What do you think is the most beautiful country in the world?

What do you think is the most beautiful country in the world?

I think it is France.

Austria. It has everything going for it.

And then the Netherlands. Sorry, but I live in the green heart and the grass field and the water are just top cozy.

Minas Tirith?




Either Luxembourg


or Italy

how do you even live in this house?


can't see stairs from that angle

>tfw you will never go in this town to get told to kill 15 wolves and bring their dick so you can get some Xp and a better sowrd

even better, how does sewage work in that house? where do they dump the water?

designated dumping cliffs

Wtf i love Uk now

If we include meme countries, USA or Russia.

Otherwise Norway of course.

US and Russia have nature but their cities are ugly af

I really could not give less of a shit w/r/t architecture, I think it's a worthless meme.

That is an opinion I strongly disagree with but I respect your right to have it



I believe Toussaint is based on France

He's a Norwegian. He goes out to some grass field and frolicks naked with his boyfriends.

>i will never live in the palace of Palace of Versailles

Not a good feel

I've been awed by certain sites, like Mount Athos, but that was mostly for religious reasons.

Urbanity doesn't do much for me, I feel quite uncomfortable in it. I'm glad most Norwegian towns are small and have plenty of countryside and wilderness nearby.

I do have a large desire to visit Chernobyl though, just to see what rewilding and a post-human biosphere looks like in practice.
>not being /out/
Consider suicide my man

Probably China. It's such a gigantic variety of landscapes and climates.

Correct, pic related.
No way

Gotta agree with Chang here


Definitely the USA; it has majestuous landscapes.

Versailles is too big, it's a village really. A smaller cozy palace would be a better residence.

Please, don't hate the Netherlands. That time is over

Yeah but it doesn't have the comfy medieval villages nested in the majestuous landscapes


Objectively Italy

>I believe Toussaint is based on France

Yeah, and "Toussaint" is the French word for the All Saints' Day

The USA probably
- Large country
- Diversity of landscapes
- Diversity of climates

For Europe, I'd say Spain
The center of Spain is awesome


France, Iran, Japan

>You will never be a minor nobleman in Grand Si├Ęcle France
>You will never rise through the ranks and become a celebrated general
>You will never claim all territories East of the Rhine for your king
>You will never be wounded in combat
>You will never survive your wound but be unable to strain yourself for long, effectively forcing you into retirement
>You will never marry a loving, older noblewoman
>You will never die surrounded by the people you love, knowing you've served your king well
>You will never have a state funeral, a monument and an immortal legacy as one of France's greatest heroes

I'm not even really alive at this point, I'm just waiting for death.

>you will never be count of Flanders
>you will never participate in the Staatsche leger
>you will never fight against the French king to reclaim French Flanders
>you will never rise the Red, white, blue flag in name of the Republic
>you will never kill French noblemen.
Just Nexit when?


Can't pick one, but Norway, USA, NZ, Switzerland and UK are very beautiful.

why do you even ask?


French secret


Good post


lol all the filthy swamps

I was in Ned and asked ppl "hey man where should I camp?" They just laughed at me and said "Dude we have no nature here"

Cool people and cute houses tho



Love you too


Argentina/Chile 2 be desu

where's the ocean ?
>the Netherlands
>mountain ?

apart of France, I'd say Italy, USA. New Zealand Japan and Argentina
Straya is too hot and too wild


China for sure. Size is a huge advantage


Imagine living there.....