African Americans edition

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fuk ohio

fuk Minnesota

My Umaru hoodie just arrived

Gary Johnson 2016

Remember to get your flu shot boys
Gotta get that herd immunity




Tell me about rents in Seattle area. Is it too expensive to live there?


yeah, washingtons not a good place to go if you want cheap living


also it will probs be destroyed: newyorker.com/magazine/2015/07/20/the-really-big-one

You got a source for that nifty little graph?


i hope this happens 2bh

not gonna lie, 97,8% of blacks are pig fuccen disgsusting

Why everything good and pure must be destroyed? I just want to spend the rest of my life near a temperate rainforest dammit!


look at the bright side, that 2.2 % must be a bit nice




I plan to move out there ironicly. I have some childhood memories I need to relive

just imagine how great a world with no blacks would be...

this alone warrants a nuking


lenin literally did nothing wrong

Lift, vidya,shitpost

>southern economy in ruins
>Bama cant boast about MUH CFB anymore
>Rap wouldnt be as much of a cancer as it is
>but no Jazz/Blues


fuck you and fuck communists

Oh well, hopefully British Columbia survives....
Nature forgives communism.

I want a world without blacks, asians, whites, latinos, natives, and everything inbetween.
Basically I want the world to be devoid of human life except me
Then I could die happy when I understand it all

It's literally because of soul """"""food"""""""


Soul food is delicious, fuck off


Why are african americans so bad at suicide?

>my mom never learned to drive

It's unhealthy user

This is incredibly skewed and misleading.

37.1% of black men are obese and 32.4% of white men are obese. So there's not much disparity there.

The real question is why black women are so fat.

I don't follow the first two points but the last two seem nice

I like your vision and I hope you achieve it one day soon

My mom helped me laern to drive

my mouth is watering but my arteries are screaming

but still delicious

who gives a shit
she has a man to drive her around

Black man love to get fit

Neck yourself commie fag.

There are too kinds of Finnish blacks:
1. Shitty, smellu fucks who live on welfare. Good for nothings, lots of kids. Little to no education

2. Like middle class Finns but with bettet alcohol culture. Educated and stable families. Will give you jungle fever

physics, fap, shitpost

Are you Muslim?

Work and hopefully go to bed after sift.

Which one are you?

From the same website:

"More than 75 percent of African Americans are overweight or obese (including 69 percent of men and 82.0 percent of women) compared with 67.2 percent of Whites (including 71.4 percent of men and 63.2 percent of women)."

In reality white men are more obese than black men. But the shocking disparity is within women.

What are the most common foreigners in Finland?

me in the middle

it's encouraged by society. think of all the fat black women on TV whose characters behave as if they are simply irresistible.

Probably Swedes and Russkis.

It's exactly the same in the US. Pretty sure most minorities are this way.

umi of course

Russians, Somali, Iraqi, Turks. Strangely our oldest Muslims - Tatars- are the best integrated

What is the average Finns veiw of their neighbor countries?

Estonia =small Finland?

>In reality white men are more obese than black men.

I'm afraid not.


I eat peanut butter jelly sandwich with whole wheat bread, organic peanut butter and homa made strawberry jam.

>"you guyses"

Good lad

Russians= Drunks and our eternal enemies. Also our best economical partner
Estonians= Mexicans of Finland. Drunk fucks who've built everything new in Helsinki
Swedes= Friendly rivalry. We're tsundere towards them. Even though we see them as sissy faggots we still love them


Why does every Finn have to join the military? Is Russia that spooky?

Swedes are returning the draft actually Russia is the baba yaga boogeyman for us. Also it's not universal anymore. It's more selective these days.

I meant white men are more overweight. Obese =/= overweight.

>i'll never be a foot succling fish

Any gay anons here?

How did your parents react to you coming out?

My dad was gay. He came out after my parent's divorce. His parents didn't care

>Niggers being able to maintain a gym membership by paying the fees


>Implying they don't work out in jail

Also I see lots of blacks in my gym

>Discrete structures math class encouraged for CS class
>I didnt take it

I-I'll be fine, right?

lol good point user! Those aren't niggers that you're seeing in the gym. Those are African-Americans.

