ulster edition

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Well... it's been a pretty good night


any mandem here



i WATCHED you do it


Don't let a girl steal your humanity lad. Don't let her win.

buffalo bill's stinking up the joint
(candyman, candyman)

Algerians not fucking wanted


Could honestly heem all seven of you in here.

lads Bath is so nice that they literally made the entire city a UNESCO World Heritage Site


This is the most gangsta thing I've ever seen in my life

fuck off anto, stop telling me how mighty the crack is

cant name a more based man than adolf hitler

just cant be done


woah gnarly dude

>bairns hippins
best one

fast like lighting, mate
they used to call me "the creature"
you would be missing both your eyelids before you even knew the fight had started

*gets heemed*
ahh FUCK

Is that meant to be the fictional language known as "Scots" at the bottom?

Oh deary me.

Is this the millionaire pussy smashing hard man?

Ahahahahaha I'd smash his smug effeminate face into dust

ULT is a patrician tune

Genghis khan

(I also don't agree that hitler is based)


Pls help

What's that movie where it's Russian prisoners fighting American prisoners to the death

Think it's a Russian film

Join us on brit/pol/, lads.

boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/89139655/
boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/89139655/
boards.Cred Forums.org/pol/thread/89139655/

genghis was a blue pilled cuck

call of duty black ops?

at least scots has a historical basis
gpd only knows what ulster scots is supposed to be


*Walks around here hundreds of times*
*Takes it completely for granted*


actually she was with me at the gullivers world dracula castle that day


Tell me more stories of your masculine bravado Icelad, oh how I enjoy them so

*charges towards you*

what an absolute legend

love this kid

500 Days of Summer

really want a nice modern refurbished flat in a nice edwardian house in Bath

repulsive slug

*backs off*
l-looking a light? k-kev a .. Ha ahaha

brit/pol/ is full of fucking retards, no thanks

is it gay to listen to sissy hypno

literally the most alpha human alive

>repuslive slug

genghis and his grandsons set the muslim world back about 500 years they fucked shit up so badly

wouldnt have to worry about muslims if he got rid of the jews

once fucked a man in the arse
poor bastard wasn't even sure if he wanted it

They call me "The November Man" because after I roll through, everything dies

dunno what the jews were doing in 12-1300 but I presume being collectively shat on

Northern English people and scots that settled in northern Ireland

What? Brit/pol/ is p comfy.

next edition will be Bath edition and you can't do anything about it Barratt shills

not shat on enough

Corr blimey think that might of been my uncle

they got a message from the action man
''i'm happy, hope you're happy too
i've loved all i've needed: love
sordid details following''

brit/pol/ by day
/brit/ by night

It's the only civilised way.

wish men would fight over women rather than letting the woman choose desu.
at least then you know for sure why you arent with a girl. vaginasplaining makes no sense to the male brain.

most people on their are edgy tards 2bf

if you find autism and bleach in the eye comfy, yeah i agree

any blairites in here?

all choons

wow its not like i know that
prods all need to go back to scotland

If men had to physically scrap over women I'd have a harem of 10/10 women

making an arrangement

Don't meme me

i like song

*makes a list*
*checks it twice*

say that to my face not online runt

The yank wasn't meming :///

you said something mate?

having a wank lads i'm doing a poo
i'm having a good hard think about you
when i'm finished pooing i'm going to be doing
another poo because i like to poo desu
wanking atm, while im doing a poo
having a think about you while im doing a poo
i want to do a poo
having a wank oh yes im having a wank
i'll have a wank while im doing a poo
i'll have a think about you while im wanking and pooing
i'm really going to enjoy this wank
pooing, doing a poo, having a big think
wanking, pooing, having a think about you
it's wank and it is poo

This is exactly like Emancipator except awful.

yea senpai

Your pictures are better than the supposed tunes you're trying to force on us

Just post pictures in future, ey lad.

