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Getting used to the mouth fedora.

Not had a cig in 2 weeks.

considering a post

university of liverpool

anime is for people with hormone imbalances


Was going to have a wank but now I'm too tired.


i want to stick plug in her nose


Pretty good deal desu

posting a song



ah yes

Obama was not athletic. Did you miss his gym video?

Looks like Tim finally got his firearms permit and he bought a gun. Smh

Practically losing money if you don't take this offer

this 2bqh

really hope hillary wins the US election lads
trump is a petulant little child

>there are actually people ITT that didn't go to Oxford


Superior Azn Waifu

>got into a Russell Group uni with middling A-Levels
>ended up with an ordinary degree
>two years later I've working in a relevant field and making more than the people I know with 2:1/2:2 art degrees

hate it, HATE IT

>saying autistic that many times
>implying normal people get offended by slightly out of the ordinary tastes

You sound like some beta try hard obsessed with his image honestly

*check runt cage 37B*
*open the door to Tim yammering to himself about some paki cunt*
*closes door before he starts walking towards me*

this IS outrageous

una vela

Is that your brother?

this isnt how it works

>Hi, I'm """"""""""""""""Chloe"""""""""""""""""""""""""


having read about her treatment towards the whitehouse staff, i am quite convinced Hillary is a lot worse person than Trump

Truly truly outrageous

highly recommend anyone to have a look at the moon if you havn't already

its so bright that its even casting strong clear shadows on the ground

also wanna say I really enjoyed that last thread, lotta good lads here tonight

did you get a third? jesus christ that's intensely bad

keep comparing yourself to art graduates instead of actual successful people though, it'll feel a lot better

I went to Oxford Uni and got my 4 year bachelors in African Women's Studies. Thinking about applying for a Rhodes Scholarship tb.h

*pays for my drugs with a cheque*

i'm doing fairly poorly at a shitty degree in a shitty university

job prospects looking good

She is, people forget so soon what a hag she was in the 90s

So what are you lads drinking tonight?

I picked up a Blood Orange Gose I'm pretty excited about



"she" has a long way to go

Hi my name is Chloe


Business idea: drop out of uni and huff opal petrol with abos in the welfare lines

Mentioned this last night but no one cared

Love looking at the big full autumn moon
Just don't fall asleep outside under it

did anyone see that article in the newspaper with the faces of UK's BLM protestors

literally all exactly what you would expect, arrogant well off dickheads and atleast half of them live on houseboats

oh they were all white too, obviously

didn't see the new thread

why not?
get moonburn?

>British girls

>did anyone see that article in the newspaper


can only see 1142 in that image

lads, Bath looks really nice. quite expensive though

How do they pronounce Bath there?

Turn into a werewolf or get moo sick and go insane

banking soda I got baking soda





lotta niggaz i finna heem in dis thread ngl


*moooooooos at the moon*


one of my mates always says he would rather be a werewolf than a vampire if the topic comes up.

cannot wrap my head around it. Being a werewolf wouldn't even be good, just a total burden

>1 Oxford graduate organic farmer
>1 film producer, cousin of the famous actors Ralph (played voldemort in Harry Potter) and Joseph fiennes, educated at the highly prestigious westminster school. While at LSE she 'occupied' a uni building demanding free education while blogging about it on the guardian, father is an author and lives in a multi million pound house in London with her husband who was also there
>2 self proclaimed anarchists from the group plane stupid which blocked tunnels at Heathrow in the past, one is an organic farmer and the other a student in brighton
>1 actor who is a green party member and part of a croquet club
>3 people who live on a houseboat together, one member of friends of the earth, one 'community musician' who just got back from the Edinburgh festival, part of a theatre group and recently an opera about prostitutes and finally one anti fracking protestor who has perviously locked themselves inside a fire engine as a protest

I miss Ed.


>As we walked along the flatblock marina, I was calm on the outside, but thinking all the time. So now it was to be Georgie the general, saying what we should do and what not to do, and Dim as his mindless greeding bulldog. But suddenly I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones and that the oomny ones use, like, inspiration and what Bog sends. For now it was lovely music that came to my aid. There was a window open with the stereo on and I viddied right at once what to do.

is that his attempt at sultry?

