Are there any other blacks on Cred Forums?

1. Your age
2. Your ethnicity/nationality
3. Your favorite vidya
4. Your favorite board
5. Your waifu/husbandu

this board is super racist

1. 22
1. Half german (mom), half congolese(dad)
2. Europa Universalis 4
3. INT and Pol
4. tomoko all the way

>dat lovely ass

Did your dad disapear?

the fuck dude?


>1. Your age
>2. Your ethnicity/nationality
Canadian of African American descent, family came here after winning freedom by fighting for Britain in the revolution.
>3. Your favorite vidya
Video game or film? Zelda: Ocarina of Time if the former, 007 Bond series if the latter.
>4. Your favorite board
Exclusive to Cred Forums
>5. Your waifu/husbandu
A celebrity I have a crush on or anime degeneracy? Kate Beckinsale if the former, not into japanamation if the latter.

>it's a self hating uncle tom

No...not yet...

Playing the game of life with a cheat code



American Jew
Final Fantasy Tactics
Cred Forums
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

I always knew you were black because you always spam pics of white men with black women you dumb Kenyan nigger. I remember your AMA on KC a long time ago, like 2013.

Always enjoy seeing some examples of European class and sophistication

>Cred Forums

kys too

nice leaf

Which part of Germany? Were you picked on as a kid?

>Canadian of African American descent, family came here after winning freedom by fighting for Britain in the revolution
Totally forgot about you guys up there. What's it like? Are you Nova Scotian? I'm thinking about moving to Canada some day.

>1. Your age
>2. Your ethnicity/nationality
>3. Your favorite vidya
Animal Crossing New leaf
>4. Your favorite board
Cred Forums, Cred Forums, /fit/, Cred Forums
>5. Your waifu/husbandu
webm related

Protip: There are several posters of African descent posting on /mämmi/ and none of them are Kenyan


In New Brunswick now, but family was originally in NS. I think I'm one of only 18 black people in Atlantic Canada.
Canada is great, the positive memery is almost always true. Not sure where you're from or what type of things you're interested in, but in general, Canada is a safe bet. 10/10 country tbqh famalam

No, I'm

Are they on welfare like the rest of mämmi

>Which part of Germany?

>Were you picked on as a kid?
No, western germans are pretty friendly and based and since im tall nobody wants to dare.

All you losers taking the bait, everybody knows that Cred Forums is too mean and oppressive for minorities to enjoy.

>Half german (mom)
the part outside the parentheses was already self-explanatory

>4. tomoko all the way
a man of fine taste

To be honest i find your racism hilarious and nobody takes a guy serious who wants to kill niggers on Pol but starts dick rate threads on Cred Forums

Only Somalis get welfare and none of them are Somali.


> that disgusting hank hill assed Norway

Cred Forums is the most tolerantly hateful place on earth. Sire, many people here will insult me for being black, but just as many will insult me for the leaf, or you for obesity, or Swedes for cuckoldry, or the Japanese for shitty engrish, or Fins for autism, etc.
Nobody is safe here, that's what makes it all feel so safe

i'm gay

>dick rate threads on Cred Forums
w-what? there are dick threads on Cred Forums? tee hee

>Fins for autism
dont talk shit about MUH FINS

Well lets say muslims, jews and blacks gets a special kind of hate treatment, but overall everybody gets cucked.

1. 26
2. Colombian
3. AoE 2
4. Cred Forums
5. I don´t like chinese cartoons.

>Are there any other blacks on Cred Forums?

reporting in


Half abo half aus

Mountain blade warband

Cred Forums and /o/ I browse Cred Forums a lot but it constantly frustrates me

Emily blunt, I will marry her one day.

not a single timestamped picture in this thread

show me your level of niggerness or this thread will be deleted

>but it constantly frustrates me

EU 4
Cred Forums, /k/, and /o/
I'm not into weebshit

>Cred Forums is the most tolerantly hateful place on earth
Calling someone a nigger on here doesn't really mean anything

I did it once and some assholes fucked around with my face and almost made me a meme, so i learned my lesson pal.

