No matter the outcome, USA is declining

No matter the outcome, USA is declining.
Do you think it will leave as much impression on the world as Rome did?

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Rome fell very slowly over hundreds of years. Our fall will be a spectacle. Something to behold

Well, USA has been falling for about a century, last decade accelerating. You didn't answer the question.

Even more because unlike rome the fall will be even slower so there is plenty more time to make impression

Sure! All the music, movies, literature, and wars America is responsible for, cements it as a distinct aesthetic in history.
Even if it one day it becomes politically irrelevant, it will be remembered.

If we're drawing parallels, it hasn't transitioned to empire yet.

try again in another 200-300 years

I guess Romans were living blissfully ad 400, but wait, they had no economical contender.

>USA is declining

>The Sack of Rome occurred on August 24, 410. The city was attacked by the Visigoths led by King Alaric. At that time, Rome was no longer the capital of the Western Roman Empire

btw ethnic Romans were a minority in 200 AD and went extinct in 400-600 AD

I don't think the US is declining as much as the rest of the world is becoming less fucked up overall. After WW2 USA seemed more powerful partially because every other industrial nation on earth was in ruins.

USA is a global hegeom, as long as it controls the sea trade, 1999 it relinquishes control on Panama channel, China takes over. USA sits easy as South China Sea, where 25% of world trade occurs, slips away.

Obama takes offence at Phillipines, looses region.

>cements it as a distinct aesthetic in history.

Recommend me some essential A M E R I S T H E T I C S Cred Forums

i hope china takes us over.
i dont want their fucking elevators though. fuck that.

When we go, we're taking all you fuckers with us.

Partially this. You still had more population than any other European nation and anything outside there wasn't a real contender.

You didn't even manage 1% of what Rome or any European country did for this world through History. You brought litterally nothing to the arts, very few in medecine, absolutely none to maths, at best you'll be remembered for confused and innacurate physics theory. You are dominated in each and any cultural or intellectual area by another country in this world. You fail in anything you try, you fail to stand up as men in each and every situation you encounter. Your military results are inexistant at best, laughable in fact. Even in the core center of your national roman, your self pereception as a soldier nation fails to take root in the world of men wich are all aware of your sybarite nature. The scurrility you posture in your general behavior fail to decieve anyone about the lack of virility you endlessly seek to fill. You lack, you lack so much you'll be forgotten like the vulgar sub country you are in a blink of an eye.

We never should have rebuilt Europe. Ungrateful sons of bitches should have starved to death in the filth of their own fucking mess.

says the cowardly Frenchman.

You best hope not considering China will fill the gap.

Everything around you

let's be reasonable here

no the absolute height of US supremacy was in the 40s-60s and they've only been the sole hegemon for 30 years..

i blame the niggers

t. doesn't understand shit

the marshall plan was how capitalism should be done

We've contributed far more to modern science than you, pea-brain. You're welcome for cinema btw (you used it as photography, we turned it into an actual artform). Oh yeah, and defeating Nazi Germany while you were surrendering and slobbering over their kraut dicks

Game theory(no, not the yt channel)
A bunch of stuff in economics
Invented a bunch of other stuff too
Programming languages
Even an immature theory can have its value

>height of US supremacy was in the 40s-60s
Wouldn't now be the height with NATO at its largest and still growing?

>says the cowardly Frenchman.
Dude, he's a Muslim.

in terms of % global economic output you've been declining since then. all the meaningful nasa missions were in the 60s-70s along with the nostalgic american dream stuff.

spoiler: you also had scandanavian tier tax back then

>you also had scandanavian tier tax back then
Who didn't?

Captcha:Windsor place

agreed, and USA is still supreme, but in my mind the beginning of 20th century was the root of it's future collapse, with introduction of income tax, suffrage movement etc.

>NASA is representative of US power

we were literally not even a world player until the 1920's what are you even talking about

also, let's ignore Pierre

i wanna see korean american president no fucking two faced old bitch and dumb fat liar

>wanting to be remembered as the evil empire instead of for meaningful contributions to humanity

Also we were losing the cold war during these years FYI, so America's height as you put it still has the USSR as the stronger country in that time period

Oh man, THAT would finally drive the norks all the way crazy.


Being a world power sucks. The founders were right to want to keep us out of European affairs.

t. biggest US welfare recipient this side of israel

I am down, Koreans are based

don't be coy, burger, USA was acknowledged globally since french revolution
yes, it is. what else?
nigga wat?


