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>What are extra flags?
Extra Flags is an open-source (code is on GitHub) and non-malicious (no IP is accessed) plugin that adds regional flags, like states and provinces, to the already existing national flags on Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums, by storing users' post number along with the selected regional flags, and retrieving it from a database when a thread is loaded. You can add your region's flag by requesting it on the GitHub page.

Extra Flags: github.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-Cred Forums
Flag Fixer: github.com/karakalpak/Cred Forums-Flag-Fixer
Regional templates: oplk.imgur.com
About Cred Forums's flags: i.imgur.com/w9VDsop.png
World template: i.imgur.com/DcBPwzx.png

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desuarchive.org/int/search/filename/Movimentos Separatistas/country/BR/order/asc/

Posting muh map


*does a map post*

/flag/ in a nutshell amirite guys XDDDD


i didnt leave the house since tuesday but i have fun when playing dota with my friends
i have not much else to do and here people with new regionals often test their flags and i collect them
that issue hasnt been answered from karakalpak for two days, is he okay or has he just taken a break not only from the threads but /flag/tism as a whole?

He quit /flag/, but not extra flags

YES i am OPLK i have been with UK flag for like a month


Are you OPLK?

uncommon at best t b h

Are you the fresh prince of Santa Fe?

not anymore

Daily reminder Bhutan flag is a GOOD flag and not a circle jerk :^)

Daily reminder Bhutan flag is a TERRIBLE flag and is a circle jerk :^)

for new collectors that happen to stumble in
>>Cred Forums71257864 pakistan
>>Cred Forums71257257 kenya
>>Cred Forums71252935 cyprus
>>Cred Forums71176969 belize
>>Cred Forums71262374 armenia
>>Cred Forums71255278 suriname



fuck my mouth i hate this

fug :DDDD

Liberia >look mom, i can quote correctly

isle of man


>mfw DRC is never going to post


The Democratic Republic of the Congo




I heard Las Vegas is shitty, is that true?


Everywhere looks nice but the people are a different story. Henderson is probably the best area but wherever there's mexicans and blacks there's a rise in crime and drop outs. It's still a pretty city and the area is nice.

>but the people are a different story.
>but wherever there's mexicans and blacks there's a rise in crime and drop outs

weird, I told you that last time and you said it was good, the only time a person would hate it is if they lost at gambling.

You're lying too me >:(

oh shib, I accidentally revealed my power level, oops

thats a lotta flags my homie

This is what you look like right now i.4cdn.org/wsg/1473614320924.webm

Not gonna lie

I've never said that.

yeah you did, stop lying >:(

now i'm mad >:(

Transcendant IIV or Defunct IIV?

im probably a veteran autist d e s u f a m p a i

no, I'm more madder than you right now phamalam >:(

wut are you referring too GA :^)

i was mad first >>>:(

im the guy shouting pepe

power level friendo

bich I'm fucking madder than the fucking mad hatter my man >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:(((((((((((((((

no that's me

which one is the highest?


YOU'RE PUTTING ME ON TILT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>::CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC




stop it you stupid horse poster >>:((

horses need to be posted >:c

no they don't, this is literally me right now if you don't stop posting horses >:(



the highest possible level is not known yet, but defunct is higher than transcendant

10 sublevels per stage;

1 - fuccboi
2 - Denizen
3 - Autist
4 - Veteran Autist
5 - Degenerate
6 - Irredeemable
7 - Transcendant
8 - Defunct
9 -




Then I'm probably Transcendant then my man with a irony meter off the charts

stop this right now, or I'll do this to you in your sleep i.4cdn.org/wsg/1473568026610.webm

Virginia is the fucking worst state.


link is broken :(

Thread Theme: youtube.com/watch?v=mpx4ODP35VQ

Is it embedded?

i have embedded links enabled and its not underlined or anything, and the link leads nowhere when searched :(

Here it is on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=eVcNM8YeXrI

fug i dont have a toaster, will a hairdryer do?

Why do you have a hairdryer but not a toaster?

i like bagels warm not burnt


my nigga, but you don't eat toast? You blow dry your bagels? I blow dry my bagels if you know what I mean.

bagel fondles :DDDDD

i enjoy toast occasionally, but a goo ol BDB i cant resist

>Mississippi being the worst state
At least they're proud of their degeneracy, they fly that shit right on their flag.

Virginia tries to act like a dignified state when it's really a cucked out shithole.

Fuck Virginia.

>Veteran Autist

im getting there mane





bonus flag

night lads


East Virginia is shit, but west Virginia is alri



Hes gone, he couldnt handle his own autism. He got smashed one night, then came out apologizing and left. He still pushes issues on github sometimes.
Also he said he can still be found on Ylilauta. But that is a shit hole, so he might have been just memeing

Does /flag/ have a dual citizenship?
Pic related is mine

Never bothered to leave America, although my first pick would be Germany

also I'm the only one here, so don't bother posting anything beside bumps.

