Wake up

>wake up
>The Middle East is now this
What do?

>No South Sudan


I think Azer should get more clay and act as a buffer zone between turks and Iranians

>Israel exists

Is that even question? If the biggest one ain't Israel we gotta send our 2nd greatest ally more weapons!


Since it's fixed now I don't need to do annything.

>it's another episode of ottomans blobbing into asia

>Millions of Hurka Durkas, Kurds are in my country now


How's the vacation Ahmed?

>muh kurds

desu this is what i really want just without the Erdogon islamist slant



>badmouth Israel
>an American defends it

if oman is fine, then i'm fine


suicide self.

Nice digits

Brace for the economic crisis, Erdogan joining ISIS and enjoying that level of military success on a one noight rampage isn't good news for anyone.

Turkey should relinquish all of its European territory. And there should be an independent Kurdistan. Otherwise, I don't care.

What happened to South Sudan?

t.Shlomo shekelstein