Why can't american "men" handle banter from french women?

why can't american "men" handle banter from french women?


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Only idiots take jokes on their behalf from people they dont consider friends.

pretty brutal desu.

wtf i love french girls now

>I heard you get sodomised a lot as well
At least he tried a comeback. But it still raises the question : why can't americans handle the banter ?

Why can't non-Americans distinguish between banter and bullying? There's nothing witty about insulting somebody in the laziest way possible. Why is everybody but the United States so filled with hatred and cruelty?

but they seem so happy

Why no subtitles?

What did you tell him?

the youtube comments prove that yanks can't into bantz, I for one would welcome her ridiculing me. spoiler: might even pop a cheeky boner.

>so butthurt that he cancelled his remaining press events in France


now imagine if it was a man doing that to a woman


switch annotations on you useless kraut

>the French are rude and lack tact

Well stop the fucking presses. This is a new an interesting development we've never known about the French before.

The difference between banter and bullying is in how the target handle it.

What a fucking bitch.

is banter and being mean the same thing?¨

>mudburner banter

She's pretty good.

Did she savagely destroy the self confidence of other people too? Are there more vids?

Banter is something you do with friends.

I with johna tbqh

Well now I was able to see this low level banter...

Dude is really a faggot.


Fuck him and all this jewish clique

Banter is meant to be friendly jibes. Good humoured. It'll vary between people because some people aren't very tactful.

He should've took it in stride and let out a loud obnoxious laugh. Then say something funny back.

It's no good to be butthurt like that in front of millions of viewers.

Tbqh it was uncalled for and downright rude.

Banter =/= insults

Banter can sound like insult, but its all about the relation between the two people, the tone and the real beliefs of the person saying the stuff.

if the two are strangers and one call the other a retard for doing something dumb then its not banter but an insult, because the person daying it probably thinks it

if you say it to a friend then you know better and you just say that he acted retarded then but isnt really retarded. thats banter, the building blocks of any good male friendship.

What they did wasnt banter because the woman probably just voiced what she really thought, and they were strangers.

Not the first time I see an american actor being humilliated at a european show tbqh... why can't you be nice europe?


>no english subtitles

What do they say?

>all the mad anglos ITT

She violated him and he could not even think of any kind of counter. He even got buttmad afterwards, That's hilarious,

Min 3:18 says it all, no need to speak spanish

He Unironically gets upset over this?

this c;ip is really cringy.
jonah hill guy is either having a bad day or not cool. I don't think there was seriously reckless joke here.

i didnt watch the movie but if she liked him getting ass fucked, shouldnt he be proud expressing the role brilliantly? sarcasm wise, its still not mean.

Yeah the girl was so french, thinking she is special in that moment. Should have came up with something else when she heard a reply from him..

>look her up
>find her Instagram
>her boyfriend is an Arab



>she will never sodomize you and then make fun of you

pour-quoi vivre pêh

>no french gf to insult me so i fuck her ass harder than ever before

>he didn't reply with a classic "your mother" joke

He is a fragile celebrity who has probably been living like a king for years.

shes dating/married to an arab lol

hope her anus prolapses

why are french women so based

>be thin for my size, around a 20 BMI
>visiting the UK for the first time
>hanging out/staying with friend from exchange program
>he takes me out with his friends
>obviously overweight Scotsman starts telling fat American jokes
>say nothing to him the whole meal
>proceed to eat significantly more then everyone else and order the largest desert and eat it solo, plus I make a point to eat a few peoples left overs.
>eye contact with Scot
>"What's your excuse for being obese?"

I will admit it, it was probably just harmless banter. But holy shit did that fatty get my blood boiling.

>waaa you can't insult a celebrity

>Hello darkness, my old friend...

>People try to trash talk
>You trash talk back
Normally I just try to go for the harshest thing I can possibly think of at the time. Throat shots always no fucking around.

more of banter frenchfu pls

It looks like he could barely understand whoever was translating.

That's why he cancelled interviews in France because he did not understand, not because he was mad

Who is this girl ?

She is Maghrebi

That's not really banter. That's just straight up brutality.
Maybe it's a language barrier thing.

Even if he understood, does that he look like someone who can stand up to a woman?

No. He would have just smiled and nodded like a brit.

has he been losing weight?
he looks somehow handsome

>straight up insulting some dude

Not to mention that it's being translated, so the translator could not have had the appropriate tone of voice.

no, it's plain rude and low quality joke.

>why can't american "men" handle banter from french women?
Why are French women, men?

Is this supposed to be funny? I mean it's "ur mom is so fat" tier joke.

Not at all.
The difference between banter and bullying is the intention.

Try bantering with a dude who hates you and you'll have a broken nose by the end of it.

>a french girl will never, ever banter my penis after burning cute animals and leaking submarine secrets after i just spent $50b on them

>"french women"

She's not even french , just a dumb cunt working for a parisian bobo TV show and a libcommie tv channel, hated by most of french


>its a woman
I'll just stop you right there cunt

Women cannot engage in banter, they don't remotely understand the concept.

Here the dude could go to the court and she would get jailed.

Felt a little bad for him. But then, I remember that if he didn't get mad, nobody on Cred Forums would have heard of the tranny in this tv show.

>She is Maghrebi
No. Are you trying to maymay native french by saying they're not white ?