>Emily Blunt

Solid choice

an arm will do for me, i dont need to see your face

The constant shitposting. I can't stop going back but I get angry sometimes just seeing all the shit there.
Also the thing that annoys me above all else is the fact that if you want to talk about a game you get called a shill.

I don't have arms

You ever visit family in America? If yes, what do you think of the US?

>the positive memery is almost always true
Nice, I've always considered moving to Quebec but thought I'd feel alien for being African-American instead of Haitian or something.

There was a Black Russian posting on /fit/ the other day. Of course nobody believed he was Black until he posted his hand timestamped.

>You ever visit family in America? If yes, what do you think of the US?
I'm sure I have distant family in tne U.S. but I don't know of them. I do know my family was owned by a Virgina family from Devon, UK called Northcutt.
There are a few famous black people with this name in America so they are probably related.
I do go to America a lot though, I have been to all if the contiguous 48. I really enjoy it most of the time.

>Nice, I've always considered moving to Quebec but thought I'd feel alien for being African-American instead of Haitian or something.
Rural Québec might be an issue, not that they would be openly rude, but you would noticeably stand out, but you would definitely enjoy, and have no problems in, cities like Montréal or Québec City. Both of which are amazing. Q.C. is probably the best city all around in North America.

>I have been to all if the contiguous 48
Wew, good lad

>I have been to all if the contiguous 48
Damn I need to get on your level m8

Btw you said your family is from Nova Scotia. Is there still a large population of African americans in Nova Scotia?

African American
Half life 2
Cred Forums

No, outside of Halifax there are almost no non-whites at all in the maritimes. Less than .5% black in NB, PEI, and NS. And, even Halifax is very white by urban standards. Most families like mine that came here as loyalists or with the underground railroad ended up in places like Sierra Leone (Britain's Liberia)

african american, black american, afro american whatever the fuck were called these days desu
lineage 2 or any other shitty korean mmo
just Cred Forums
i'm not a weeb or faggot

>whatever were called the days desu
People of color

"them damned hooligan boys"

hell no. that basically centers out identity and existence around white people

>this hread

Why is it literally always some 2 digit IQ nigger male and a white woman?


I am confused


I hae black people so much, I wish they would all die

>implying russians aren't niggers

Did he show a passport as well? Plenty of Africans end up in Russia to study.

I want a black girlfriend now

I personally know a Russian half black dude, his dad is from Senegal. So there are at least some sneaking about.


Only 1% of the female black population is attractive and fuckable waifu material

The rest 99% are ghetto slags that one should stay far, far away from.

Note to self: 1% of the 99% ghetto slags are actually pretty cute but the rest are horrid.


>1. Your age
>2. Your ethnicity/nationality
>3. Your favorite vidya
super smash bros 4
>4. Your favorite board
Cred Forums
>5. Your waifu/husbandu
she hulk

1. 26
2. British/American
3. Wind Waker
4. int/sp
5. >having a waifu

That's what non-white is though alternatively.
People of Colour is a mouthful but honestly the alternative of doing a LGBTQ sandwich is a bit out there.

Kinda but honestly there are some groups where their existence is like a reverse butthurt belt. Where people get butt hurt at them or their presence (implied or not)that can potentially derail threads (on the same level thirsty ass people do when a girl accidentally outs herself).

I go to other sites or boards for my foreign fix if I want non memery to be truthful with you

1. 22
2. somali
3. monster hunter 3/dark souls 1
4. Cred Forums
5. my daughteru is hina

abos aren't black man, they're islander like those maori lads

that goes for all women not just black mate, 99% of women are either average or ugly.

>1. Your age
>2. Your ethnicity/nationality
half turkish half nigerian
>3. Your favorite vidya
Crusader kings 2
>4. Your favorite board
Cred Forums
>5. Your waifu/husbandu

>Bongo from the Congo
>browses Cred Forums
>plays strategy games


Hoping for a right-wing uprising to be honest. Seriously hate "people" with African genes.