Poland is the woman greece the old man

poland is the woman greece the old man

and you're acoustic

two humorless posts




fuccck qaqmqeriqwsa

Greece >>>>> MERICaaAa

basssssssssssstrASDS COUNntrsx amerrica
fuck amriecQA

ameeeeeeeeeericaaa is deASSD
fuck america



armericasnasns yre dirrrrrrrrrrrrrr

fucks usaar

fuck america

fuck every argentinian spicshit to the eskimo in canada


a polak insulted Greece
bsastrard slavvs

You know, i couldn't really care less if they kill some worthless people, but when i see them doing that to a cute kot i get pissed off.

what is even going on here

i piss on youf country you fithy moor

Why is your mind so disturbed?

ffick ydeine mutter du sscheis deutcher

you are he root of my pfroblems

probably paternity problems

Do you need a friend?

i need a job in greece
i hope you hate shitmany

germany, stop

Nah, i think you just need someone in your life.

i need loyal people to remove all germs from my planet

you filthy spicshit i hope you rot to death in your shithole

You should be loyal to yourself first. You're very disturbed.

i am greek

i hate germany. remove a germ
and i remove one for you

you are actually shit
i can help you

Can you actually write something that makes sense?

nice waste of your time.

What else would i do on Cred Forums?

All germans must be killed for a better future.