Do you envy white people?

Do you envy white people?

I envy a lot white people. Local white guys get girls easy as fuck here. No one like black guys like me. I like to say that everyone is mixed and not white because I wish I was white so much...

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Non-whites are subhuman.

You know what you have to do, end your genetic line and raise a white kid

>Local white guys get girls easy as fuck here
>No one like black guys

You are just ugly af

skin colour doesn't matter you weak minded faggot

stop bringing Cred Forums shit into your actual life

t. Sadiq Khan

nope, why should i?

I remember there being a great thread like this on /r9k/ ending with OP revealing himself as a white guy.

>on /r9k/
Hej, svensker i Norge.

Nah i'm proud of being a gook user.
i'm thankful that i have no any body odors and don't have to wear the deodorant.

No, I'm an ethnic European so I supose I could play "white" but then again why would I want to be in the same category as mostly poor uneducated racists?

Just go to a western country and give them that bbc if you want girls so damn much. Yes, the meme is actually real.

black people are based af and best in everything, music, sports, comedy + their girls are angels

Thank y-you, I guess.

this thread is chalkskin territory now

black people and serbian people forever brothers

Very nice video, pal.

i think your ancestors i mean british criminals and irish criminals were subhumans also

well memed, niggerlover

no youre a neet
start lifting fighting dancing making moneyman some game ....thats it


>Local white guys get girls easy as fuck here

I wish.

t. Tupac

Yes, Serbians are nigger tier.

Honestly, yes

Just go lift dude, turn your faggotery into something productive.