*lays the last brick in the wall around my house*
*looks at the sky as a full moon rises*
*sighs out of relief*
I was just in time

Will Emily Bloom ever do B/G hardcore???

>tfw can't remember if I've taken my medication or not

>£400pw for a flat

ah yes. Bath. the new london

slight choon

what a gang of twats

still cant believe they actually let this mong be leader

i mean did nobody in the party realise that the people are simply not going to vote for a mong regardless of his politics? call it petty or what have you but thats just the way people are. theyre not going to elect some gormless spacker as their leader. cant believe the labour party didnt realise that.

don't think poleaboo is a very good parent desu lads

Fly keeps smacking into my face and then disappearing when I get up to try and kill it

Actually going to go fucking berserk in a moment

Went to bath on an open day back in the day asked what the night life was like and the lad said it's shit so they all go to Bristol for a night out

can i have a smug face like this too?

Seriously considering becoming a priest

A young hip priest like me could rise fast in the ranks, I could become the pope one day.

rolled a supermini joint lads
for size comparison, a slim filter is in the middle

my willy on the left

tax ends

apparently he could be a father and a mother at the same time

Quite scared about uni lads

Blame the unions


do you play lotro

Rate this jewess
She is in Oxford, she won law olympics in international schooler olympics or smth likw that and pribably got a discount, because she doesnt look rich or her parents do

>not even using the blade to cut the throat

kids got a long way to go yet

>got a discount

Story checks out.

>an Irish pope that has a 3" willy and has told all of 4chins about it
I'll vote for you

I like the idea of being a priest, even though I don't believe in god besides that they just help people and give advice and do community shit

seems like a nice fulfilling life


should pribably post a link that doesn't 404

did not load properly
possible virus
would advise against clicking really


wew Bath is beautiful

it's like a big upper class region of London

if thats actually a joint on the left consider me very impressed

I make qt joints quite often cause i rarely want to get SUPER high and love making the lil ones like half a fingers length

would it be 'holy age for the holy kingdom'

think it must be, aetas/sanctus/nam/regna i know all that, its just how it fits together dont have any understanding of grammar and sentence structure

>that shit took me 20 minutes
>only 2 (You)s



I wonder if there'll be a robot in my halls who I'll get to help come out of his shell thanks to my status as a mildly normie abnormie



Here's my J

someone put this man in charge right now

>clicking a link posted by a Russian

I'm russian. don't do this please

Could do with a good Irish hardline Catholic pope.

The gf

i won't in the future

what are you doing in blighty

thank you
i think we're still active for a few hours yet

bet you 50 cents i can swallow this 1 pound coin

can't drink tea or coffee or any other hot liquid at all

completely burns my tongue. have to wait several minutes just to cool it down whilst others down it straight away

how do I fix this?

Poleaboos blog has been updated!




the gf

Just follow the standard boring advice of leaving your door open and don't spend all your time in your room and it'll be fine la'

Don't 'just bee yourself' pretend to be confident then you really are for the first week or two as well

on reflection going to go for 'holy age for the kingdom'. dont know why aetas is repeated though

hopefully being a useful citizen

Wait until it's cool enough to drink you absolute monging twat

do NOT reply to him
do NOT give him any negative/positive reinforcement
simply IGNORE him

just dont forget deeds. levelling is fine but you need to make sure your virtues get over 6 at least

Do you not have ice in Britland?

>council tax

literal fucking scam, what next? bathroom tax?

are there any other hidden government scams I should be aware of?

yeah this worked for me,
first night in halls i just sucked up my anxiety and went and said hello to a group of pretty girls, ended up good mates with one and met tons of people through her.

don't even have to act all cool, just literally say "I don't know anyone, mind if I have a drink with you guys" everyone is super receptive the first couple of weeks so you can talk to literally anybody

What posts did you make on /r9k/?

