Which language is better to know/more useful in a business sense?

Which language is better to know/more useful in a business sense?

Which language is easier to learn?

>Which language is better to know/more useful in a business sense?
>Which language is easier to learn?
Korean maybe

>market of 45 million
>market of 120 million

>more useful
>easier to learn
Both are difficult af


>Which language is better to know/more useful in a business sense?
Are you more likely to be in a position where you have to import samsung phones or export 2nd hand pants?

Which language is better to know/more useful in a business sense?
Japan has the triple population of Korea
Which language is easier to learn?
Japanese. Their grammar is caveman-tier.

The Korean writing system is infinitely simpler than the Japanese one(s).


Koreans don't have have tones or stress
Plus their writing stays true to the memes

both are awful for you foreigners. still more you need a hell of time to learn Japanese though. even Japanese kids spend 10 years on learning basic Chinese characters

Who has the best women, Japan or Korea?


So self-deprecating.

it's approved that generally Japanese can get along with people no matter who it is unless they're offensive to Japanese for stupid reasons, they are too extreme to be well balanced, they suddenly start complaining and start war before showing their feelings. not to mention WOMEN themselves are dumb with no exception.

ㅆㅂ 일본여자들 짱. 한국여자들 즐

But its ture user
Wtf i love canada now

come home yellow man.

East asian people are ugly.

Japanese is easier to learn in spoken form, but MUCH MUCH harder in written form.
Fuck Kanji

but if Kanji is removed from Japanese, it must goes flavorless. It's better than nothing if there are Americans on this earth.

The only business you're in is anime.

I agree with you. It does add flavor to the language, and puts it on par in depth with English.
I just fucking hate memorizing it. I had difficulties with Hiragana for fuck sake.

Japanese is easy as fuck compared to french.

Bull... Fucking... Shit

Do you figure you'll move to either country as a factory floor manager or that you'll be working to pamper a billionaire CEO to close that one big deal?

You probably can manage with just English if you're just going to fly out with suitcase full of kietschy toys to sell online.

I must be one of the few people that enjoys memorising them. It's like a hobby to me.

I downloaded a japanese pokemon rom and just looked up a hiragana chart everytime I saw an hiragana character I couldnt remember.

The only one I knew before starting were あうえおたくand ら

Took me an hour and I could remember all of them. Learning hiragana is easy as fuck.

As much as i want to learn nip, i'd say Korean for both.

We have Remembering the Kanji
Americans are superior to japanese in learning chinese characters

I've only been teaching myself Japanese for under 2 years and I can read and write moderate-advanced kanji

Japs, but you have to know where to find them.

In Japan, ugliness radiates out of Nagoya. The cutest girls are found furthest away from Nagoya.

>difficult af
lol I learned korean fluently in like an 6.3 picoseconds

French is the easy

is just some angry faggot who is mad that he has to learn French.

>t. guy who has studied French and Japanese

In my anecdotal experience, I know one girl from Nagoya and she's very wierd and has a squished face

Learn chinese that's right

Je pense que non, putain de merde.

I've studied both too and I can see his point. French is much easier to grasp the basics of due to it's similarities with English and shared writing system. But it's deceptive due to it's finnicky and precise grammar full of irregular conjugations make it difficult to progress beyond that level.

On the contrary, once you've got the basics of Japanese down your speed of learning will increase exponentially, particularly if you focus on the speaking aspect because the grammar is so simple in comparison.

in fact koreans and japs are crazy for good english speakers i mean you autistic white pigs will get korean/jap pussy with native english speaking i really hate asian girl's mindset they are casual sluts

>finicky and precise grammar
What, remembering your conjugations and using the subjunctive in the right places?

It's 100x easier to map complex thoughts conceived in English onto French than Japanese.

you just need to learn how to put desu ne in appropriate breaks between phrases to give yourself room to think. Does french even have a catch all response like sou desu ka?

most of the conjugations aren't even used by the average person, though

French people do not passively ingest information like Nips, they argue about everything. There's no use for phrases like そうですか or そうですね.

There's plenty of use for it
anoko ha anata no musuko desu
sou desu ka?
tsunami ga kuru! nigire!
sou desu ka?
kinou ha oyaji ga koroshita
sou desu ka?

I meant semantically equivalent phrases in French, in conversation with French people


So what do you say instead?
la bebe est tu fille
I can't remember french anymore
no tenemos más queso

>business sense
English. Why the fuck would either japs or koreans want to conduct international business deals in their native gookish? China is the only asian country left where english illiteracy is still a problem

The best language is arabic ofc, you ain't needin no korks or nipos

>If you are weeb

>If you want to exile in North Korea

>Which language is easier to learn?
Japanese. There are way more study materials for Japanese than Korean.

Only niggers speak French.

There's actually a ton of fucking resources for learning korean if you look for them. If you can't afford plastic surgery to not look like a pig, you pay for it by putting a "learn korean now" video on Youtube.

>Yes, I learn languages from Youtube videos.

>du toute façon

just a few of the top of my head

This poo again !

China and Japan has more people than ours so thier language are useful

꼬추 보여줘