1. Your cunt

1. Your cunt
2. What were you like in high school?

1. Faraguay
2. the nerd

1. Flag
2. I made 16000 SEK from collecting cans

>no gf afeter 1st year
Pic is my high school

1. Sweden
2. alone

a fat loser lmao

i-if only they could see me now ;_;

1.Mc Sicko
2.kinda like a spurdo

i thought british high school was pretty chill.

1. Portugal
2. alone and isolated

Children are mean.
I went to an expensive school so doubly so.

Friends only on Cred Forums and bad educated

I was a literal punk

Like asperger(not autist) who was good on physical eduction and other lessons(average score is 4.5/5 and o didnt even cared for history, law, liteatury etc where i got my 4s)

Also, was wearing the same clothes for 6 months straight(expetig socks, t shirts, and underpants and undrrwear of course)
Not like we were poor(in russia we are ALL poor ahahaha everyone equal) just i hated malls and shops.

We were playinf cod muktipkayer every say after school.
Previously, we played RPGs with swords and GTA VC and SA in someones house.

Average kid

Had tons of friends, school was lit

Pic related my campus

1. Columbia
2. I was the nerd of the class but my class mates respected me and i was the friend of all, although i didnĀ“t have friends out the school and passed my free time playing videogames in my room.

I was considerately quiet but i had a lot of friends and everyone was cool with me

People liked and respected me well enough. Thought I was smart and decent looking. "Bit of a weirdo, though."

No GF until after graduation because I was a quiet sperg whose panicked reaction to the realization that a girl liked me was to be as aloof and polite and possible to them.

1. Shitland
2. Loser

Emotionally unstable

Looking back I'm honestly surprised I had more than zero friends.

adrift loser

Holy shit, just like in movie.

>giant building
>more fields than in my 100 000 inhabitians town
>parking for schoolers cars

Is it private? Expensive?


Fucking americans.


I was the alienated nerd until about 9th grade when I became a stoner/hippie. It was great until it progressed into drug addiction in my 20s. I was cool with all tribes, and was the chill dude in the back of class that got decent grades and didn't fuck with anybody. Even did extra ciriculars like rifle (a team mate would become a famous cop killer), but then I grew up, reality hit and I had to bail from college twice and work like a mule for shit pay. I sobered up, switched to drink and graduated top of my class. I'm off drugs now, aside from a little coke on weekends and got a good white collar job. Unfortunately, the drinking persists.

1. America
2. Shot


Not him but similar school. Literally its just a public school like any other school. And size really depends on how big the city is. My city has 4 million people so we have similar sized schools, mine holds about 2K kids. We have 1 football field, 1 baseball field, 1 ~ Olympic sized swimming pool, plenty of buildings. Its kinda like movies just not as wild as it seems.

1. the United States of America
2. I was a minor alpha, never elite tier but definitely in the upper social quarter. Played striker on the mediocre soccer team, got two handjobs from pretty girls by the age of 16, earned grades that were good enough to take me to the most prestigious university in my states, and occasionally made fun of the quiet loser kids behind their backs. Good times.

1. Shart
2. The autist that spent most of his time sperging about stuff. Then I became the creepy druggie that bought people cigarettes.