Why do Europeans put tuna on pizza?

Why do Europeans put tuna on pizza?

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I do too

it's good

it can be tasty
but not all the time


Because it tastes good, you colossal faggot. What, no anchovies allowed on pizza either?


Why do Americans put pineapple on pizza?

This is the good shit

Also, probably something to do with rationing after the war. Protein on Pizza is always good.

It's actually good you tasteless faggot

Go top your pizza with corn

Because it actually has a taste.

I guess thats why you guys hate it so much.

Ristorante is the best frozen pizza, fight me faggots.

have you ever taste pizza? I thought you are all living in jungle

>naming your brand after a common noun in a foreign language

That's so American, I can't believe people who actually live near Italians would do it


tjis is specail line for eastern europe

foe example salami pizza jave 30% less salami than western euroepan pizza


Really? Great job krauts


actaully eastern euroepan version have only half of salami


Are you retarded?

Is there a reason?

It's a common thing here, there was a study that showed Gerber giving shittier quality meat into their kids meal than their german counterparts. We're just a trash can for the germans ;-;

We're just your trash can Hans, and you wonder why we don't like you.

Why don't you buy your own products then?

I do, but they're not as tasty as Ristorante!


axtaully it was big deal here in newspapers and politics

and explenation from Dr. Oetker: people in czechia have differnet taste than in germany lol

we are now boycotting them

>explenation from Dr. Oetker: people in czechia have differnet taste than in germany lol
It was the same shit in here, they just said that people in Poland have different taste. Why can't we make good frozen pizza Czech brah?

100% agree


I always buy that pizza.

>tfw eaternes getting goofed

Well... nothing wrong with that. Special products for special markets.
If easterners are ready to buy it even with less salami, why should they put more on it?
Same with cars in the US. They get bigger cars for less money (especially VW) because they are just not ready to pay more (and spoiler: are to fat for European cars).

tuna is good on pizza, but you have to put it for last, so it doesn't heat, hot tuna is the worst thing

Fuck you Hans, i admit your pizza is good but you're not gonna skimp me out on fucking Salami you cuckold loving fag. NOT ON MY SALAMI.

I hope all your realtives will be raped by refugees fucking assholes

To be fair, how many €'s do you pay for a ristorante mozzarella?

2 € cca

i bought this shit thinking it was chicken, and since thats what my mind thought i didnt taste a difference

:( But i can't change those things.

Man, Slavs really seem to love their Salami...

Ok, same here so you're getting fucked.

Why should you? It is fucking basic economy.
They buy the product? O-FUCKING-Kay. Why would I make it more expensive for myself unless they stop buying it or unless there is competition? Are you a fucking commie or something?
(not like it would be dangerous to eat an pizza with less salami...)

Ristorante is fucking shite, the base is especially dogshit. I don't understand why you lot are eating it

nice union guys

at least all your kids will be blacked by muslims from africa

you deserve this


Consumer rights and bad publicity will kill them.

Salmon on pizza is better desu

so now you are pragmatic capitalist

go fuck yourself

>Consumer rights

Is there a special right on the amount of Salami a pizza needs?
As long as they don't cheat (write wrong numbers on the package or what ever) or endanger the costumers with lower quality shit there is literally nothing wrong with that.

>bad publicity

Seems more like a problem.

> we don't have enough salami
> blame the west

Also your Milka has less cacao. Your weak tastebuds probably can't handle too much of it :DDD

Protip for frozen pizza: buy the cheap Mozzarella ones from Lidl and add your own salami and/or ham. Tastes pretty good and costs next to nothing.

for every shitty pzza dold here one german girl will be raped



There is an easy argumentation that applies that the same brand with the same costs has also to come to the same quality.

This scamm will be outlawed by EU anyway.

No milka, is actually the one that doesn't show any different quality in different places after a Slovak studie mentioned here

Maybe they changed it, Hungarian officials were really upset about this a few years back.

>same brand with the same costs has also to come to the same quality.
Why would it?

Shipping is not free. Specialized marketing on new markets is not free. Having to deal with other country laws is not free. Money exchange is not free.

As long as it clearly says on the package what is inside there is nothing wrong.

Otherwise I will sue VW that they sell me the US version of the Passat for the US price.

>they wrote an extra program for the salami machine so it adds less with no other purpose than to deny the czechs 30% of their salami pleasure
>even calling it "edizione speciale" to bully them

That's really kinda mean.

EU-Regulation soon.

Borzan is upset.

Man, this union is really becoming some fucked up USSEU...
Soon we have to pay more for our products because we have to pay for shipping etc. to other countries. Fucking great.

Hahaha get rekt you german fags, all those immigrants raping your women and destroying your country is a payment for not enough salami. We will get our salami back and you still will be fucked by Ahmeds. Long live Merkel.

Ristorante is made in Poland tho.

If you don't think pizza funghi is the best, fuck off

and your asshole is made for arab dicks

>tfw German companies is just all about scam and betrayal
>tfw have to take the hate


but nothing like bathing pizza in mustard, hmmm.

Why do Americans think Europeans do everything uniformly?

>Colombians eat rice with spaggheti
>Colombians throw chips into soups and use them as decoration on meals
>Colombians put mustard on pizza

Fucking colombians are worse than brits.

uena Chimpanzzuela.

Who else you're gonna blame for lack of salami?