If Trump doesn't win, I'm seriously considering killing myself.

Is anyone else in the same boat?

>founders wanted out of European affairs

at least you get to have a female president.
It's glorious, trust me.

you should an hero now desu

why does hillary support late term abortions? its painful to the fetus and is murder at that point

>was acknowledged globally since french revolution
Not really, even during the Mexican-American war Europe thought we would lose only after the Spanish-American war would USA be seen as a real power

They did though. We didn't really get involved in Europe until the first world war.

Only people that have never been to America and only know about America from the television can hate on it.

Ameribros I have lived abroad and travelled extensively and your country absolutely rules and your ways are the true ways of a dominant kind.

Ignore the haters and keep on rocking.

Even if your empire does fall we'll remember it as the greatest ever.

Peace and respect from Angola.

>muh feminism

Nice troll. Not very subtle, but still really good.

If only we actually did that for ourselves.

Why hate on abortions when blacks make up the most of them so being anti-abortion is being anti-white

don't get me wrong, i am too rooting for him. But the reality is, everybody (barbarians) is looking at you dumbfounded, as you smoke weed and twerk to rap music, until this one guy stands up and kicks you in the teeth. I'm asking what next.


>1999 it relinquishes control on Panama channel
And all of the shipping routes that lead into the Canal are controlled exclusively by the US. The Gulf of Mexico is essentially an internal waterway

>China takes over
Right, it's not as though it's struggling to find capable pilots for it's naval air force or anything

This is the greatest year in american politics

>but in my mind
And therein lies the issue. You don't know shit.

>Recommend me some essential A M E R I S T H E T I C S Cred Forums
What do you think of these ameristhetics?

stop struggling with facts
the only pathway the Chinese have no control over nowadays is Gibraltar.

If that weirdo Trump or that cunt Hillary win I'm seriously considering killing myself.

Thank you Angolan friend, that was nice of you to say.

>Do you think it will leave as much impression on the world as Rome did?

Short answer: no.

Rome still casts its wide shadow upon us, thanks to its laws, religion, and language. This only became possible thanks to:

1) Centuries of military and civil presence by Rome,
2) The absence of serious force to erase this legacy in Europe afterwards, like Islam did in North Africa.

Now you see the problem: USA has zero century of occupation behind it (a bunch of military bases can't count). And it has no religion, no laws, not even a unique language to give us anyway.

Finally, what did USA give to the world? Fads (they will become outdated and forgotten like the Foggy Mountain Boys). Also some transitional scientific & technological advancements (they will become outdated and forgotten like the phonograph).

So USA will leave no imprint whatsoever on mankind, if we admit that its influence is already declining. But in the case USA still plays the leading role for the 5 or 6 centuries to come... now we may be talking about a possible Rome-like influence. Maybe. But only if America gives us some crazy cult that takes over the world, or something just as important. Because you just don't found an everlasting empire with pop songs, bombardiers and Colombo reruns.

Yeah, you know, empire. That word you guys throw around everytime you mention your country's global hegemony and bossing other countries around.

a very convincing arguement, kind sir

And this gives Panama what, the authority to collect taxes on its usage? Do you think they would be capable of keeping it open if the US wanted to close it? The only reason any traffic reaches the Canal is because the US is willing and able to keep the shipping lanes to the Canal open. China has nothing to do with that.

Keep jerking it to your anti-American shite though

>But only if America gives us some crazy cult that takes over the world
Mormonism will come to dominate the world, just you wait

>I am perfectly capable of providing proof as to why women's suffrage will lead to the collapse of America, but I won't so I don't look stupid
You too

>Mormonism will come to dominate the world, just you wait

Given the growth rate of Mormons, that may very well be a credible future.

The Amish community is even more impressive when it comes to growth, but I don't think their model will be sustainable on the long term. We just don't have enough space for a world of Amish.

Mormonism isn't any less crazy than Orthodox or Catholicism. Nobody really takes Christianity seriously anyway, not even the Pope.

Liberalism pretty much replaced Christianity in the West and the world follows our lead.

Nothing i said was anti american, don't sperg. Ofcorse US still holds some power there, that's why China is digging through Nicaragua, planning to ussume full control.
I think english would still be an universal language for some time, even if US dissapeared tommorow, also some great accomplishements in new arts will be long appraised

you can't be serious

One can say Liberalism is the degenerate offspring of Christianity, one of the possible secular forms to host (certain) Christian values.

