck did I go to uni an get a real job just to live with an old hag. I failed at life fuck

>No se de donde sacaste que solo a las mujeres las hacen usarlo

de ir a la escuela

Richtig du Loser
Verpiss dich

Bist du Türke?
Berkay? Shitpostest du wieder überall rum, weil du mett bist?

Honestly Britian your dirty is mind is your biggest saving grace.

Media rara tu escuela pa.

Isn't that exactly what I was saying? Ever been to Germany?
You realize that our whole economy is designed to export stuff to other countries, right? So we have a strong interest in making us look good. We're selling a meme. German engineering and shit.

Wat willse?

You seriously envy this guy for having a fat teenage gf?

I don't want to imagine the beast you're with

Getting a partner that's just looks is failing at life in my opinion, I'd rather have someone who's personality I enjoy over a qt hebe.

repression is a hell of a drug

lel, widerlege mich. Hälste mich für Aljoscher oder was

Ich hau dir gleich die Fresse ein, weil du Ostdeutschland beleidigt hast. Komm und trau dich nach Dresden

Deutschland ist das beste Land der Welt

rude! why so angry, lad?

Look at my fucking flag
The beast even speaks German, yeah in bed as well

> I'm actively avoiding my family and my friends because there is no fucking way I can explain to them I'm living with a loli

Dude who gives a shit ?

You're winning at life right now.
Like that french guy said, you've basically achieved paradise on earth

(I'm studying in Germany)

Fellow South American Brothers, are we really predetermined to become Traps like pic related?
For over 8 hours now I browsed (faggot board) nonstop and cum buckets on girls like pl.
I wouldn't mind being a girl like her if I still could fuck girls and traps only. Not interested in dicks attached to dudes

What am I?

a) Lesbian trapped in a male body
b) Normie
c) Faggot
d) Robot who doesn't get enough Pussy

Ich hab keine Ahnung wann ich das getan haben soll aber ich machs gerne jederzeit wieder.

she isn't fat, it's the uniform, I don't think she reaches 50 kg

I would kill for any teenage gf.
Teenage love is raw and unmatched in intensity due to raging hormones.

I don't know what you are, but I think one day you'll be explaining all of this to a therapist.

fuck off mate.

whiteboards are pure garbage

She has a fat face at the very least. Look at the mouth and cheeks

Not hard to get one, just move somewhere else where its legal.

d) wie jeder in /deutsch/

>She has a fat face at the very least. Look at the mouth and cheeks
And that's that much of a deal breaker for you? How much hotter than her is your current gf?

Er meinte damit mich. Habe ich zwar eigentlich auch nicht, aber was soll's.

sorry, you where implying Argentina isn't white


Current gf is about the equivalent but with a normal slim face. Yeah it would be a deal breaker for me. I don't think its comparable to that pic at all, its not some minor feature, its her entire head/face shape is clearly large.

You want the dedicated board for artistic works of fiction and falsehood. This is Cred Forums - International.

Du meinst Mitteldeutschland. Ostdeutschland ist in Feindeshand. Osten kehre heim!

what was she like in bed? Did she seem very experienced?
was she affectionate? is she submissive? Is there anything you want to do that she doesn't like?

have you taken her on holiday with you yet?

You're insane. Her head's not that big and it doesn't even look that chubby.

Is ja nicht deine Schuld, ich hab nur echt nicht verstanden warum der mich dermaßen dumm von der Seite anmacht.
Ich glaub der braucht ne Banane

She looks pretty average to me, I could find better looking slags let alone real people.

I have the address of your computer shop because you posted it once. Give me 3 bitcoins right now or i'm reporting you to the police.

In line with this man's questioning: ; just give us a greentext.

>I'm just waiting to be torched in the main square


Wollte mich jetzt auch nicht rechtfertigen uezs
Keine Ahnung, was mit ihm ist, ist halt ein verdammter Royalist, ein speichelleckender Parasit, der von der hart arbeitenden Bevölkerung Sachsens schmarotzt

Just find, or actually land?

Lass dich einfach nicht nochmal beim diskreditieren unseres schönen Deutschlands erwischen

Im Inland MÜSSEN wir meckern
Das macht Deutschland großartig!
Aber nach außen hin müssen wir uns präsentieren

Deutschland über alles
Sagt dir das was?

