Spending your Friday night on a Japanese image board

>Spending your Friday night on a Japanese image board
What's your excuse?

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>tfw no more gf

I don't have one.

I'm at work stuck outside for awhile and no managers are here so I'm shitposting to kill some time



im fat and hate people, whats yours?

Same desu

It's saturday morning here

I have school tomorrow, that's a big excuse for me

I don't even have an excuse anymore

prefer staying in desu

>veggie tales
Haven't seen that since I was a kid at Sunday school

haista sinä s*omalainen vittu

I have to work tomorow.

I don't have friends and don't want any

All I do is study, shitpost, and play WoW. I'm a huge pessimist who always knows how to make a conversation awkward.

I'm technically a NEET for the time being. I've applied for a couple of jobs, but I haven't gotten any replies yet. Kek be with me.

You seem to think that what you do or don't do with your life matters in the grand scheme of things in some way. Why is that?

Unemployed and in conserve money mode. But I am at a coffee shop drinking tea and using their internet. So I suppose that counts as out. Out and not socializing.

I have no social life.

No regrets 2bh.

Yeah but at least you're getting out there amongst it, taking in sights, smells, all that jazz. A damn site better than sitting at home all day.

I've got I.B.S

because you're my only friends ;_;

>friday night
Remembered of this

it's saturday morning silly cunt