Thoughts on Iraq?

Thoughts on Iraq?

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This country is dead, and soon buried.

What did he mean by this?

I rock, I roll, and I rock and roll, but I can't Iraq and Roll.

We(st) destroyed it.

Its fucked

fuck 'em

Something something 911
Somethingsomething WMD

Suddenly Finland and Sweden and full of Iraqis

How the fuck can White people still support American foreign policy?

I'm sorry.


Only thing you should be sorry about is not killing more sandniggers

Too fucking late

Beautiful people who have been through too much ;_;
Iran Iraq War
Kuwait War
Us Invasion
Isis instability

I pray to Jesus every day that they find peace

Our brother

America messed it up bad with the Iraq war.
Saddam was crazy and pretty bad but most feel the Iraq war was still about obtaining oil/petrol

The governments of Iraq and Afghanistan are pretty much puppet regimes for US interests

Mission accomplished

Wow, what a mess.

Don't forget the sanctions which were described as "genocide".

I think Iraqis have had it worse than anybody in my lifetime. Poor, poor people.


lol no.


Where's the outrage at this?

Oh now, a Liberal said it so they look the other way.

a rag doll tossed between the hounds Iran & Saudi Arabia

I feel sorry for you Iraq.


Funny how all the Iraqi's waited 12 years to run from the evil US.

>let me tell you about your country
>let me tell you about Malmö

Dumbass Amerifat

fuck off merifat sharter

Bets thing that ever happened in US history

Split it between Kurds, Shi'a, and Sunni desu.

Literally the cradle of civilization

We dindu nuffin

Can't fight for shit.


Goes to show that you could give a superweapon to an Arab and they'd still lose.


Saddam did nothing wrong.

Jewish women are the worst creatures that God created, and possible the worst aspect of all creation.

We need him back

little cars tire got blown out from explosion and then he nopes the fuck outta there. i love it.

w-why is everyone so nice i'm scared

>implying there was a country there to destroy in the first place

You let it destroy itself by letting them go, that much is true

the ones who died as babies are the lucky ones

how's life going over there?

fine in Baghdad
the occasional explosion every 2 weeks

Iraq and Syria are vestiges of the British Empire, now these two countries are over. Let them form other countries.

Do you ever feel in danger or is it just something people have accepted/learned to live with?

Saddam kept shit together at least

If Allah is so great, how come so many Muslim countries are so run down?

Check and mate, refugees

We got the bulk of Iraqis after 03


he's implying that the economic sanctions didn't have a catastrophic result on Iraq's population because Iraqis didn't emigrate during the sanctions period (1991-2003)

who gives a shit like lmao