Visiting the US

>visiting the US
>American asks me if I'm Irish
>I say yes
>'me too' he says in a thick yankee accent

Why is this so prevalent in America, can't you just be American?

Would you want to just be American? Have some sympathy, even worse than being Irish.

same thing happened to me
hotel attendant showed me a celtic cross he was wearing under his shirt
took all my willpower not to laugh

Can't you just be sober and employed?

Inshallah brother

>There are people in this world that are actually proud of being Irish

Boggles the mind

You never left your mom's apartment.

Masha Allah bro v v nic post

obviously means Irish heritage you goof. On a different note, any non white Americans are referred to "their race"-Americans because the word American is really associated with white people in which the non white are also Americans but with distinctions to be made. It's not like the white American guy with Irish heritage is somehow stripped of it when he familiarizes with a different custom when other race Americans are still referred to as ex: African American/ Asian-American, when in some cases they have fully assimilated to the American culture but maybe do not feel truly American due to their non white heritage.

When I was in USA I met dark haired brown as shit latino looking guys who said they were germans etc.

My dad tried to get into tracing the history of our family a few years back. He got two generations past his own grandfather and stopped when he found our family are Irish immigrants. We don't talk about it.

>Oi bruv you neva left your mum's flat

But Irish isn't an ethnicity, it's a nationality. They're European Americans if we're going by an analogue to African/Asian Americans.

I had a german exchange student in my school a while back that was pretty swarthy. I don't think Germans are as fair skinned as Nordic. They seem to be as swarthy as the French in my experience.

I only identify as Irish one day a year. The other days I'm usually German, but sometimes I switch to English if I'm feeling whimsical. On Bastille Day I tried out being French and it wasn't bad, but I didn't like the Roquefort cheese I bought at Safeway so I switched back to German

Even the swarthiest of Germans doesn't look like he's from some brazilian zoo

I am SICK and TIRED of the ''>amerifat education'' meme and the people who will endure a fucking captcha to make such a unfunny joke should blow their fucking brains out immediately. Like, what makes you wake up in the morning and think ''Oh, gelly gee, i wonder if there's any burgers on Cred Forums i can call SHOT today!'' and then proceed to shitpost in your lonliness like the pathetic fucking loser you are. I've noticed a trend of by their flags, its generally Yuros and their equally retarded third world friends, like everyone else on this board who's not American.

The funny thing about this that even our neighbours who are equally as cucked as our politicians are making these shitposts. I can understand Canadian people thinking these jokes are funny because they are subhumans. Litterally leafs. But fucking Mexicans? They also open up the gates of hell to sacrify their own culture to Aztecs and niggers.

British people too. Like there is litterally no reason for other Anglos to bitch on America because their inferior countries are litterally no different (exept they are slightly worse). It HAS to do with jealousy. We Americans are just much smarter and sexier than your avergae Bongladeshi and Mexifats.

But enough of that, i just simply do not get why you have to attack me whenever i decide to go outside /cum/ to browse this shithole of a board when its filled with litteral cancer like plain unfunny memes. Are your lives that pathetic and sad that you go to a site dedicated to cartoon pedophilia only to make fun of a dude because he happens to live in another country? Thats just sad.

Like for real, i get more entertainment from sniffing my own wet farts than going to this board. I come here to discuss different cultures and learn shit but i have came to the conclusion that its really useless when all the people here are the same kind of neckbeards that only watch anime.

And you call me fat.



>oh, you're from sweden? I love swizz chocoloate

t. sharter

That's half the nationalities out there. It's just a way to identify yourself with a culture. They are European Americans technically but aren't referred to as that way once their accent is fully naturalized, despite it not being the same for black/ Asian americans

Don't worry swedon.

I know damn well that the Swiss are a thousand times better than you in every way.

And I know damn well the canadians are your superiors, kiddo.

When I asked my dad what he thought of Sweden when I was a kid he told me he thought they were all cowardly and shit for being neutral, I told him he had them confused with switzerland and he said they're the same thing. He was pretty much right.

I disagree with your dad on that. Being neutral is pretty mellow even if it means being branded as a coward

Then its agreed.

>not liking the one country that basically flips off the rest of the world while helping it

>American culture is so garbage that Americans try to identify with another culture.
What a joke

I had a friend in high school who wore one everyday for all the years I knew him.

I saw a guy who wore a kilt and william wallace face paint every day of highschool.
Never spoke to him.

I am greek

>I am geek


>i am geek
>i am gee
>i am gay

lol fg


what the actual fuck is australian culture then?

triggered my burgerbro?