Don't dare challenge me in front of my harem

I think you've been mislead and you don't really know what brit/pol/ is about to be honest.

Ahh yes, the woeful Scotch race

probably faverite savant and thats not even because of the gimmicks


Thanks for getting my back bruh

lol I canny breathe

If it's satirical and everyone's acting like a 14 year old edgelords then yeah maybe it went over my head.

canelo vs smith tomorrow boys

Has the paki gone?

he tried to fucking stop it lads


Honestly the lads know me as the murderer of mazagran, that's how many Algerians have fallen to these 2 hands. Don't think we'll be seeing him around these parts anymore.

>wen ye canne ken eh patter


watch the whole thing. my lungs exploded when it got to the slow motion bit

I scared the nonce away

fuck me its a bit late innit lads

>you just don't understand it
typical runt argument

good lad

Something about this image has always repulsed me and it's not even the fact that they're chinks.

Yes he was


that is actually aoi shirosaki on the right

only just realised after all this time oh my days

Link me to 5 edgy posts in the brit/pol/ thread to prove your point.

If you're going to call it edgy, at least back up your argument.


Poor choice of uniform and iconography and salute.

Mum's going to come in a minute to complain about the fan being on

>that is actually aoi shirosaki on the right
>only just realised after all this time oh my days

Hao ling

Noo 'aht is wit

Your priest train you to be a faggot

who is this nonce who's been randomly quoting david bowie songs for a few days


oh let it be so

fuck off

all me

you know it's bad when you can begin to understand why someone would be an anime obsessed runt
desperately need escapism at this point in my trainwreck of a life

Dunno but I say we gang on him when the clock strikes twenty to

You in?




from this meme pic

See what I mean, lad. You have no argument.

You're being a bit bigoted by generalising brit/pol/.

It's basically /brit/ with a political slant, nothing edgy about that.





Much prefer the Irish to the scots 2bqh

hello newfriend, my old friend

been listening to it fairly decent indeed

NOT however decent enough to be added to the list

Try again, lad.


Not in the sense that it's not good iconography, uniform or salute but in the sense that it will automatically lower your chances of achieving anything because of its association with Nazis and therefore the enemy.

>It's basically /brit/ with a political slant, nothing edgy about that.
you're forgetting the Cred Forums aspect which means unmitigated autism

all the young dudes
carry the news
boogaloo dudes
carry the news

all the young dudes
carry the news
boogaloo dudes
carry the news

all the young dudes
carry the news
boogaloo dudes
carry the news

he hath returned


>Want to wank
Life is hell.

the nazis werent the enemy at this point in time though


Thought you fucking died in Poland or wherever it was

oh my goodness gracious me
where in the FUCK have you been kiddo

idiot newcunt

Knew about Denzel before he blew up tbqh

Wat is?

>Enoch Powell was an Ulster Unionist Party MP
never knew

Germans are the eternal enemy.


shall not be paying attention to these posts nor following this line of inquiry into whether brit/pol/ is a shithole

crossposters can fuck off though




Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Lifted too heavy and now my left arm (my wanking arm) is tight as fuck and I know if I wank tonight, it'll be even worse in the morning and I won't recover in time for lifting on Monday.

Cred Forums is basically islam 2.0, full of cretins that don't know when to switch off




good goy


Sorry lad, get drunk so you don't get the urge to wank

nice song to smoke a spliffy too


aren't you meant to be sore after lifting

not that it matters (or is even anything to brag about) but I've prolly (definitely) been here much longer than you

end of discussion

Just saw a Google ad for a gay social network

What are these Google Jews trying to tell me

A comment on xvideos seemingly written from a man on a straight solo video

>hey I just got out of jail Im ready to suck dick I want dick nothing else my dad tried to take me out to dinner no thanks dad just let me borrow the car I need dick! just a fat stick of dick! gosh I am annoyed!

