Rooms of Cred Forums

Post and rate.

are you a gay



My study

Rude ;^(



My room is too nice for you faggots to see and you guys will copy it.

this triggers me


Will Erdogan kill you if you shitpost about him ont Cred Forums?

[spoiler]Kurd will own you soon[/spoiler]

Apparently he did. OP is now in turkroach prison.


Are you living in auschwitz


>piss bottles
what the hell is wrong with people

the laptop charger keeps falling out so I have to keep it pushed in with the torch desu

Jesus that looks shit

beggars can't be choosers

Clean that shit on the very top and get some better wire management and this will be a 10/10. I love barebones stuff like this.


It would be a 3/10 at most

my bedroom is for living in not photo shoots user


Why would you want to live in a shitty room?

Not enough anime posters on the wall for you?

How is having some stuff on the top of his computer desk "shitty"?

Do you mean my desk or my bed?

I wanna sleep in your bed :3

there's enough room for the entire population of finland in my bed

Not just the stuff. Just the whole room in general

Cute cat.


But factual


My room is kinda cramped

Your cat is ugly as fuck ;)

That kinda looks like my brother's room.

don't hurt his feelings he's very fragile

I need to clean my desk a bit.

I'm sorry.

Fuck off his cat is a beaut.

And get some more decorations for my room.

>tfw I was skipped
pls r8 guys

a fucking leaf

Nice Model M man. I once found a spacesaver with the Latin American layout (!!!) in a flea market but the damn seller didn't want to sell me the keyboard only, he also wanted me to take the huge PS/2 tower as well, so I ended up not taking the deal. I regret to this day, every day.

>canadian flag

It's nice.

D-do you love IM@S series user

rate my cumrag Cred Forums

Got the leaf on my trip to Canada.
Thanks. Definitely check around online.


Latam layout space savers are one of the rarest varieties around. They were only made by contract for some banks in the early 90s. I'll never find one again.

>Kurd will own you soon

I just cleaned it today

Why are people here such filthy degenerates?


Is your brother a weeb as well?

Old pic, but still the same layout. Bedroom is behind, kitchen is to the right, and the washroom is just right of the table.

I've since gotten a new couch, a dehumidifier, mats for under the desk chairs, and moved the saucer poster to a different wall. Also less clutter (window ledge, TV stand, coffee table, etc.). that I think about it, it's been over half a year since I took a new picture. Might do that on my next day off.

Sort of scattered dates for the pictures here, but whatever.


And the kitchen. I just realized I don't actually have any pics of the bedroom.

It's pretty small desu.

What is that bar above the fridge?






Just kill me pls

Finally a room I can identify with

To hang clothes/laundry.


now i dont have to post pics of my room. thank you hans.

>Australians living in Canada