>on reflection going to go for 'holy age for the kingdom'.

anyone remember that nonce who bought the tiny barbie from tescos and his paki co-workers left early
that was a good one

theres more than a few articles I've seen of tranny soldiers
the combat must fuck them in the head

>On this day, the Poleaboo Caliphate declares complete victory over the United Cuckdom of Police Scotland, Poland & Higher Education (alt title: Haven't killed myself (yet))

>I had to stop posting here because I was arrested again, accused of the same ridiculous non-crime as last time, “Making text posts on /r9k/ that caused fear and alarm after being passed around enough that they reached someone relevant”.

>Still posting here now because it makes me feel better. Posting today because today is the day my bail expired, they had until yesterday to indict me.


>The difference this time was though that they didn’t even have enough evidence to charge me (because I dindu nuffin) but due to all the politicking (Polish consulate, the university, Police Scotland and the Procurator Fiscal were all putting various pressures on each other), I was placed on bail for a period of 1 year while they “gathered evidence” (They had no intention of doing this because there was no crime, they just wanted to screw with me and placate everyone), during that period they also had to indict me. My bail conditions in addition to the usual were a sick joke, I was prohibited from using any device capable of accessing the internet. Absolutely barbaric. The internet is essential for everyone living in economically developed nations.

>After I was released, I was delivered a letter by hand from the university notifying me that the disciplinary hearing would not be going ahead and that I was once again, suspended. the letter was handed by a grim looking elderly man and a younger man standing in the background looking displeased. I was certain they knew of the contents of the letter.

apparently lesbian sex often lasts a whole hour
definitely need to find a lesbian to have sex with

buzz buzz...
gonna fry this cunt with the electric fly swatter, brb lol xx

and you have numerous 1st age legendaries? didnt think so

Took a vid of his flatmate having a shit and posted it

you have to be good looking and have some sort of luck to do this

l don't believe what l'm hearing


I was recapping my circumstances and said that I was having "dark thoughts" and hypothetically I would have to kill the Polish girls to get them out of my head

He dressed in his sister's clothes and jacked off into her shoes

Poleaboo said he would update his blog at midnight, but didn't.
Why not?

redpill me on the holocaust lads

>After that I decided to pretty much give up and go home, I picked myself up after the first arrest, I picked myself up after getting fired from McDonalds and I picked myself up after being fired from the amusement park but this was one knockback too many, the fight within me was gone and logically speaking, it would be easier to find someone to take my room before the academic year began. Chinese Chad was cool about it all, even travelled with me to the train station. He showed genuine sympathy when I told him what I had been fucked over by the pigs for, “This country(!)” was his response. He did end up screwing me a little on the deposit though.

>Skipping ahead, I didn’t get indicted though everyone should stay the fuck away from pretty much all legal aid solicitors in Aberdeen, the solicitor I got at the firm I was with, repeatedly, told me plead guilty. I don’t know if it’s because she’s incompetent, because she knows she’s incompetent or because legal aid solicitors just want to get their legal aid cases done with minimum work to maximise profit but that’s just fucked up, I’m also considering that she was part of cabal that was working together to fuck me over.

September-December (Home & the Dole)

>Parents and sibling were more disappointed then anything when I arrived home, no one was mad. The only major event during this period was that I starting signing on at the job centre, picked up around £110 a fortnight (Went up to over £130 later). No shame, it’s the least of what the state and the taxpayers owe me for constantly abusing and generally fucking me over. JobCentre isn’t spectacular, I’m always in and out in under 5 minutes. They know there are no jobs here. At the end of the day I’m the real winner, I’m getting paid for nothing while all the wagies are slaving away 9-5, selling their free time in order to pay my bennies.

Iceland claimed all of britain's ice so that we could store our cod properly

i think i drank too much biere d;or lads

going to slep[

I honestly have no idea what a 1st age legendary is

could you tell me?

