Anyone ever have African cuisine before? What's it like?

Anyone ever have African cuisine before? What's it like?

I've only had North African and Ethiopian.

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>anyone ever have African cuisine before

Not even Africans can say "yes"

afro Portuguese cuisine is good
hhhhhhhhh very funny xd

A couple of dishes from Angola and Cabo Verde.

Pretty tasty, but clearly influenced by colonialism, so it's not really that "african"

Ethiopian BTW is surprisingly a lot like North Indian food

I used to lived in various countries so I've tasted food from various countries.

1. Moroccan food is pretty dope. Most dishes are like mild Indian food and are served with couscous. They have excellent sausage called merguez.
2. Zanzibar has loads of fresh fruit so they have the best fresh juice mixes you will ever drink anywhere. Their food is spicy and also similar to Indian food.
3. Ethiopia have those huge teff pancakes they serve with various kinds of vegetables and meat.
4. South Africa and Namibia have the same foods which are heavily meat based and heavily influenced by Indonesian and Indian food. The best sausage I ever ate was called boere wors. There's also a meat loaf called bobotie that's excellent.
5. Ghana and Nigeria have similar food as well but they fight over who has the best jolof all the time.

I can't say that I have. Although now I'll be sure to try the African restaurant down the street from my place.

Yes, it's amazing

Most African food I've taste has been similar to Indian food.

isn't North African your typical Mediterranean fare?



naaah like there alot of common ingridiants and some common plates but in general its very from the lebanese/greek/turkish cuisine ? no hummus no kebab no falafel .

It's all my wife eats!

Don't they eat sand?

I had cameroon food. It was spicy but ok. I like south african food. More meats and sasuages very good.

yo gimme sum of dat bushmeat

Anyone here ever had African American food?

Is it good?

My nigga

It's good

Not good for you.

When it's good, it's amazing. When it's bad, it's soul-crushing.

It's usually good, though. The only thing most soul food places tend to fall flat on is the mac&cheese. Always a bit too watery.
>The transmission of highly variable retrovirus chains causes zoonotic diseases. Outbreaks of the Ebola virus in the Congo Basin and in Gabon in the 1990s have been associated with the butchering of apes and consumption of their meat.



Why no South Sudan?

Yes, dem collard green. My favourite African food are their cakes though. Red velvet is the absofuckinglutely greatest thing on earth.

African American I mean

Spit-roasted monkey is all you'll get in some places.

Same as white peoples' traditional food from the South. IOW good and good for you.

Chicken leg is my favourite meat and watermelon (grew them myself first time this year, the difference to supermarket stuff is astounding) among my top fruits, am I a crypto-nog?

Who cares if you're cryptonogging? If you can't enjoy some fried chicken and your own homegrown watermellon why even continue? Sounds like you're onto a good thing, really.


I dont get it?

>Want to buy African food
>Only a few restaurants and its expensive af

Yeah but you know how jokes and memes go: As soon as someone has to explain it to you it loses any chance of being amusing.

>grew them myself

WTF! Why would you do that?

Why not? It's fun
Though I chose a shitty variety probably selected for North-East Germany and Scandinavia, so the plant already died in mid-August and the fruits were 5kg max, missed out a lot on the late summer heat. Next year I'm doing a later variety

i dindu got it really, but still was funny 2 mee

Delet this impending war crime.

I have large wild rabbits running around my yard who would probably eat it before I could. It's just €1 a kilo to buy here now.

Yeah, but the homegrown ones are just so much better than what you can buy at the mall. Latter ones have been shipped from Africa/Asia or wherever and are already 1-2 weeks old before you even get to buy them