Hi guys.
Maybe you remember me posting about going to Nebraska.

Now I will go there in November, so that my host family will celebrate Thanksgiving with me as well.

How should I behave? What are traditional dishes, apart from turkey? What am I supposed to do?

>what are traditional dishes apart from turkey
for thanksgiving? mashed potatoes, ham, cranberries, pie (specifically pumpkin pie) sweet potatoes etc. just behave polite i guess, watch what other people are doing and ask questions

i want to murder a furry before i die

you need to sex their youngest daughter and show them the blood stained sheets the day after

just act like part of your family, its not an religious or anything.

Most thanksgiving dishes are Cranberry, Stuffing (Bread, herb, celery, onion, salt/pepper), pumpkin pie, Ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli. You just sit at the table and eat, maybe say grace or something, and tlak with the family. Maybe watch some Americna football on the TV if they want you too. Hope you're ready to be asked about girlfriends and lady friends

LOL ITALY! Why are you going to Nebraska of all places?! There is nothing there except for corn.

Traditional dishes are Turkey, dressing/stuffing, cornbread, greens (cabbage, spinach, collards), ham, corn in various forms, rice, chicken, squash, an assortment of dessert pies, and ravioli.

I would believe this coming from a kraut.

>Ravioli on thanksgiving


You said obese.

hey mexicunts, americunts... Dodge this

I've done absolutely nothing with my life

Yeah, its mostly just logic and shit like big O notation.
I wouldn't worry about it unless you wanted to do CS research. If you just want to wagecuck the only classes you'll ever need are the actual languague classes.


Are guests supposed to bring something, as a meal or a drink?
My family produces red wine, so I do not know if it is polite to make them serve it.

Some other things about Thanksgiving? I will be in a very Catholic home, but I don't know what to do, to say or not to say.

General advice
(My hosts are in Nebraska and I kinda liked it; I live in a city next to Florence, but it is more like a little village. Very humble and nice, so I quickly loved the relaxed atmosphere that Nebraska provided)

they would probably love red wine if you have observed them drinking alcohol before

Could communism work in America?

yes, god yes. Blame the chinks (no offense my finnish friend)

We paint his hands red all the time and put him in a tutu. The real commies are in the central district.

you dont have to bring anything, but its nice if you do. Nobody would complain if you brought wine

If its a catcholic home, you'll probably just have to say grace before the meal. Again, its not a fancy dinner, you just have to act natural and talk to them like you would any other day

Communism doesnt work anywhere, So Id say no




its like you are retarded or something.

Google gives me this for Cranberries.
I eat them alone when I am bored
Are they a garnish on top of the turkey, a sauce or what?

And do you really eat RAVIOLI on Thanksgiving?
Is there a food order that I am expected to follow? As "Turkey, then the pie, then broccoli..."

Tell me stories about African Americans. The funny ones

>dishwasher is finally done

I can eat now

hypothetically speaking, what If I dont know what Big O notation is...

bring red wine if you know they drink
Especially if it's home made it's even better.

The meal's usually preceded by a big prayer, so Catholic or not it's best to respect it (you are in their home anyways).

If you're not sure about wine you can always prepare a dish. Can do the following:
>collared greens
>sweet potato pie
>cranberry sauce
>veggies and dip

T. Italian American

they're bitter alone, but combined as a sauce theyre tangy and sweet. You'd usually put it over your turkey or potatoes or something.

Nobody eats ravioli on Thanksgiving, he's an idiot

Eat the pie first. No one else will because you're furthest travelled guest. Some may insist you start with turkey but this is part of it. Stick with the pie.

you dont eat ravioli on thanksgiving the user who posted that is retarded

need to die

One of the black kids in my class didn't know that most Mexicans are part Native American.

He said "nigga natives are red skinned not brown bruh you stupid as fuck."

We showed him pictures of white, mestizo and native mexicans and he said we were lying.

dont listen to him eat in the order everyone else eats unless your givin the option to eat in whatever order you want like a buffet

No. NOBODY eats ravioli on Thanksgiving


Bernie should've won


ill meet the anime soon

anime is fucking gay 2bh

t. Low test homosexual

>Not liking anime
Leafs tbb

Since they are Catholic, I am going to buy a nice Bible in a Christian shop in Florence: a nice Bible, covered in Florentine leather, written in Latin.

