I had pizza in Italy, New York, little Italy in Toronto, and other places around the world

I had pizza in Italy, New York, little Italy in Toronto, and other places around the world

Verdict: Germans make the best pizza

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>Implying the pizza in germany is made by germans
99% of the pizzerias here are run by turks.

>not using pic related in the OP

What exactly is so great about German frozen pizza?

>Pizza Mozzarella

the factory was moved from Germany to Poland a few years back

You really love to bully eastern Europe, don't you..

nothing, it's shit tier pizza, but they're consistent and like a quid each... and that's why mums go to iceland.

Then why are they keeping their salami from Poles?

I don't get it

/Wagner Big Pizza/ here

they changed the recipe reee

>discuss about best pizzas in different countries
>post an industrial made frozen pizza

is this high anglo humor or is it serious?

Just checked it, and there are no production facilities in Poland.

>pizza mozzarella

That's pizza al pesto and it's a god tier frozen pizza

pic related is the GOAT frozen pizza

no other frozen pizza can compare

t. frozen pizza scientist

>mfw i had to google it and they actually sell it with that name in italy

lol italians don't know shit about pizza

bofrost tier?

These are actually my favorite besides Tombstone, especially the sicilian one

>Tombstone food
>food as delicious as a graveyard

pizza should have mozzarella as a given

It's decent but the crust is like a hard cracker and 7 bucks is a ripoff for a pizza that size

The best pizza I've ever had was made by a Mexican guy.

It's good BECAUSE of the crust. CPK has the best frozen pizza crust.

Frozen pizza "rising crust" bullshit tastes awful and is like 80x as salty. Frozen pizza should always been crispy thin crust, otherwise it tastes weird.

how does it say pooland on the cover then, it used to say germany but I noticed the amount of toppings and pizza size was reduced.

>Willingly eating frozen Pizza

Enjoy your cancer desu lads


produced for poland maybe?

Their official page states production facilities in Germany, France, UK, Italy and Hungary

The green stuff you see on it is pesto sauce, and mozzarella as the brit said is mandatory on every fucking pizza

I think I've tried one of those once, bretty good

was margherita though

>sicilian recipe

but why.

Actually there aren't huge slices of mozzarella in every Ristorante pizza which is why they call the only one that has those a mozzarella pizza.

People in America associate Sicily with pizza. I don't know if it's accurate, but that's what we do. Maybe it's because we had so many Sicilian immigrants?

Here's another popular frozen pizza.


No shit, but the Italians actually have some standards about their pizza, hence there is no fuss made that there is fucking mozzarella on top

Yeah the standards really show in eating frozen pizzas with different names.

With the correct name, yeah

Kill yourself.

I don't eat frozen pizzas so statistically that's not likely

Pizza comes from Naples, it's not accurate. Pasta comes from Sicily

>mfw i though it was the opposite

Well, it's like selling a typical texan dish with the label "californian recipe". I don't know if this example works but I guess you got it

No you missed the point, it's called tombstone because if you eat it every day you'll die from arteriosclerosis

Anyone tried this brand?

It's from Lidl, and it honestly tastes like ketchup. Nit tomato sauce+cheese, but just ketchup...

>eating frozen pizza
may as well eat shit

>tfw always sold out of these at the store

We are talking about Pizza here.
Fucking bread with tomatos and cheese on top. It is the most simple food one could imagine. Don't try to make it more than it is.


italian food is shit. been to italy this june and left disappointed. overrated food. basically just dough with some shit thrown at.

proper german food is way more difficult and expensive to make. tastes a million times better if you ask me.

German food never fails to look repulsive to me.
>giant egg yokes
>purple intestines of dead enemies
>a burrito with some kind of meat tortilla

Yet it requires a lot of strictness, and even talent, to do it right.

Simple does not mean easy.

>tfw the only pizza i eat is margarita (basically just sauce, cheese and like oregano on top and thats it)

This looks repulsive. Italians make things that make you want to eat, just by looking at them.

Their margharita pizzas were my fav but they stopped selling em.

desu french friend. I was in southern france the year before and if I only think about the olive baguette there .. yum.

if you ask me: french food > german food > italian food.

these are some things people from the american continent are unable to argue about. they only know europe from their 4 week trip "across europe"