What the fuck? I LOVE Hillary now!

What the fuck? I LOVE Hillary now!

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It's just another thing from the fucked up mind of Shadman.

post more pls

Posting more is haram. It ends in hillary giving Trump a blowjob

I wonder what Hillary would think if someone showed her this

Trump shota WHEN?!

go here faggot shadbase.com/
it's just one page.

is that a leafy poster on the tree

next page when?

63'd Trumploli when?
she might see it pretty soon considering she's writing articles about Pepe

Just go to his site, it's down to explicit stuff although half is still missing, pretty predictable stuff.

Shad has always catered to an edgy base but I'm not sure whether he's just getiing carried away or attention whoring on this one.

There's already a frog in the picture, I'm a bit scared

The worse with Shadman are his comissions, people pays him for drawing monsters niggers fucking faggy kids from tv shows in disgusting toilets.

>missing chin reference



kek this fucking dialogue

Now i know what i'll fap to

Who drew is? Is it a nihonjin or a western comic artist?

shadman obviously
>not recognizing him
i can spot his artstyle a km away, not a fan of it personally, but okay for smut i suppose

I've never been so simultaneously disgusted and turned on in my entire life.



pls tell me we went on with it.

shadman was a mistake


Fuck off.

Why in the fuck did I click it?
Why do I always do this to myself?
I curse my own curiosity every day I'm on the internet.

Most of those posting under the US flag on Cred Forums, are millennial progressives and self-hating whites of the following type:


The majority of American youth aged 20-35 consider themselves progressives. They support Hillary. If you do not, you will be considered a racist, misogynist, homophobe and complete swine

ok this is fucked up

You're an Asian country. All you guys do is fucked underaged girls and eat dogs.


The braces are what makes it hot

You guys are gettibg seriously BTFO this year

1. Shit economy
2. Brexit
3. Future PRC province
4. Soon to be Trump'd