Would you date a white girl?

Would you date a white girl?

Yes but not her.

i recognize that dude

only if she is a boipucci

No, I achieved enlightment so only 2D girl.

Frog so washed up he converted to OW

yes i like face on her

>Would you date a white girl?

Would you date a girl*

since im not gay, yes.

There is nothing in this world that's qter than Soe

Seeing her makes me so depressed. I could get a qt gf but never anything even close to her

no they tend to be slutty

I don't know how to date and I've come to terms with it and my lack of contact to potential romantic partners for the most part so I don't know if I would.

Soe is pure

I know a guy who was like you. He "became gay" and now has an easier time finding dates/sex. Apparently, if you're shy or submissive, it's easier to be gay. He still isn't really attracted to men, but he says it's not so bad.

as an Eurasian Male, my only goal in life is to have a white girlfriend. But even if I impregnate a blonde like Kate Gosselin, I'll still be stuck with slanty gook mutant Down Syndrome offspring.

I might as well just go back to porn of Niggers raping and torturing white women, and live vicariously through them.

Kate Gosselin was my Blonde Virgin Mary and now she can't save me

I really doubt the slanty eyes is her fault. and her kids look retarded.

the point is even a blonde woman's womb can't save my Eurasian soul

Even Kate Gosselin's blonde pussy wont get me into White Heaven. when Kate Gosselin's eggs can't save your soul, you know your damned to hell

wmaf fucks get the worst of all possible worlds.

even if I overcome the overwhelming odds against me and marry a cute blonde girl like Jon and Kate Gosselin, my kids will still be little slant-eyed mutant monsters. Have you seen Jon Gosselin's 3/4 white kids? why bother? it'll take generations to wash the Asian stain outta my genes. This all could have been avoided if my beta MRA White dad had avoided race mixing. Now 6 generations can't erase the inferior Asian genes from my White Last Name.

Even the ovaries of a Nordic Blonde girl like Kate Gosselin can't save me now

funny that the only successful eurasian males are keanu reeves and dean cain who are both 3/4 white.

hell look at the chinky slanty eyes on Jon Gosselin's 3/4 white kids, and he married a nordic blonde woman. the inferior Down Syndrome genes can't be washed out.

would you date a gook, anons?

How old are they? I feel like they could be anything from 12-25

they're high school students user

second to right at the top
the leftmost middle one
and the bottom one

everyone else ranges from mediocre to bad.


i'll take all 10 please

Yeah I am already together with a ***Korean person

I want to marry the cutie with the glasses

sonsengnim's facial expression lmao

>trying to smile but get all these 3dpd away from me

I'm dating a white girl. I keep her barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, as it should be.

I prefer the qt holding the case

I wouldn't date a girl of any race.