Remember this chart when you see posters from these countries

Remember this chart when you see posters from these countries.

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I think this is why Russia banned Pornhub

>Germany not listed
Throws the image into doubt desu.

That would be the scat chart.

This country is full of degenerates

Germans are absolute degenerates.

Why do Russians like mlp

Was der fick

UK is almost just as bad kek

You'd think Wales would have more icons.

Not really, there's tons to be sure but the density in Germany is much higher.

There are like 3 Russians who browse Pornhub on a regular basis and 2 of them happen to be bronies lol
Same goes for Ukraine and Belarus since they mostly use Pornolab or VK for porn

Thank god Americans isn't degenerate like Europeans

We like My Little Pony but not in sexual way that's why we are not so high in this list unlike East Slavic perverted mongols. Also shame on you Czechia.

I wouldn't be too sure about that m8, see for yourself here -

Rainbow coloured cartoon horse vaginas make me feel the way that nothing else does.

>17 722

>click on people from asian countries
>generally good furfag taste
>click on people from europe and USA
>ms paint tier shit everywhere

>furry in Pskov

One more chart.

merely a coincidence

Exactly how is this better than anime?


normies BTFO

I'm not surprised at all, fuck this country.

If it wasn't a pornhub thing but internet wide i'd have the uk added by myself
Good Lad.

>cartoon ponies
fucking plebs


>non-normalfag enough to watch MLP as an adult
>look for rule 34 on fucking Pornhub
I just don't get it.
>South Korea
But how? I'd bet my dick that they didn't miss the world's largest tube site when banning porn. And accessing it over VPN would give you a different country's IP.