(I do not know prayers in English: should I learn them?)

So, how many plates am I provided with? One? Two?
In Italy we have a plate for pasta and another one for meat/fish, a little one for vegetables and a little one for desserts as well.

How many people are usually in a Thanksgiving celebration?

(I do not know if they drink alot, but red wine may be good for a Catholic family, right?)


As a midwest catholic, this is true.

I'm glad someone finally has the balls to say what we're all thinking

Google it you cuck.
Basically it's a classification system for algorithms, so you can say X is slower than Y. On paper it sounds useful, but as a wagie dev you'll rarely ever write anything where it'll make a difference because you'll just be piecing libraries and frameworks together 90% of the time.


the people and plates all depend on the family


US catholics generally love drinking on thanksgiving. You bring them that bible and some wine and they'll try to get you to marry into the family.

>I do not know prayers in English

Most of our prayers are made on the spot.

In my family *calvinist* we would say "come lord Jesus be our guest and let thy gift to us be blessed". I don't know if Catholics say it but it's the only dinner prsyer I can think of

you dont need a bible, m8. They'll probably like it, but it's not necessary for the holiday. You'll get one plate, and people will be passing platters of food around the table, or they might set up a buffet and you go in a line putting stuff on your plate then sitting down to eat

They'd probably love it. Americans generally love gifts from other countries that bear their culture in some way, so the Bible would be perfect.

It would be helpful to learn a prayer or two. They shouldn't make you lead grace as it would be a bit rude, but knowing something like the Lord's prayer wouldn't be a bad thing at all.

A light red wine is appropriate for it.

No one cares about your prayers, heretic.
Say them in italian.

>light red wine
Pair for big, roasty, herby, flavors. Turkey has a lot of dark meat.

What do u think about makes who become female


I don't like the dark meat on turkey

shit really? I thought turkey was generally considered less hearty and was better paired with lighter wines. I guess the moral is don't trust a midwesterner with wine

Maybe the wine I produce is stronger than I think: I hardly drink it here, because it needs very tasteful dishes. It is like brandy, you know.

People here do not pray so much before dinner.
The only prayer I know about it is an Italian version of what you wrote.

And, for replying to user, the Bible is a gift.

It is totally new for me: we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously.

Oh, they will bring me to a football match. Any recommendation?

you can leave

Gay. It's not the best, but I still eat it because I'm not a baby.

I can't wait until Thanksgiving. Fried turkey is the best.

I mean, the breast meat yea.
Pairing for the dark meat is more fun.
Most of the world prefers dark meat so there's gotta be something to it.

Turkey does not have many wines here, as all volatile meat.
If any should be served, sparkling white. But I do not know how Turkey is eaten in the USA

Ham is far superior to turkey. Fight me

Bring warm clothes.
Could be pretty chilly at that game.

I won't, you're right

No, you'll probably be watching it on TV, not actually at a stadium. if you dont follow our football at all, its fine, they probably dont expect you to. If you ask, I'm sure theyd be happy to explain how it works. There's usually rivalry games on (think Milan/Juventus) that day, so they can explain the matchups or history behind them.

>not just enjoying both
Sucks to be you.

*Kisses u*

Make me faggot


Any real opinion


You're not wrong

Goose is better than turkey, and duck is better than goose

you dont eat goose or duck on thanksgiving, you jackass

Is there a topic that should be generally avoided in most meals, expecially Thanksgiving?


Really makes you think.

I didn't say you did? It's still true though.


Pheasant > Quail > Goose > Duck

Politics, but that's a given.

Don't say anything vulgar.

politics, maybe any family feuds that have happened, or relatives nobody likes to talk about

Try not to bring up the upcoming election

the failures of your nephew mainly

Politics, religious arguments, strong opinions.

Talk about happy things

post yfw you see cana-chan

My lack of a gf. It's always brought up for some reason.