Bin Aljoscha

Memes aside, you haven't provided a valid proof yet.

Land, even though I wouldn't be getting them in such a rapey situation as OP.

Naja ich bin hier wegen der Loli...


Ist klar Prepole

i might make a movie adaptation of this except without the pedophile rape aspect.

like Breathless (korean) or some shit

this, expected the next line to be
>my house was empty when I got back
>got beaten up by gypsies who live in my house now

You did it OP. You fucking made it. You found a hot 16 year old who wants to fuck you half way to death and you are taking care of her.

I'm mad jealous but hopeful at the same time.

Kek, bist du etwa ein linkes Schwein?
So ein richtiger Hahnrei?

Ich schmeiß mich weg

I was expecting the same stuff, too. So many scam stories start with someone doing something like that.

Okay OP. How old is she?

Typische ostdeutsche Debattenkultur:

>People ITT would actually turn her down.

That's why they're still virgins with rage

Well, they're telling themselves that they would more than anything else really.

>look at her closely, she is a petite qt3.14, blonde, have light blue eyes and braces

Stopped reading there and sage for sneak Argentina is White thread.

ITT OP has lost interest once he has received enough attention and (You)s

i just want a daughter desu

I don't know what I'd do, if don't turn her down I'm exploiting her mentally weak state and basically raping her, but it'd be fun for a while.

Whiter than USA

Lets get real here. If this was real She would had been FBI or robbed him.

>if don't turn her down I'm exploiting her mentally weak state and basically raping her
Everbody take a good look at this man. This is what happens when your country becomes too heavily feminized.

well, the first times we just had consensual hand holding sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation but she wasn't virgin and later she started riding me, she is very active

I didn't tried anal or oral but I go down her as the betacuck I am

pls no

>I go down her as the betacuck I am
You buy into that meme do you?

>also, age of consent here is 13, god bless Argentina

That is how it should be. Please keep servicing her

Feel free to explain how not wanting to exploit a minor's incredibly weak state means I'm feminised?

I'm not going to start taking pictures of her in my house

>got beaten up by gypsies who live in my house now

that's funny, you know, here we usually pay gypsies to live in a house that was taken by homeless people, they start to make their living impossible until they leave

also, gypsies here not poor people, they have a huge market of selling used cars


because she isn't exploiting my mentally weak little Willy to live in my house

>tfw it's 14 here
>you'll never get to legally fuck a 13 year old
why even live

More like he's just not a sexually starved cunt

Post your face


Among some other things, because of the usual equating everything to rape shit, obviously.
First of all, society likes to push this narrative that teenage girls are not really women when they more or less are. That young women are innocent and easily manipulated, when if anything, the opposite is often the case. They're not idiots, they know exactly what they have, exactly what it does to men and exactly how they can use that to get almost anything they want out of them. Not that I'm saying OP was played, mind you. Even if they don't have older women telling them this stuff, they'll figure it out on their own very quickly.
She was the one that sought him out, then when he provided care, she reacted as many women would in that situation and he found her in his bed, he didn't just dive on her. If anything it sounds like she's initiated quite a lot of this and is a willing participant. I know his situation is pretty weird and pretty fucking awkward, no question there. But this meme about taking advantage of teenage girls and young women is a load of shit for the most part.

OP please tell me you got her in the prone position.

Oh yes that would be lovely.

No, he's overreacting and so are you.

post your shop

Yeah I get that teen girls are way more competent than people say or assume, I was more talking about if she's in such a terrible situation she has to to go a random nerd she doesn't know that she saw at school once she's probably in such a bad situation that even if she's willingly banging OP she might not want it, she's just so terrified of going back to her abusive family she'd do anything to stay, anything to feel wanted or prove her worth.

post tits

Do I look American? :^)

>You missed out on teenage sex.
>People in other countries are getting it in their thirties.

Hey boo

Yeah possibly and that's a fair point to make, really. I'll be honest with you, I did think it was at least a tad irresponsible of OP to just go in like he did. I doubt I would have done it. I thought him giving her access to his home was much, much worse. But honestly, in this day and age with all the feminist shit floating around I would be genuinely surprised if she believed she actually had to whore herself out like that. Unless we're getting into nature vs nurture now.