I disagree, I'm not ugly but to say I'm good looking would be a push too, even still just do the same thing to a slightly less attractive group of people, the point stands that making friends is very easy you just have to try a little bit.

need a roided gf

The anti-depressants and beta-blockers I received from the GP before leaving, I threw them away without taking them once. I was going home, I wouldn’t need them anymore, I wouldn’t be in situations where I needed to cope. I never wanted meds anyway, they were just supposed to be a bandaid until I could get CBT.
January-May (Closure & Cutting)

I found a purpose in life during this period, helped the days flow faster, it was detective work, I got some answers, maybe I could call it closure. Still NEET and still signing on. Started buying shit to fill the void within me since the bennies were piling up, bought some headphones even though I don’t really listen to music.

My dad made me take driving lessons. The instructor is nice but I feel he takes advantage sometimes, rearranging and cancelling bookings. It’s going OK, learning test routes now, it’s just practice and repetition, I’ll master it eventually.

I started self-harming for a while, I gave it up when I no longer felt the need to do it anymore, I think it was when I found something else that could make me happy or soothe me (crossdressing).

Added a new page, full gallery of my cuts.


Here’s a pic of my arm now. Not a great pic, I’ll try to get something better up later. I do regret it, they’re hideous and I can’t wear t-shirts (alone) anymore though I was always a bit self conscious about that.

It's been updated now

I was a little cautious since it would look bad that the post was up at exactly midnight since I'd have to have taken time to write it out

I'll miss Poleaboo when he finally necks himself.

hej, was askng about you before, been a bit worried

Really hope my cranial nerves are alright lads. Getting them examined right now.

I wont. Hes such a slut for attention
hes a welfare scrounging paki too

The present is much brighter, while I still am NEET and now 25, my bennies got bumped up to over £130 a fortnight. BREXIT made me happy, I struggle to remember much that pleased me more. What irritates me though is how slow the process of deportations and formally exiting the EU is.

Realised I had a problem with my weight, I was over 12 stone (over 170lbs). I’ve since been able to get under 11 stone (around 148lbs). Fiddled around with a few different types of diets but now I have discovered DNP. Not illegal to take, just risky, if you’re not careful, you’ll die, the results however are unmatched (or so I hear), I haven’t actually taken any yet, today will be my first day, if I die, I want people to know how it happened.

I did some introspection and while I always knew I had gender dysphoria, I finally decided to take action, I always thought I would never pass so I shouldn’t go through with transitioning but these feelings don’t go away and I don’t care anymore, I was going to kill myself pretty soon anyway but now I can delay it a bit. Started HRT on 28/06/16, a few days after my birthday, I’m self-medding, going through the NHS I would encounter gatekeeping and I don’t want to delay any more, that and my social anxiety is worse than ever, I only leave the house twice a week, a combination of JobCentre/driving lesson/takeaway/laser.

HRT is going well, my testosterone is nuked and I feel all the better for it, I’m also probably irreversibly sterile which isn’t a big deal, not like I ever planned on fathering children. Labido is kill. I was never particularly interested in women and I had no interest in men but since starting HRT I have become attracted to the latter, it’s apparently not uncommon. Skin is softer, nipples are sensitive etc, the usual stuff 2 months in. Currently on 25mg Cypro, 6mg Progynova (was 4mg Estrofem but this was cheaper) and 5mg Finasteride.

>Poleshit samebending

Nah we have Icelad now. He's old news.

why the FUCK do I never get notified about new threads anymore, you cunts trying to leave me out? hahaha never going to happen

most "concentration camps" were labour camps and gassing never took place on an industrial scale. most deaths come from people starving to death after basically being stuck inside camps with no supplies because the entire country was breaking down. number of deaths massively over-exaggerated.

You'll find this hard to belive, but I've found god again lads


more people to eventually disappoint

Went back down to 4mg E recently though since I heard some stuff about starting too high and developing “cone shaped breasts”, also some tranny made me feel bad for not getting a diagnosis so I’m also considering switching from Cypro to Bica, just in case I’m having some mental health episode, it can possibly preserve my fertility.

I’m also getting laser to remove my facial hair, had 3 sessions so far and it’s going adequately, can only take one session every 4 weeks, the process being so slow is killing me. Might switch to a clinic with a better laser, the one I’m at is using a LightSheer Duo, the Nd:YAG is supposedly much better for darker skin though.