I run straight to Jan Itor

I will be there after the Elections will have ended

Well, politics is an answer I did not expect: Italians do love speaking about politics in meals. And dead relatives. I swear.

>tfw pale skin but very Persian name

I confused alot of people growing up


Thanks for all replies, guys. I still struggle to understand some parts of it, though: Is it a sort of buffet or there are people around a table and dishes in the middle of it?

I hope my hosts will make real US food, without trying to patronize me.

Its mostly like this

this is a real thing?

the buffet would be kinda sorta like this, a long table with each dish placed so you can put something on your plate while walking past

or like , where everythings on the table you're eating at and you pass around the food

Are you staying in the north or south? If south, you have some of the best food this country had to offer.

what the fuck is your problem man, it's a fucking dinner. stop acting like a confused child.

you eat some fucking turkey and talk shit with the host senpai.

Omaha, Nebraska

Isn't Southern US food just Mexican food with Creole additions?

It is rude not to know how to behave during a festivity you have seen only on Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother.

>all white people

I understand the filename now

>behave during a festivity
it's a dinner lol
americans are uncultured swines anyway, you would have to try REAL hard to upset them

oh shit. My whole city ran out of gas. It is happening.


they had to gas up every single heavy duty truck in the city because his mom had to take a shit and she needed a lift to the sewage works xD


How can a city of almost a million run out? Pipeline burst in Alabama. Even saw firetrucks taking all the gas. I just got some before the station ran out. But people panicking is making it worse than it is.

Southern food has nothing to do with Mexican food

Its a mix of British/Irish, French, and African food


Why don't you look it up and find out?

me on the left

Did the city stop running or is it still coasting?


my uncle didn't have any friends in college and now he has a good job in his field, a wonderful wife, and 2 qt daughterus

you made that?

And a son... who posts on /cum/...

Do u wear shoes indoors??


I'm not my uncle's son



Eh fine at the moment. But when you see ems and fire trucks in line to get gas, something seems kinda shtf about it.

does it get cold on minestotta?

Dont ever speak to me or my uncle's son again


I forgot it was Mexico Day
Happy Day Mexicans

>psych ward doesn't have a crib board

flippin birds in the kitchen

do you need to stay up out them streets if you can't take the heat?



>tfw too intelligent to play cornhole

cause it get cold like Minnesota, ridin round on boulders, money sittin up, it sits way above your shoulders, I was eatin' pork and rinds with a bitch from New York Times, I don't eat no pork and rinds but that bitch was mighty fine


Where is my love life?

Back from a run

Fucking hot out again sweating a storm

in the sewer


Did u guys hear about the dog made for magicians???
It's called a labracadabrador!!!!

that was funny

another joke please

ur life!

>mexican basketball

that klansmen's form is all wrong

he's going to brick the shot every time


um that wasn't funny
that was mean

and it wasn't a funny joke unlike your life


Oh snap

Fuck off and die

I took this photo yesterday

Rip in peace

Ahohoh I'm back

Is Mexico first world


I took this a couple of months ago

Mexico is not first world

Some cities are OK i guess

>African American women look better than white Europeans
God bless America


last week someone asked me if i liked gore and then he told me that if he was near the scene of a crime and he was a cop and he looked me around i would be his first suspect, all because of my face and the fact i don't talk too much.

I answer yes to all the questions, i even said i had a gore fetish and that i would love to show him my ''collection'' now that he was talking to me.
He freaked out and avoided me for the rest f the week

Perorted you psychopath

have you ever seen anyone get beheaded?

So how's your day going buds?

did you know that the regular first world internet user has seen more gorish violence on the internet looking to satisfy his need to watch people sufering and edgyness than the regular third world person who lives in a dangerous zone?

so no?

I got shampoo in my eyes again

didn't do anything today but I did just fry up a nice pollock for dinner and am going to watch streams until I pass out

>sunsets before 8pm

I've never had pollock
What's it like?

I'm watching Arrested Development


it's just a simple white fish so it's kind of like a fish stick if I had to describe it

The end is nigh


Thread theme

that's a nice looking foot.

u-uh am I supposed to feel funny?

Hello and what's this?