It still belongs to Christian civilisation, as it wouldn't have been engendered by Islam, Hinduism or the Dogon religion.

>Hong Kong-based company getting paid to operate the container terminals
Teaching the Poles to read was a mistake tbqh

>China is digging through Nicaragua
Giving them the ability to collect dues, not the ability to control Gulf trade.

Try harder

>I think english would still be an universal language for some time, even if US dissapeared tommorow
This is probably true. But ultimately it would have to be replaced (well after the decline of USA) by something more simple to master and pronounce.

>also some great accomplishements in new arts will be long appraised what? USA doesn't shine by its achievements in high culture.

only a Frenchman could say that, sad to see

>banning various immigrants while their home countries were waring in europe
>our african colony
>the raids of the barbarary coast in the 1700's
>our jr shenanigins in asia with the big european powers
>spanish american war

just because we didnt invade any european countries doesnt mean we wernt involved with europe, hell we were practically more involved with europe than our own neighbors half the time

war is not the same as involvement

Liberalism is antichristian, a sad outcome of revolutions, first english, then yours. Sadly, France took it to the next level (then Soviets), and France is still shining beacon for all eurokommies, with Sartre and other bastards. If one wants to find european values, he must search pre 1700.

Liberal degeneracy is Christianity? You make no sense.

It's degeneracy, but it's "our degeneracy".

Liberal values are just Christian values gone mad.

>colour black is white gone mad

is there any other emergent power that could fill the power vacuum created by a crash of american markets? china's riddled with social issues, overpopulation, and their proletariat doesn't have the same guaranteed liberties and freedoms as americans. I don't think russia has the gdp to fill that gap anymore either

It is

There is only China, but still far on the horizon. And imaginary liberties and freedoms of subjects have nothing to do with this.

It'll be multipolar

Honestly already is

Stop clinging to Christianity out of sentimentality.

Your values are iphones, gay marriage, being a cuck and deferring to women.

My professor, Victor Cha, will do it.

>zooms out

I am American and hate it, so...

they may have been pioneers, but you are in the process of perfecting those values. French don't know any better, they are raised in awe of the glorious revolution, power to the people, all that shit. Born socialists.
Anyway, good talk, goodnight good people.

>america fails
>i go back to my farm and fuck a few of the local girls
>proceed to not really care about much of anything
now for you its
>america fails
>go full nigger and riot
>get raped
>fight over cans of food
>attempt to raid the country but you have no idea where the farms are so you just end up burning some empty field and fucking a goose
Just take those catholics and christians with you when you boys die because I dont have time to go to church when I could be fishing.

China if they fix their economy.

No one if America/China/EU/Russia keep going down the same path.

America, but in a declining manner, if we get a functioning government.

Look at these maps
Do you see?
Do you see?

Who here excited for our successor states? Which successor state do you think will be the most successful in the future?


>Do you think it will leave as much impression on the world as Rome did?
Depends really. But one thing is probably certain, the world will miss the stabilizing effect USA had after it is gone(unless USA goes full retard in the end, good deeds are easily forgotten...). I doubt world will go back into open warfare like in the last century, but Ukrainian style secret wars and ISIS style quick risers will be more commonplace. And there will be less restrictions for those actors.

To bad on the ballot there is a Vote of No Confidence so NEITHER one of these....people get picked.

The one that speaks Spanish.

Hi there friend, maybe you should consider that now.

Left person is the president of Southern and right person is the president of Northern ?

> contribute nothing to music

Lil Wayne will go down in the annals of music history, so will 50 Cent, Jay Z, Beyoncé, etc.

>for about a century

America peaked in the last century, Jerzy

I'm all for trolling Americans. But not by a Frenchman.

USA number one.

Now you're just teasing him.


Thank you nice czechfriend

What if the colour black is just dirt on the original white?

>modern "philanthropy" and "social justice" are just a secular parody of charity
>support groups and psychoanalysis are just a secular parody of the confession
>the star system is just a secular parody of the veneration of saints
>liberal "equality" is just a secular parody of Christian equality (Galatians 3:28)

See why liberalism couldn't come out of Islam or whatever?

really made me think



You're grasping at straws like a retard.