>be thin for my size
What did he mean by this?

superior version

or if the actor was minority

she roasted the tranny, too. stop looking for shit to get mad at

DESU banter can be just another form of discrimination

Could easily visualize a situation where employees are exploited in the name of "Bantz"

The worst part is, if you're Australian & not a big sports guy, you're immediately targeted by insecure faculty

>Hehe work that 8 hours overtime for no pay its just bantz m8

Viva la france pêh

Who cares? She is a cunt. This is a show for dumbasses, it's the pariscums and Arabs who watch that. You know, it's the Fox News of the left, they are keynesians and love immigrants.
Their main subjects are supporting Hollande, mocking the Americans, attacking Russians, attacking Hungarians for the wall, save Palestine, make emotional reports in Arab countries...

lol Modern France


poor guy

will she ever recover from this?


He should've said "Brad and Leo would bang an A list celeb, not an arab loving old hag"

that's literally the opposite of how you're supposed to deal with it

is it true that french women don't shave their arm pits

His response wasn't that bad actually, but his facial expression showed how butthurt he was. If he'd just kept his cool and smiled a bit and then delivered the same response, he'd have ended up on top.

>That lame response
>That awkward face
>That desperate attempt to look for support from his buddy after his awkward "joke"
It's beyond embarassing desu

I feel bad for the guy he has been ridiculed on tv by a degenerate french slut for shitload of people to see.

>shitload of people to see.
Considering that show has been mocked for years now for being a disaster with no one watching, has the worst TV audiences of that time slot and will very probably be canceled next year, i wouldn't say that a "shitload" of people were watching...

But still user the girl was really being a cunt it felt like one of those roasts americans love so much instead of playful banter.

It obviously wasn't supposed to be funny. The girl had some grudge about him, maybe he said a few very stupid things in interview i don't know, but the purpose clearly was to humiliate him, not to be funny.

She had been lynched a bit on the press and social medais, but honestly not that much,considering so few people cares about that show.

That fat American clown does seems to be a dick tho.

Thats very rude, I would just told her to fuck off and that I piss on their show and leave in an instant.

Response could have worked, in the sort of "Fuck you, I'm rich and famous and will go back to my mansion and you're just a slutty weather girl who will never amount to anything" sort of way. If he hadn't have looked so butthurt, then it would have been a cool and classy response.

>Why is everybody but the United States so filled with hatred and cruelty?
>Proceeds to bomb woman and children in the ME

He's famous? Never heard of this guy.

Memes aside he's a good actor and he probably has get laid much more than most of you

Me neither, i guess that's why he was in that precise sinking show where no actually famous people want to go anymore.

This. If we're not friends, you should be polite.

How did he seem like a dick though he seemed more butthurt but thats pretty understandable.

Banter when you don't really know the person makes you seem like a cunt.

However the fat twat should have just taken the piss out of her rather than getting all upset, makes him look pathetic.

Everybody know celebrities. That's their burden to bear.

>Build you career on being a fat laughing stock doing stupid things
>get upset when someonemakes fun of you
Just get your shit together fatty

Here if you try and mock a comedian you normally get BTFO by them as they're used to it.

Yeah but that guy is an American "comedian" so you have to lower your expectations.

He's not really a comedian, though. He's an actor who's been in comedies, but I don't think he has any background in standup, improv, or anything like that. If Doug Stanhope had been in his seat, this would have gone very differently.

that's it, there's a difference about it, i mean it was really humilliating and there are interpreters in the middle so jokes don't have the same effect when there's the translation in the middle

>after making like 3 posts, actually watch clip
>not that bad tbqh
Sure, she was rude, but it wasn't worse than something you might see on Big Fat Quiz or @midnight. He handled it badly, but it's not like he had a tantrum (although, if properly exaggerated, that could have been funny).

good contra-bant response

The French automatically lose via the woman being some Arab's fucktoy. No recovering from that.

I never heard about this guy before
I never heard about this girl before
Not a tv cuck
Aren't actors supposed to gain/lose weight/muscles on demand depending of the roles they play, why is he fat

That's obviously not banter and it's unfunny as hell but goddamn just man up and don't take it so personally, it was just a random girl saying dumb shit
Jesus americans are such pussies

That was cringy as fuck desu

It's not even funny, that's like a rap battle between retarded kids

".. And then you leave the room" wow SICK BURN!

and everyone laughing

What the hell is wrong with this country?

France is much better than that fucking video regarding humor

that would be ridiculous

>why is he fat
Well, the last time Jonah and I got brunch, he told me that he maintains this weight because

Of course it was funny. You have just developped a shitty sense of humour in mom's basement. You stay too many time there

Why are French women such filthy sluts? No wonder they are all over Arab cocks and got rekt in WW2


shit banter
rude and uncalled for...

He must be gay, because I would totally let her rek my ass.

He probably gets laid more than that French lady.

I don't think so. Fame does not mean that you can get laid anytime, anywhere.


Why is the truth bullying?

>You have just developped a shitty sense of humour in mom's basement.
>t. has upstairs room and his own key
How many GBP have you gained this week? 'Nuff for tendies?

No, Americans should know that they aren't welcome in Europe.

Honestly don't think he seemed that bothered

In fact my mom pay my appartment in Paris haha, I leave alone


I don't understand how he got rekt by the banter like everyone says he did. He looked a bit flustered, but it's not like he was trying to spit out insults back. He seemed confused if anything

>my mom pay my appartment
I've always wished I could subdue my self respect enough to be a leech, too.

It's easier than government handouts. For me -- a "healthy" "white" """male""" -- I'd have to volunteer for 40 hours a week to get "free" government stuff, and the other choices are
Stop being a neet (current objective)
Leech off family
Join service (still "free" gov stuff,)

>It's easier than government handouts
Like getting a fucking job, you brat?

>getting a fucking job

Lol, enjoy your wrinkles before being old

Ha! Joke's on you, fucker!
I'm already old.


>Like getting a fucking job, you brat?
No shit sherlock -- see >not being a neet (current objective) -- nice bait.

It was pretty funny though.