Took a blood test a week or two ago, couldn’t get enough from a finger tip prick so I had to slash the tip of my finger with a razor blade. Anyway, my T levels are low, arguably too low, they’re lower than even the regular female range. My E levels on the other hand need to be higher, they’re at the lowest acceptable level.

Registered with a GP, I’m going to pluck up my courage and ask for a referral to a Gender Identity Clinic eventually.

Started watching Godzilla films, they’re OK at best but I’m just doing it to give myself a niche interest so I seem like an actual human being with hobbies and interests. Started off with the Heisei era, vs Mothra and vs MechaGodzilla were my favourites.

Sorry, I have been editing the blog post a bit over the last 40 minutes

NEET masterrace, wagie

Enjoy your weekend of rest

also unironically have the words 'recessus anime sancta'

>Not sure if I had gender dysphoria anymore or that I want to transition but it’s a bit late now, I seem to be chemically castrated, tried to stop taking my anti-androgens for a while, but still I had no desire to masturbate and when I did I still couldn’t produce any sperm.

interesting read

>wake up
>check the news
>more hitlery scandals uncovered

literally a daily thing now

why is this woman allowed to run for president

Half the experts Holocaust deniers cite think that ~4 million Jews died during ww2 rather than 6 million

and the algerian rapist

>This is the average netherlands poster


Definitely going to kill myself, next 5 years, before I’m 30, life is awful and it can only pick up somewhat before it starts nosediving again, I have the resolve to get out of this trap, no point in prolonging by suffering by decades. I’m guessing this news probably makes everyone who reads my blog very happy, not a surprise though, I mean what else could they have possibly foreseen as the eventual outcome? You treat anyone else the way I have been treated and they would have killed themselves even sooner.

I half expect to be arrested again for something or other I’ve written here, “breach of the peace” or another joke law that can be manipulated to screw anyone for anything for any period of time. 5 Years isn’t soon enough for some people, they probably want me dead NOW and honestly I want to die right now too but if it’s any consolation, realistically, I’ll neck myself in around 2 years. I held back because of how my siblings and mother would feel but honestly I don’t care any more, not even a bit, I hate them, they mostly hate me and the part of me that loves them figures they’d be better off with me gone. Only going to chug along 2 more years because of the transition thing, see how that plays out, maybe I’ll feel happier for a while, in a while though even that can only be temporary at most. I have no employment prospects, no way of leaving home due my NEET status and no avenue through which I can make friends. I’m alone and my life is empty, I have no purpose and do nothing, there is no source or joy and no reason to continue existing.

Still NEET. Driving instructor just doing test routes now.


oh we posting OST's now


One day, we Swedes will rise up and destroy what the government and people like you at IM (Western-Communists) have done to our once beautiful nation, and we shall rebuild it to its former glory! And trust me, you who are responsible for our nation's suffering will suffer as well, hard and painfully... You people make me sick.

cooking some alfredo ask me anything

No, no we're not.

Gotta email the uni now and arrange the disciplinary hearing. Not saying that two wrongs make a right but essentially what has happened is that false accusations were made against me and I lost a year of my life, so the uni were wrong to assume I was guilty and they can’t punish me for the first offence without also punishing the one(s) who made the false accusations against me.

Not sure if I had gender dysphoria anymore or that I want to transition but it’s a bit late now, I seem to be chemically castrated, tried to stop taking my anti-androgens for a while, but still I had no desire to masturbate and when I did I still couldn’t produce any sperm. The testicles do start destroying themselves after a point, I don’t know if that damage can be reversed or if I want to, I was feeling pretty great for the first two months but then I had some doubt sewn into my mind, though it’s more of a physical uneasiness that I’m feeling rather than psychological.

Planning on writing a memoir.

pretty sure the company who made all the zyklon b is still around and has records of producing tonnes of the stuff


cold out (thank fuck)

Sweden is to blame for it's own problems

delousing agent

shan't be clicking play

meant to post this one


tell me this doesnt give you goosebumps

han shot first

what uni?