Anyone that defends Germans even after all of their attempts to destroy Europe and western society as a whole, deserves nothing but death.

no way have you been here more than 3 months kid

do you like my choon

1. In Britain, people wear winter coats on October 1, Christmas starts on October 1, but they write the date as 1 October
2. There are no plugs in the bathrooms, which is why some British women have bad hair
3. A 2-pound coin is not as rare as the $2 bill (no need to hang on to those like Charlie’s Golden Ticket)
4. James Corden and Jeremy Corbyn are not the same person
5. Crisps means potato chips and they have bizarre flavours like Bolognese and roast chicken (yes, roast chicken is an actual potato chip flavour here).
6. If cyclists put their hands out they are indicating and do not want a high five
7. The biggest coins are not always the most valuable – watch out for 2ps
8. If you order a lemonade, you might get a Sprite and that is considered OK
9. The Queen has lots of birthdays and whenever they happen it means bad traffic and drinking
10. If you have a “cider black” (aka a snakebite) at a pub you might think you got roofied, but you didn’t

1. Brit/pol/ != Cred Forums
2. Cred Forums isn't so bad.


*bops head*

how would having a wank friday influence you that much? are you doing it will holding 25 kg or something

could go for a wank

*fires up the ol' Tor browser*

I don't drink.

I'm never sore after lifting, only ever sore the day after if I've bumped up the weight. Always feel incredible the rest of the day after lifting in the morning.

its like im in brazil without even leaving my room

literally just replace the word "Germans" with "Jews" and youve summed up the last 100 years of human history perfectly

I'm getting the impression you haven't used either for that long

i reckon a majority of "autistic" people aren't actually autistic at all and more than likely have mild assburgers instead

My wanks last 5 hours minimum.

I'll make you sore boy like never before


only a yank would be this idiotic

Would absolutely HEEM you if you ever spoke to me like that IRL.


why is Bath so crowded and busy despite having a population of like 90


>lift in the morning
jesus fuck
i wanna join a gym but everyone on /fit/ is so fucking autistic about what you should do i just genuinely can't be assed with it

It's been my home board since Margaret Thatcher died before that I was a Cred Forumsentooman.

Seriously, a lot of people misunderstand Cred Forums. It's kinda sad.



You don't even lift heavy fuck up

Them 2 kg Dumbbells have your wee chicken arms wreckeddd

It's why it's called the 'autistic spectrum', ya dumbo.

full of giants

because most baths are only made to fit one person?


Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Und der Zukunft zugewandt,
Lass uns dir zum Guten dienen,
Deutschland, einig Vaterland.
Alte Not gilt es zu zwingen,
Und wir zwingen sie vereint,
Denn es muss uns doch gelingen,
Daß die Sonne schön wie nie
Über Deutschland scheint,
Über Deutschland scheint.

what exactly is there to misunderstand about Cred Forums?


>everyone on /fit/ is so fucking autistic about what you should do
u wot? All you have to do is read the sticky.

m8 I'm a big cunt. I'm not lifting anywhere near huge weights given my weight and height but I'm almost certainly lifting more than you, purely because I'm such a big cunt.

not exactly proud of it, but it had to be done

just been busy desu, went to paris in the end instead. not even saved any kyary in months. did you guys go to the uk show?

its really long 2bh
most of my replies on /fit/ threads have been to read the stick but i cba


People call them a bunch of racist edglords, but in reality they're decent people that just want a sensible immigration system and enjoy politically incorrect humour.

to think they cost less than €6 a pack

Nah lad doubt it I bench 120 for reps sure your only a wee lad fuck sake ahaha

I was being genuine desu


i may be dumb but at the end of the day i'm still a yank

>but in reality they're decent people that just want a sensible immigration system and enjoy politically incorrect humour.
So.... Cred Forums?


That's mostly scotland getting straffed 2bqh

Stopped drinking because I'm so fat and tall it takes an ocean to get me tipsy, never get hangovers either.

What do

Yeah, like I said before, Brit/pol/ is basically /brit/ with a political slant.