Upper-level Brazil put together tonight, gonna have to browse /luso/ a little more

discuss my flag

It's neat, cut back on the details on the legs and it's a solid 6.5

The triskelion is an ancient symbol, used by the Mycenaeans and the Lycians. It is not known for certain why the symbol was originally adopted on the Isle of Man
preety edgy right?

sounds like it my man, what do you think of your own flag?

It's a mutant fag flag created for a fag island by some fag, you fag

i think it's preety cool man, the isle of man is a preety interesting place really

Looks like he got banned. I'll explain, though. TheDeadDude was bantering about me being a paulista because of the flag bearers I posted, then a Brazilian showed up, who I know is also a paulista from talking in other threads but uses the triple regional flags of Trindade e Martim Vaz because it's a meme island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Then he posted a photo of a carioca conservative politician, son of a paulista conservative politician, with the flag of the state of SP on his shoulders, which is VERY strange, and we talked about it.

You can see the whole thing for yourself here archived.moe/int/thread/64900158/#64942050

Gonna get my hands dirty tonight, laddies. Also
>captcha: 3700 bunda

And where I stopped last week.



Why is Louisiana and Arkansas lumped in with Texas? I can understand Oklahoma though.


Not entirely sure, but from what I gathered, if the U.S. were to split in several nations at the same time, those three would go with Texas instead of staying with the U.S. or the CSA.

>you get standard here
Wat do?

I honestly would die. 600km of nothing is just too much.


I'm so fucked up right now but I'd love to talk to somebody?

Indiana lad?

Botany Bay?


Hello, friend

Hi botany bay, is it nice where you live?

What should I do with Manitoba?

Big ass Alberta Republic?

I found this looking through Cred Forums's archive, made by a Canadian. I wonder if he still posts.

I am so fucked up on DXM right now m8

I wish we had better flags in Massachusetts but we don't.

I guess this is what you meant with Deseret.

Yes those crazy Mormons have a separatist movement


Sort of, Its getting warmer. I like that

Continuing on

>8 ▶
>File: 1474065315475.png (701 KB, 2715x2771)
> (You)
>Sort of, Its getting warmer. I like that
> →
>Continuing on
lad i have to sleep im such a useless piece of shit early mornig good night


New computer so im gonna have to install this extension again


test again

Its been a while, have you read any of the previous threads?

Not really
What happened?

Done with the western hemisphere. Next up will be Europe.

this is amazing, mate

Also if anyone wants to see the entire progress since the very first version of the map: desuarchive.org/int/search/filename/Movimentos Separatistas/country/BR/order/asc/

ur amazin

Are you going to be doing every continent?


Kar left, some oldfags returned and I got the script working again

>kar left

>you will never have friendly and comfy homo banter with kar ever again

I don't want to live in such a world anymore

I wonder what caused him to leave. :v)

Belarus, Morocco, Europe

Wife :)

Mental break down?



Popolonskaya will win

Popolonskaya will lose

Popolonskaya will win

My humble collection. Started only a few days ago.


Two days ago.

Pretty alright for 2 days, have you tried using flag hunter? Or are you not into cheating

>flag hunter
Never heard of it before.
I have wrotten a script of my own which downloads pretty much all the flags I guess.
But I'm going legit I guess

This place



Really? From what I gathered, there would be a split between the Northern Louisiana and Southern Louisiana, southern Louisiana would probably go on it's own and gain support from the Caribbeans, while the North would go with Mississippi and form an all black nation.

posting my map

Why do normies find boring stuff like clubbing so fun?

You talking about this type of clubbing? :^)

Those nails look like sea shells

she sells seashells by the seashore

Yahoo answers told me that its to relax, meet new people and get laid.
I know of many other ways to do those same things.
All good


How do you make one?

Download the map in the OP and use paint bucket to paint in the countries you collected.

new brunswick and nova scotia as well as nefieland should come with us than :^)

sup niggas, check my flag

waht flag?

tr again my man

sorry my wifi was shit last night cause I didnt realize I had to put my card key in a slot by the door to activate the place's wiring

