1. your cunt

1. your cunt
2. your favorite zelda game

Wind Waker

never played Zelda

link to the past

Link's Awakening

Zelda II. I got is as birthday gift and it was much better than the shit that came after. I became too old to play video games after link to the past, so I dont know any after that. I hear it has gay shit.

Wind Waker

I like too many:

Master Quest
Majora's Mask
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess

Majora's Mask for life

>you will never be nine years old waiting for your Expansion Pak to arrive in the mail, watching the intro to Majora's Mask loop over and over and over, every single day, again

I bought the strategy guide beforehand, read that shit front to cover at least three times before playing the actual game

Fuck Zelda

Super Mario Sunshine on Gamecube >>>>> Every video game ever made

You do realize that 64, Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are waaay superior, right?

Even Luigi's Mansion was better than Sunshine

not galaxy 2. that game sucked ass.

>Not Sony master race

Split between aLttP and MM

No. Get yourself a gamecube or first gen wii or some emulator if they exist, and play it again.

>answering anything but OoT

Good thing about it tis hat it was the only of the 3 back then big series (Mario, Zelda and FF) to get the transition to 3D right, but it only got truly refined with MM, so it ranks just slightly below aLttP/MM for me

are you just saying that cause they seized operations in brazil?

lamest mario 3d game. it's not bad but that nozzle + bad level design really hampers the experience.

Can't decide between OoT, the first and WW

>you can only play games from a single platform, anything else is haram