It sounds like you want a France with liberalism rewound 20 years back with fewer Muslims and Blacks.

Wouldn't they have moved to the richer eastern half of the empire?

Just a shitty bait to trigger us. Do not mind it.

I'd be okay with this.

Honestly, I really don't see us dying, just kind of going on for a long time like a Dwarf Star.

Clinton becomes president and basically follows Obama's economic policy, probably about 5 trillion more debt, 1-2% growth per year, cities crumble, massive flood of immigrants won't help because our economy isn't designed to use raw labor, unless we change to a Infrastructure First, which since we kinda need to give all our money to debt to pay for shit and better tanks is probably not happening.

What are millions of fucking Syrians even going to do here? Work our wonderful retail jobs?

OK you called my bluff, now that they worked retail, made Slurpee shops and then got MBA's now what do the original people do that there are no jobs? They are high and dry. I'll fully admit that its definitely a disgusting flaw of laziness and weakness in White Culture that we get beaten so often.

I actually think Trump might have a tendancy toward infrastructure and military so that could be amazing however ain't nobody going to remove dem programs so the debt is probably going to be even worse.

I guess we are kinda fucked.

No. The original Romans just stopped having babies (this was already a problem under August: see the Lex Julia de maritandis ordinibus), and those who reproduced didn't marry pure Romans anyway. So the old Roman blood died out, and original Romans couldn't "move" anywhere since they ceased to exist.

If anything, wealth was not a solution, but rather a part of the problem.

I am not a Christian, I don't care about liberalism, I was already around 20 years ago (it was already shit), and I want nothing for France. Thanks for caring though.

Now some classic quotes I just typed for you:

>"The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone." (Chesterton)

>"Los hombres cambian menos de ideas que las ideas de disfraz. En el decurso de los siglos las mismas voces dialogan." (Gómez Dávila)

>"Si la religion disparaissait du monde, c'est dans le coeur d'un athée qu'on la retrouverait." (Baudelaire)

Really makes you think indeed. But thanks for reminding me no "serious" discussion can be had on this website since it's built on a wrong premise (i.e. everyone is equal due to anonymity, thus any shitposter can pretend to be just as authoritative as you on any given subject).

Korean right-wing support trump
Left-wing support Clinton

>very few in medicine
we have essentially a global monopoly on medical research right now because of how much money people can make through our patent system

Yeah we made the entire world become democracies so that will probably be remembered. And maybe in 1500 years another civilization will revive our ideals and symbols like we did to Rome.

>be non american
>learn english as second language
>watch american tv and movies
>american music on the radio
>experience degenerate american culture
>go to american fast food restaurant for lunch

the people that did that shit were either immigrants or the children of immigrants. the only true Americans are white trash hillbillies. this is common knowledge.

If we really want to get technical about it, the only """true""" Americans were the Indians, 2bh.

desu hypnagogic net-art/artists like early vaporwave, John Maus and Ariel Pink feel like America's hyper-capitalist swan songs

american culture is a disease that needs to die. I say that from experience.

Tbf, this is accurate for Poland.

It's not an american culture, it's a nigger culture.
You yourself barely have any culture at all.

Miley Cyrus is an embarrassment to everyone.

>nigger culture

>implying american normies don't eat this shit up

Better than vodka,aids and krokodil

Russian normies love this shit also.
It's fucking disgusting.
Nigger culture has to be eradicated.

It's worse. At least with krokodil they die pretty fast.

>we made the entire world become democracies


>costal region
>costal cities
>unique identity
>trade with asia
>modern ideology
Either that or Alaska, because of more trade with melting ice caps opening new pathways.

>This picture will be represented in history books of year 2640
Imagine all the hippies who respect ancient culture will be like then



Hippies are into exotic, mystical cultures, stuff like yoga meditation and soul catchers.

They're not into classical civilizations like Egypt or Rome.

>try to be the most relevant country
>lose a war to rice farmers
>dismantle your own space program
>elect a nigger

It could be worse, they could still be british.

>forced to be most relevant country because europeans cannot control their nationalistic AUTISM
>prolong conflict against communists and allow many people to escape Vietnam before the communists put them in death camps
>american private companies take over the initiative

bernie was better than both clowns

>future generations of blacktinos will insist they are direct descendants of fdr and george washington

>his nation hates mine
>his nation comes over to my nation to clean my toilets