I was so tired after the flight I just ptfo in a hot, dark room

all good now, I'm actually surprised by how dec this wifi is for a tiny place in the middle of the pacific ocean



rfdsgtdsbfdsa gcb

ours is a copy of the french one


mexican """"""""""wars""""""""""""""""

just the fp flag for now

looking at map to see which communes I passed through last night from the airport to the hotel, then I’ll post some hyper rares

might go adventuring today too and snag another

sorry for delay, had to deal with a lady carrying my breakfast who only knows a few words of anglais


holy shit, can't stop laughing

alright lads, first two communes coming up

landed in faa'a

(be sure to save the tahiti flag too cause it can go in the box by the island, the boxes on the template are for island flags, if they exist)


polynesians dont fuck around with names

unfortunately my hotel is in just the next commune over, papeete

I'll see if there's anything good to do in pirae or arue today (or elsewhere, who knows, I have the whole day to chill)

I won't get many tahitian communes now but never fear, I'll be back in tahiti probably multiple times before this trip is over

tomorrow I go to moorea

jesus christ these fucking names




Aww hell yea :DD
Thanks man

Welcome back India m8, I don't know if you remember me but I was Charlotte/Rock Hill lad :^)




i missed you

Posting the most terrible flag currently (besides cuck stamps)


holy fug i didn't notice you were in here

welcome back pajeet my man


well, I said currently, not ones that are no longer in use

It is used in Veneto, currently

it is?

link me pls



Flag with the most flags on it?

from what I can tell, yes.

Which one is better?

Good post

Bottom one easily

You must answer this question correctly otherwise your mother dies in her sleep tonight:

What country uses this flag currently?


Aw bitch nigger you searched the image on Google didn't you

No, It's just a coincidence since I was just about to post 'what is the most underrated flag' and it was Kyrgyzstan.

Well then. We are clearly the same person on two separate continents.

maybe :^)

Most people here know literally every flag on earth. From time to time someone posts one of those flag tests and so many people get 100% or close to 100%

I know a fair amount but always screw up on the central and western African countries

Not many people know anything about those areas, so I don't blame you.

What's interesting is that many areas have similar colour schemes on their flags. For example the middle east uses a lot of black, red and white. Africa uses a lot of yellow, green and red. But I can never remember all the flags for every African country, only the easy ones from the north and south.

Yeah, most countries want their flags to look similar to their neighbors, most likely do to history (like the Nordic cross flags)

But I don't really like the whole idea of that because it sometimes gets too the point that you can't even tell the difference between them, pic related.

Can confidently name 90% of African flags the places i have problems with the Caribbean and Oceania

I find Oceania surprisingly easy. Caribbean I have a problem with also.

Looks like a pétanque ball

This needs to fucking stop




Notice of laughter and its appropriate reaction picture

*calls you autistic*

Who's you autistic ?

in English pls :^)

This was 100% correct certified English™

>who is you autistic

That's not English my man :^)

You said you were calling "you autistic" so I asked who he was

*calls you autistic* implies that I'm performing an action, which is in this case, calling you autistic. :^)

No shit, it was meant as a joke since this conversation was autistic from the start anyway

:^) implies that I'm not taking any of this seriously as well, and I quickly caught on with your memes that you were trying too pull off. :^)

Get meme'd kiddo



>start a thread on Cred Forums
>it turns in to a shitfest

why does this always happen

>start a thread on Cred Forums

absolute madman



Here's the thread if anyone wants to actually see the shit show

forgot pic

>Cred Forums

I wanted a straight forward answer with some discussion with it :(

The Australia came >:(

You sound like a stumped cuck.




Bump for more rare flags

am i rare?


In a couple of years if you know what I mean

I'm going to just come out and say it. I'll make this brief for everybody's sake and my own.

I'm quitting /flag/ indefinitely. I see no point in continuing to exist here. The general - along with the rest of my life - has lost any meaning it held.

I'll be in the thread until the bump limit. If anybody cares enough to ask questions, I'll answer. If not, farewell.

says the 60% white country
we're a pretty redneck region so we wont go extinct that fast



nice flag

fone ring
i pik up fone
"who is"
"me, masterautismo"
"wat want"
"im leving flag"

these threads have gone to shit when the americans became a majority
you're right i should have gone long time ago too like gipuzkoa user, oegstgeest user, biel user, tilburg user, surrey user, greater london user, PK himself, karakalpak, malaysia user etc
but i dont want to leave my hobby because of some idiots

It's not so much even the flood of Americans than it is that I'm just dissatisfied with life in general. /flag/ used to be an escape from that, but I just don't find enjoyment in it anymore. I don't find enjoyment in anything, so I'm going to work on myself. Leaving /flag/ is a part of that. I may return in the future, but I fear by the time I'm able to sort myself out and decide to return, the community will either be dead or so drastically changed that I won't matter anymore.

i have more or less the same problems, its like i have an apathy regarding anything the days just flow by and i cant remember any special event of the last week. i havent started working on myself yet because i dont even care anymore, maybe i will follow you when university starts on 4th october and i have something to fill my life with

but you cant deny that the threads are 10% of the quality of march at most

That was created by the government and no one uses it. Pic related is what is widely used.