I don't understand the hate.

yeah how about you don't edge for 4 hours and 50 minutes then

well that's just revolting

Wish I was as dead on the outside as I am on the inside

yes lad, it was great 2bh

you should've come


yeah, that's not true at all. even if you remove all the joke posts there's still a layer of half-sincerity to them.

It's worth it lad. Definitely join a gym though. Just find a routine and hammer through it with good form and you're golden.

>mfw that one /fit/izen tried to do his first ever squat with his own bodyweight on his shoulders
>while wearing flip-flops
>And almost killed himself

Hope that's not lbs lad. For reference, I bench 140kg for reps. Really proud of it because I've finally caught up to my dad's bench.

Never had a hangover from alcohol.

I did have a nasty comedown from a 2 month binge of mephedrone.
I cannot believe that I didn't kill myself.

>targeted ads

Who /live near Bishop Auckland/ here?

If she stood up would that denim skirt fall down?

ky's trailing behind me hasnt even reached 1000 yet

ye at koko was banging you missed out laddeo

/Brit/pols a woeful autistic grim anime ridden angloboo infested hellhole


A horrible trend. Ruins your cock nerves and makes the orgasm feel like literally nothing.


in the villa of ormen
in the villa of ormen
stands a solitary candle ah, ah, ah
in the centre of it all
in the centre of it all
your eyes

Where's the fun in that?

Reminder that nuclear weapons only dissuade nuclear war, if Russia wanted to invade is and america didn't help us our nukes would be useless

Obviously not in lbs you fucking weapon what height and weight are you? Where you from?

If you spent a decent amount of time there you'd come to understand.

don't care

I used to edge for 12+ hours every time I had a wank. Willy still works fine and orgasms still feel great.

not true, actually feels way better cumming after edging for 3 hours than wanking in 20 minutes

and you cut them in half so thats 10

>anime ridden
Sounds comfy.

it loses its fun after about 20 minutes. I genuinely cannot even fathom how little someone must have going on where they can spend 5 hours wanking


anyone know of a good biography on enoch powell?

In iceland you have to spear a whale as a part of your confirmation

I spent about 3 months there, that's more than enough, only thing Cred Forums is good for is the news.

It's fucking shit, we all know because we've all posted there

Autistic fascism roleplayers, constant thread splitting if the OP picture is anything vaguely numerous and not some tired out picture of Mosley or nigel we've all seen ten times before

JFs there are much more autistic and annoying than here

Many other things but overall it's shit

we're in here

i'd take a british refugee into my home in a heartbeat

how do you have time for that
dont you have a job?
something that needs to be fixed?

she's such a tease


however i do have 168 mogg pics from an unknown source

6'7" 250lbs

I'm up north of the border.

Like I said, given my height and weight, I should be lifting more but I'm satisfied with where I'm at right now. Still trying to catch up to my dad in a lot of other lifts because the man's a fucking tank but I'm getting there.

I just start at like 9pm when I have nothing going on the morning after.

guess I'm considered icelandic after I speared your mum haha

Anyone else have a ringing in their ears when in bed?

Hey hey, mate

>Don't you know about foreign police? They take you up a hill, beat you up and then they bum you!

Inbetweeners is actually quite a comfortable and entertaining television programme

listened to blackstar a few times and got over the oddity of it, now quite like it

We could hurt russia enough defensively to make invading us not worthwhile, This isn't the 40s anymore, they won't get away with sacrificing their young men by the millions for something that isnt totally justifiable

not even sure they could successfuly invade us, I reckon it could go either way. Their biggest conventional strength is their huge number of tanks, If we stop them landing its a much easier fight

I didn't wank too many times a week. Normally just on Fridays and Saturdays where the schedule was clear the day after.



oii cunt

yes then


so many fucking classics

Christ you must be a fat oul bastard. I'm 6'2 14.5 stone so happy enough with 120KG bench 5x5

Well, you sound like blairites if I'm honest.