Have you ever tasted your own cum

nope, never will

no, but thanks for the idea


Honestly are there people who haven't?

You should try it, you might like it
it can be hot

Enya is a qt

are you ok?


Made my mouth tingle and never did it again.

Nah, don't plan to.


Immaculinity isn't a word

is there any word that means it? I mean yeah I could just say "perfection" but "immaculate" implies a sort of sterility which I want to communicate the sense of.

immaculicity? is that a word? immaculateness?

What are you listening to this evening?


What are you going to do once you run out of Mercy images?

give me the drug
keep me alive
give me what's left of my life

I'm not sure
I always think about that
I can always repost the ones that I have

So what are you listening to?

Feeling pumped up lads


is there a Costco near your house?

There are no lads here bud

15 mins away

closest one is like 30 minutes away

Yes there are 3

Say that to my face, pip

do you want to kiss me you sissy britboi

You can kiss this knuckle sandwich, I put 4 scoops into it for u :#

>potato chips are basically the same as visiting greece
we're sharting all over ourselves

Keep your fantasies to yourself bud
call me a lad again and I'll break your fucking face you dig?

R8 today's meal buds

>decide to try the /fit/ meme
>do squats
>wake up with extreme back pain and have to take off two days work just to lie in bed in extreme pain
>woke up today and my lower back feels amazing
>comfy ass storms are hitting missouri right now
>buddy left me a voicemail saying he got some fresh venison.
How are you doing today /cum/?

fitter than mine
I ate 2 plates of panda express

Dong squats with proper form

Where's the rice dingus?

If everything does become automated will the elites sterilize the underclasses because they have become obsolete?


This place might be a shithole but it's honestly my favorite board

I spent years on Cred Forums,Cred Forums and Cred Forums
and after spending a couple of years here there is no going back

fuck off newfag


I've been on Cred Forums for 8 years now and Cred Forums for 3



wish they'd just start the nuclear war already

Gonna make a pee pee

>wish they'd just start the nuclear war already

explain this picture

hrvati su genocidan narod


i did it bros


>Why no, I don't dream of a passive suicide where almost all sentient life on earth is killed alongside me

Kid? …okay? That's a bit of news to me, but if you insist.
So first off, I've been using chan boards since 2006. Not the oldest of oldfags, I digress, but I've been around the block.
I'm not really a fan of censorship, I just tolerate it. I care about Cred Forums, or what Cred Forums used to be. I want that back. But let's face the facts here, like I said before, Cred Forums is dead. We need a new home.
The way you two are attacking me makes you sound like a couple of schizoids who skipped their meds. You're not listening to what I'm saying at all. I'm on your side. But you want to call me an SJW for pointing out the obvious, that's fine. Cred Forums is dead whether you like it or not. Move on. Find a new "Cred Forums" where censorship doesn't happen. It most likely exists somewhere. Where that is, I don't know yet.

>I dream of a passive suicide where almost all sentient life on earth is killed alongside me

How is that Greek flavor?
I'm thinking of trying 'em out.



just got a pic of this guy and poked him after i got a few pictures
he was pretty fast

In the future aliens from space are going to want to come to the united states illegally. How do we stop this now?

why is it that the borders of the states are so stable?
You have Europe, Russia & Co., China & Co., etc all squabbling over their borders but we (since let's face it the states might as well be different countries) never have border disputes and they don't try to take land from other states


>light match
>part of match head breaks off and burns into my skin

When will they stop talking about pepe on fucking MSNBC?


its MSNBC, who cares?

MSNBC has grown a lot recently due to CNN going full shill mode

Man it's like a flashback to 2007

how can we get them to post nazi anime instead?

we must meme more aggressively

soon CNN and MSNBC will be nothing but smug nazi anime faces and frog memes with swastikas as Wolf Blitzer sobs silently at his news desk

gonna make /cum/ + /lat/


Holy fuck boys

There's a whole precinct of cops outside my house and a helicopter patrolling just 2 blocks away and a bunch of yellow tape blocking off my corner.

Wtf should I do

You cook that chicken with a waffle iron?

>our eternal enemies
What? Why?