University has already started for me and it feels incredibly empty and shallow. I'm probably suffering from some mental illness or maybe I'm just a fucking moron, who really knows?

Point is I think I need to reevaluate my life and take a step back. Threads have definitely gone down in quality since March, too.

Work on yourself?

Im not dissatisfied with my life, im quite pleased with it, but the literal only reason why im still here, is because Im waiting for November so I can post with ultra rare outback regionals. Then im outta here. Ive done all else

hopefully studying engineering at a really good uny (TUM) will be different
i really hope that will wake me up


How is leaving a thread in the thread monitor list while you do different things something difficult?

Try to find some sort of fulfillment or purpose to kife and find if there's something wrong with me. If so, hopefully I can overcome that.

>How is leaving a thread in the thread monitor list while you do different things something difficult?
It's not - I've done that for as long as I've been here.

I already have you, next time go to the Northern Mariana Islands or Wallis and Futuna or something

He is using Extra Flags and posting with French Polynesia regional flags.

My best is probably Norfolk Island or the Cocos and Keeling Islands.

What type of fulfillment do you hope to find?

Was semi joking, but after I post outback regionals. Ive done all there is to be done on /flag/



I wanna revive this bread

Bread is revived


I would've never heard of your country if not for [spoiler]Family Guy[/spoiler]


Noice, thanks for this one



Actually nvm the Belgian fag is still posting. What a gay cunt


Final Bump

Kar tried to keep us apart but thankfully i killed him with mt sword of honoy


I want to start collecting flags
How do I do it? do I need to install a script?

Rip kar u chinky faggot


Depends on what flags you would like to collect
As a veteran and now retired collector, I'd suggest that you start with national flags first before moving onto regional ones.
It's very easy to collect national flags. Just hover your mouse over a post up to where the flag is and click on the flag. It will open in a new tab and then all you have to do is right click the image and save it to a folder.
For collecting regional flags, you'll need the extra flags script.


>As a veteran and now retired collector

Welcome to the autism club and enjoy your stay

note: we run like a cult if you leave we will kill you

Feels good tbhfam

Why havent you been active in the past 2 months wifey?

University entrance exam

North Korea and many others in here.


You mean

Curacao became rare again?

This is kind of neat megacosm.morgajel.net/flag

Go to

I decided I'm going too leave /flag/ too, lol bye.

No you are not lololol

Yeah I am hahahahaha

Why lol xD

great idea, make sure to stay strong and not come back

Like the German guy said, the quality overall since may have dropped, and I think I'm the reason because of my dank shitposting XD

Fuck off kraut

You listen to Germany? yea you better fucking leave post some porn just to assure you leave for a long time


the quality hasnt dropped it is nonexistant at this point and your thinking is right that canadian wayside moron took part too in destroying /flag/

at least the ottawan was a bit funny

>the quality hasnt dropped it is nonexistant at this point

idk, I started posting in May, so I don't know what /flag/ was like before then

And you are?

Malte-Soeren, contributing german regionalflags since 3rd april

Are you the one who had an argument with me because i put Russia as European on my national flag collection?


I was Greece when that happend

i know that, i just havent argued with anyone about russia being part of europe or asia, maybe the guy from dortmund or lünen did

I think it was Dortmund user

>mfw I found a place to talk about fictional flags without people sperging out
>mfw I found other stuff related to that
>mfw one more hobby

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club


welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome to the club

welcome club to the

welcome to the club
(were gonna get banned)

Welcome to the tub :DD

welcome to the chub


It's annada FTFY

Welcome to the pub

welcome to the club

Welcome to the stub

welcum to the club


welcome to the club


fuck off cunt lol

Do you have reunion commune flag? is so link plez

Flag of the Moksha people.

welcome to the club
welcome to the club
welcome to the club

welcome to the chub if you know what I mean

welcome to the club

welcome to the chub if you know what I mean

enough of this meme. time to spam Cred Forums

Like shill extra flags?

It's not gonna work, especially with Cred Forums

1: get drunk
2: sleep
3: watch tv
4: play vidya
5:get drunk
6: waste money on random shit
7:go to Cred Forums
8: go to /vp/
0: watch movies
9:make /flag/ memes

Has worked in the past, may as well try

welp goodnight


You mean like the Cred Forums diaspora? Were going to have to make a whole thread, not just shill.

Welcome to the club

So then we should so we can insure the life of /flag/

Alright, make the thread and I'll bump it

Also we need to make it clear that they can put whatever location they want and that it is not ip based thats what worries them


It's at bump limit, make new thread either on Cred Forums or Cred Forums


Welcome to the club


why not?

I have autism

ill do it

well I'm not making it lol