Can't believe /brit/ is calling brit/pol/ edgy for wanting to leave the EU and have a sensible immigration system. Sad!

I shan't be posting here anymore... in the next few hours.

i really like the movie Behind Enemy Lines because it sets the atmosphere in russia very well

can't stand owen wilson though

Not fat, surprisingly. I used to be a skelly and I've bulked slowly up to this weight, so that's probably why. Also I love my running.

Right-o, fair play lad. You a caflick or a prod?

can't work out what those things are

>when you are giving normies a ride and you accidentally start playing NSBM


I remember a lot of famous faces from that film but don't remember owen wilson being in it at all

I like him though, starsky and hutch is great

Ada boy :^)

oops for some reason I was thinking of enemy at the gates

haven't seen that one

Don't listen to them, lad. They're a vocal minority, most of us like and regularly post on Brit/pol/.

I can ignore it its not bad but I just thought everyone had it, should I tell my GP?

virus don't scan

don't worry m8 you'll get tired of it eventually too, you can have sensible views without needing to sit around in a hugbox.

Everyone has it. I have it too, I've had it since I started lighting off fireworks every Halloween from the age of 10

>About 980 million litres of radioactive water have leaked into Florida's main underground source of drinking water, officials in the US state say.

hm yes . america

does sticking your finger up your bum actually feel good? And do you get poo on your finger when you do it?

Get that down ye horse

Nobody is arguing with those political views, I'm saying brit/pol/ is an absolute autistic cesspool full of autistic role-playing and baiting jfs sucking twats like you in

>256gb microSD cards
What a fucking age we live in lads

I know they hate socialism but I really think the government should step in when peoples drinking water becomes poisoned/toxic/carcinogenic whatever

like this kinda thing seems to happen a lot there, and worse no one ever does anything about it


probably going to bed soon

kpp are you going to be about or will we next see you in a few months

it can but i prefer to wank normally
no not if you clean it

still not been to see her, who went?
kawaii as fuck tho

often hear yank students near my house

pleasant people 2bh. but then again these must be the middle/upper middle class

If I lived in america I would live in new england or colorado or oregon desu

Imagine paying 100 dollars for this piece of plastic

good song

>tfw I got a 512mb memory card for my psp for Christmas and it felt like I could hold all the data in the world

If I lived in britain I'd live in cambridgeshire or suffolk or norfolk desu

wish some nutter would fucking stab me when i lave the house to free me from these mortal shackles

nope, you would live in Bath

us 3 redditflaggers youll have to come along for the next un
also see

what guns you got senpai?

really wish I was the janny so I could delete chink posts

Not having a fucking yank move in next door to me

>256gb microSD

ya got no bars good luck sendin a message

>up for work in 3 hours
ah yes excellent

business idea: rent a 1 bedroom flat in the royal crescent

*moves in next door to you*


dont even have a BB gun, All I wanna do is go innawoods with my mosin nagant and blow deers heads off.

is that too much to ask?

>working on a weekend

good wagey

ah yes the country of north ireland

>my wife met her nail artist a couple of times, said Kyary [forgotten her real name] is one of her nicer showbiz clients and has a pretty decent attitude and level of respect. Unusual for that kind of industry these days.


All me

earning more in the next 2 days than you get given in 2 weeks, m'subsistence existence

i really want to go hunting by myself sometime as well. i feel like it'd be really meditative to be out in the wilderness by myself and then blow a deer's head off with my 18g shotgun, and then cook it and eat it. i hope i make enough money i can get a cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere to go to

what a bangre

i want to get this


i'll be around every now and again, would love too desu


i've unironically lived in east anglia before

what's wrong with Devon?

