Do you want a colombian gf?

Do you want a colombian gf?

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yes pls



Will she sell me to the cartel

Only if her anus is stuffed full of cocaine.

why are you whoring your women on a Djiboutian basket weaving image board?

Solo buscan plata y yo solo se dar plomo mijo.

I can have one for 50k chilean pesos an hour


i need a colombian gf like i need another hole in my head.

No I want an Argentinian girlfriend since Argies are the only humans in South America.

those are some droopy ass titties

They are not mine, i don't own anyone

tfw no Colombian guerrilla girl from Farc to share revolutionary thoughts.

y-you too :3

>colombian girls breeds half colombian kids
god, no...

What are the downsides to Colombian girls?

Jealous and little bit emotionally unstable

But I have Colombian gf.

They sound perfect.

yes, how much $ for one?

I just want a GF desu


Pick one

They are insufferable cunts if you are not a normie. Gets jealous for everything, believe whatever bullshit her friends tell about you, always needs you to treat her like a princess even though she treats you like shit, is proud of having an "strong character" but that's just an excuse for being hard-headed, stubborn and bitchy, will not let go any chance to exploit you, will want to force whatever she likes or wants on you and if you try to stop her you are the worst human on earth, she will act aggressive, hit you and verbally abuse you while expecting that you just keep your head down and accept it.
Horrible, horrible match for an introvert. And i'm being serious here.

You forgot the gold digger part

Looks like Brazil though


ok but, why posting an average brazilian street?

I have a Brasiliera friend that's an introvert, but it seems quite rare in Latin America. I guess most posters here are though.

I know your culture values being extroverted and having fun, but is it common to find sort of bookshy or nerdy girls that are also qts?

whats wrong with her lips

We never refute our niggerness, unlike you my dear boludo

i trade for qt german girl

>We never refute our niggerness
lurk more, my dear baboon

She's smiling


you said yesterday you'd stop making these threads and here you are, back again like a beaten bitch.
you're fucking pathetic, kill yourself.

What you will see is some south brazilians that by living to close to you got their heads full of the "we wuz nazis and shit", apart from that you are the baboon here


>but is it common to find sort of bookshy or nerdy girls that are also qts?
I wouldn't call it uncommon as i have met some myself, but they are a minority, and they are 99% of the time taken and/or surrounded by a buttload of beta orbiters.
IF, IF you made one of them your gf, you would have to be ready for every male in a 1km radius to hit on her right in your face, that means that you are very lucky you somehow got her, but she still has as many options as there are stars in the sky.
And they may be calmer and nicer, but they still share the core problems normie bitches have. Culture is a scary thing that pollutes you whether you want to or not.

Go eat rice woth spaggheti.



I think she is really cute

give one noww

oh fug the nip is visible my bad jannie

whatever you say alexander the grrrrrreeeeeeeek

you got a deal

very mediocre looking

top shitpost my man

I-I seriously hope you're joking

Colombian girls are kinda pretty but no i'm okay

you have low standards

he is :)

I used to know a Colombian girl. Probably in the top 5 hottest girls I've ever known.

>that nervous shaking
would berry so hard