I'm in uni but when I worked during the summer I was making nearly 600 quid a week
Its pretty sad that you try to be smug living on 100 odd quid

Nah Icelad you can do no wrong in our book.

Poleaboo feels much better after having made that blog post

Gonna go to sleep now

whats lotro some kind of MMO?

It's great
fuck the sun

reminder the rest of Britain would've looked like Bath if it wasn't for WW2 and Barratt

here is something proper, you weeb



>I'm in uni
ah, wageslave in training

>I was making nearly 600 quid a week

>100 quid a week
>keep all my free time

remember you would have looked like david gandy if you didn't eat so much shit and exercised more


>What niggers have, is what I have too

i reckon sweden was the test subject for (((them))) before they did it to the rrst of Europe

not even a weeb, its just a good show. The fact its anime is irrelevant


don't even like this show much but this song is hype


im skinny and don't eat shit you fucking stupid idiot

*doesn't care because lives in Bath anyway*

if you actually got out even to a job where you have some human contact maybe you wouldnt feel the urge to kill yourself
sitting around all day makes you depressed

>i reckon sweden was the test subject for (((them))) before they did it to the rrst of Europe

wew. what is it like living the high life lad

holy age for the kingdom, the holy spirit has departed

you're right lad

some german girl on my house fb just said "british girls don't like wearing much fabric"

why are germans so prudish and frigid

Germans are just autistic man


might ask you for this again when I invariably forget it and it doesnt show up on youtube so be ready

watching v for vendetta

is britain really like this?

Maisie lives down the road. Once walked past her, mere inches between us.

been phlegming blood last 2 days

won't go to the GP because they'll just say I'm fine like always

>Not getting her sly commentary on the closure of Fabric

yeah just like it

bit mental


alfredo is almost done cooking ..

had an idea for a new type of soap today

need to recruit a biochemist

she sounds like a fabric industry shill desu fampai

Wasn't really concentrating towards the end of the cranial nerve exam so I don't know what the doctor said.

Got more on my plate now, being rescued from some sort of catastrophe by the invisible one from fantastic 4.

ngl it's kind of annoying me

who the fuck is she to comment on our women
shes a fucking german

Final choon before I go to bed


Good night


business idea: invent a new kind of soap

just demand a chest x-ray if you are so concerned. Would be shameful to die because you were too timid to voice your concerns

>friday night
>spends his time on an anonymous anime image board with his pretend "friends"



really like korean movies desu

its in 0121

ok I need to do some preliminary research still, but I might have a job for you in a month or so

ffs no one here is interested in my alfredo


who would I go out to? I have no friends irl

Bath is unironically french slang for something cool/nice/awesome larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/bath/8347

you are my friend :3 xx

stop stinking up this thread paki

you live in ireland so you're fucked anyway.

The GF talking shit about me

v nice.

now for the ultimate OST


alri security, you back in uni now?
I used to have m8s but i lost contact with them after I left school :/

Moderately hungry

lost my virginity 45 minutes ago lads

congratulations, you advanced a gimmick level!

I really need to get around to watching this, one of those movies that I've been putting off forever.

Really wish the English/the plague/famine/cholera would have finished the work and exterminated you. Not gonna lie.

NEED to move to Bath

why did NOBODY tell me this place EXISTED?

It's an english word for something you need

back in uni soon for 3rd year
got few day shifts for the moment e.g. one starting in like 5 hours and i havent slept lmao


>Pasta with butter and parmesan on it
>Expects people to be interested

Fuck off

Funny albeit a little try hard attempt at banter

Religion is a cancer on humanity. Yes, yours too. Admitting one's faults, even if they are at the core of our identities to which religion lays a huge claim, is the cure. Stop rationlizing bullshit. Start recognizing it as such.


wow lol
hope your alright


>ky, lanc, and 'boo back on the same day
hmmm yes

The greasy cunt was exposed as a rapist last night. Should kill himself tbqh.

you expect me to know how to watch this?