devon is lovely

I got nothing löggimann

ok invite me out when you do buddy
we can split off in the days then meet back at camp to butcher and cook our prey


haven't showered in weeks

any memes lads

literally this

2bh theres no jobs and houses are kinda expensive for the lack of jobs
my rents commute, 1 to bristol and 1 to london lol

economic factor, no industry and no jobs, low gdp

looks pretty badass, can't say i blame you. i'm saving up for a handgun to conceal carry, probably just going to get a bog standard one though because juries are retarded and think the cooler a gun looks the more violent of a person you are

what does this negro meme mean?

when are you supposed to post it?

what is the context?


going to make it my life goal to live in the royal crescent

icelad seems to think all yanks are black

originally i believe it was meant to show a sense of bewilderment. so if you're confused about why the iphone 7 doesn't have an earphone plug, you'd post
>iphone 7 doesnt have earphone plug
along with that pic

yeah not as if you'd need some hand cannon anyway in 99.999% of situations where you'd need a gun.

not a constructive post at all, why would you say this to me?

VERY annoyed 1million people get grouped in as one

a very high portion of them use "ghetto dialects" and post "ghetto memes" and they are explosively aggressive


good girl we'll keep an eye out for you and make sure youre informed of anything consirtwise

does you like perfume

they are you stupid yank

idk if i'd go that far. say for example someone's high on crack and rushing you. there really is a vast range of stopping power on guns and i personally don't want to have to bang him right between the eyes for him to not knife me


You got a link to this?

chilling in bath
having a laugh

very ignorant of you

might be worthwhile learning some hand to hand defensive moves too

even a little bit of training might transform a fatal knife attack to one where you just get badly injured. I always read that if you are in a knife fight, you are going to be cut either way, so make sure to take the blade in the arm or something and then go for the disarm

all you need

>talking about guns
>>>/literally anywhere else/

piss off yankboo scum

despite the meme I really don't think crack/meth makes someone invulnerable like the media pushes, harder to stop sure but unless you're using a peashooter I'm sure most guns will do the trick.

doesn't matter found it


is it in one ear or both ears?

if one, go to the gp. if both then just try not to pay attention to it or introduce another noise to the room when you sleep ie a fan, soft volumed radio


I think sawn offs are illegal barrel has to be like 15 or 17 inches minimum

how hard is it to start renting a place? never done it before

do you just view it, pay the deposit and start living there?
I heard there's competition and stuff gets snapped up very quickly

ah yes gun discussion is shit in comparison to the riveting gook posts


you have to register them or something

that's because they usually get hit with 9mm. become a good shot and use .45 and I doubt many crackheads will keep running at you with two of those in their chest

book a viewing online, if you like it you can get forms to fill in, pay deposit and first months rent, then voila


life isn't a jackie chan movie. martial arts lose against knife all the time

Imagine not being a bad motherfucker like me

its actually less interesting and more cringy than the kposting, especially the planning for hypothetical baddies coming at you and wanting to stab you for no reason
and i hate weebs as well

Me on the left

t. breiðholtingur
It's 24" or something like that here and I had a 17.5" barrel for years

what are these things for

Morning lids

I know lad I'm not stupid, that why you grab their knife arm with everything you have and don't let go

desu though that guy in the video was hyper agressive and looked strong, he would certainly kill me. but most knife attackers are emotionally unstable people who probably arent certain about being out to kill someone as coldly as that

Tell you where the curb is

go back to masturbating to kpop music videos, mathew

Keep to the left I think, lad.

tells you where the ground is


12 inches with an overall length of 24 inches is the rule for UK

How much is a gram of ketamine these days?

means 'pass on the left'
stops dipshits going the wrong way down roads

thats not me
posting a k pop
thats not me

Keep left

Learn to drive.

>12 inches with an overall length of 24 inches is the rule for UK
we aren't talking about my willy lad



I once worked an auction this time, saw the nicest shotgun I have ever seen, some late 1800s engraved over/under work of art. It was beautiful, got sold for 20,000 if memory serves

dunno check the DNs
pretty dry on road

still 20/30 quid
but generally "street" dealers make a "gram" 0.7