I put it off for years too and really regretted not seeing it soon.

one of my favourite films, but honestly I prefer for a few dollars more by a hairs fraction. The soundtrack in the final duel fight is insanely good

all sergio leones westerns are the shit desu

love the idea of the entire film basically being one slow long build up to this intense moment that ends in a single shot

>Haha look who has come out of his cave at last!

Fuck off you drunken whore.

It's basically a documentary mate.

We're done for.

>last Saturday
>talking with a qt girl in the morning
>tells me she's nearly out of data and gives me her number
>asks if I'm doing anything after work and I'm not
>we go get a drink and chat for a few hours

>talking with her
>ask her if she wants to go to the fair tomorrow
>she says yes

>she has a boyfriend

So she's going to spend two Saturday nights in a row with me and not her boyfriend? This feels weird. Like I'm only just becoming slightly normie but I feel like even normies would be unsure in this situation.


Wish I had my own personal janny to clean up my messes desu

>his town/city isn't near a canal/river/sea

how do people live like this?


im back in uni now
I was supposed to work last week but my company went on strike kek

Even on an anonymous Japanese cartoon online boards, he lacks the charisma to start a rumour tbqh

is your arse still sore lad


>Top 10 Pranks That Went Way Too Far.jpg

best 5 minutes you'll spend on youtube


Don't worry she'll tell him she's out with her gal pals.

Received this when I was 16 and I retorted by bringing up my auntie's abortion
Was a cracker of a christmas

I'd kick the shit out of mother if she even looked at me funny


Probably going to get started on westerns once I finish off classic samurai films, heard movies like seven samurai had a big influence on leones films as well which would be interesting to spot

maybe hes into getting cucked


they absolutely do you're right

>maybe I don't really find the idea of watching several half-dead decrepit women try to cling onto their youth by drinking everything in the house with alcohol in it as fun

post yfw you see a canadian

The GF raping youtube.com/watch?v=MI7P9VY40Eg

Reminder that Alan let a dog fuck him in the anus.


There is absolutely ZERO reason to ever go near a girl who has a boyfriend, unless you're a queer that only wants one night stands.

Really sick of this paki fool. He needs to realise he's not wanted and he needs to fuck off. I don't care about how many made up stories he has about how many girls he's fucked I'd stamp on his little rodent like jaw and drag his limp body into heavy traffic.

The lads a fucking runt and I would love to box the head of that insecure paki nonce.

>Beat the shit out of him
>He therefore wins

tfw my parents don't drink



what do brits call these?

all wrapped up in my duvet like im in a cocoon

good post

my gf and I just bought purity rings, what does /brit/ think?

what is centrifugal force


Was kill la kill good or just a meme?

"arseplugs" or "daddyknots"

rate the choon you creature

gateway unlockers

must be a right poor little working class council housed chav to have parents who actually get drunk around their kids

I got invited out on a night out once by a qt, who had a boyfriend, and she brought us to a place that's 21 and up that she could get into because she worked there. Her boyfriend wasn't old enough to get in so just me and her went in.

I insisted we go somewhere else where he could actually come in though. Felt so bad for the fella. Some people have no respect.

Genuinely outstanding contribution


Door knob


its called centripetal force

Christ, all arabs are fucking degenerates

havent seen it but liked skull cop or whatever it was called, genuinely funny show.



Just been lying in my room for like 2 hours pretending to be asleep to avoid that exact scenario lad

Big brass open and pass.

Good lad

Well. I lost the one; she hates me and I am heartbroken. So I've pretty much given up on the pursuit of pure girls and love, and will instead just do what I can even if I've gotta be an asshole



Stood next to this girl at the beginning of the haunted mansion at Disneyland. She held my hand when the lights turned off.

Once I'm done with you faggot, you'll wish the gret famine was still around so you could die from it rather than from my fist down your throat

I like the way this lads thinking desu

Fuck off Nassim, you mucky rapist cunt

>Huns and taigs teaming up to take out pakis
Dream come true tbqh lads.