Late night I am the Programme edition

Also fuck Bath

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google.co.uk/#q=cocaine heart attack pubmed


whats with all the bath hate





Gott i hate bathistanis


Showers are better.


cold pizza

reserving judgement when it comes to Bath

>Icelanders in /brit/

i think sawn offs are illegal in the us too, fwiw. or it might be a state thing


i was thinking about making that post
but then i thought "nah, i don't want to be a spacker"

the Bristol-Bath area looks very nice

did the German bombers and Jewish architects not manage to reach it or what

in the tub

Going to sleep (literally in Bath)

Enjoy yank gun chat hours :) (don't actually)

It's Bathonian, dickhead

Television man is crazy
Saying we're juvenile deliquent wrecks

The government refused to ban Trump from entry into the UK because they said people shouldn't be banned for simply saying stupid stuff. But then they banned this CHRISTIAN preacher.


yeah gun law in the US seems to be more dictated on the state level rather than federal

not part of the war machine really


>don't want to be a spacker

That ships already sailed mate.

night lid

business idea: overthrow the bourgeoisie

>birthday coming up soon
>I'll have to see the look of disappointment in my mums face as her friendless son locks himself in his room again

Looking forward to it haha

some states like NY have worse gun laws than we do

and more gun crime lol

same boyo nightio x

you are on thin ice, mate
i would choose my next words carefully if i was you

*the chief of /brit/ walks into the room and pours himself a cup of coffee*

*we all stop playing cards and smoking cigars to greet Chief*

aghhhh hey chief!!


is there such thing as competition on renting sites?

Come on then!

It's disgusting how many muzzie hate preachers we let in

Just tell her you're talking to your online friends instead :)

wish i had the gall to end it all

alri settle down boys

0-3 watch Yojimbo
4-6 play Dishonored
7-9 play dragons dogma
0 kill myself

*browses nonchalantly through personal pocket book of football players who I do, and do not, personally rate*

Hmm guess who isn't there?


my prostate itches


listening to some progwank

so many absolute tunes out there on youtube

shame I will never discover most of them

Like? Cos there's a fair few here


heres one lad

going to start an experiment for a few weeks lads. simply going to start meditating and doing some gentle movement/breathing practice in the mornings and also going to start keeping a short journal in the mornings and nights. if i feel they're beneficial i'll add them into my routine.....

i uh...uhm...

Make an effort.

not a huge fan of Dragons Dogma honestly

go for a long walk and reflect on your life so far lid

dunno or care about the facts really just harbour sneaking suspicions the government is letting loadsa muzzies in without asking me directly first which is obviously non-democratic cos i reckon they can all fuck off

cant hike because of DOMS

legs are crippled after a 20 mile walk

heres one lad

im just playing it so i feel like i'm playing a Berserk game.

even changed the menu theme to a berserk song

not a huge fan of canada honestly

please don't

All this time I thought that Pogba was some weird portmanteau of Poo and Drogba.

20 miles isnt bad

>cant hike because of DOMS

At least you admit to posting shit. Well done, have a Hobnob and half a pint of Cravendale

not a huge fan of garage honestly



they talk more shit than australians

canada worst ally


Here's 3 absolute choonz

ever played Gothic?


pretty weird for a wigger to also listen to nationalist black metal

I can ride 70 miles and legs are barely sore the next day.

You need to exercise more.

>showing a hyundai off
nearly pissed myself

jesus christ

once went 30kms into the highlands on a sled and when I was going back I passed some hikers that I had passed when I was going in and they hadn't made much progress

i have the second one on Steam, only played a small amount of it because I kept getting steamrolled, I'll probably get around to it again eventually though.

why, is it like berserk?

>take off my new jammy bottoms earlier
>the string snaps
>rip the tag out 10 minutes ago
>tore a gaping hole in the arse that i had to stich

how pathetic would you feel after that, If that didnt spur her to get think then she never will

what's that film where a loli knocks out a pedo and cuts his balls off?


hard candy?

these are my favorite type of rolls
>tfw made a BLT with them after Reviewbrah did.

top tier
sweet and savory is the best taste.

you know lad when you own a BMW you have listen to some stuff only normies listen too so you can enjoy it when they are in your car

I love hiking but I literally never get to go

been like once on a 2 day trip in the last 5 years

mate recently moved to the highlands so I'm gunna crash there and explore a lot soon hopefully

I'd tear a gaping hole in your arse t.b.h.


literally just had sex with winona ryder in a night club

*accelerates in your direction to an almost blinding pace*

>having normie friends
don't envy you


title means thai boy

unironically hate fat people more than any other type of people

temperate out

fingered maisie in a club car park once

Another lonely day
With no one here but me
More loneliness
Than any man could bear
Rescue me before I fall into despair

hahahah I know lad

ok sorry but theres only room for one true icelad here

other guy (you know who you are) please vacate the premises

business idea: force women to sell their bodies in exchange for currency

got this stuck in my head

I'm skinny as shit. but have good legs

Literally in bed on a Friday night lads

Hate how my friends cannot drink consecutive days ffs suck it up

All these years I thought it was Valley

prove it

you don't force them. You find someone who is already willing and provide them with perks (protection, customers) to enhance their customerbase and profit while claiming a percentage for your services.

because these women are typically mentally unfit you can claim the lions share of the take-home IF you are savvy enough

>Spandau Valley

You have to shave your head fully, razored to the skin for the rest of your life, but you get 5 grand put in your bank account every week y/n


this tune will teach you everything you need to know about pimping

sort of, its a bit like Morrowind but "darker" and more of a tradiitonal setting, and better gameplay.

actually for a 'Berzerk' tier game you should really check out Might and Magic Dark messiah

amazing combat mechanics and a solid story, even different 'styles' of combat


>60k PA for being bald

Only literal millionaires would say no


bent cunt

Solid. We're up and running

obviously fucks sake

it would just turn me into a neet



looks like absolute dog shit


*rolls up her sleeves*

time to get a few (You)'s for the night, gotta hit my quota...

Neighbours have an outside cat that strolls into our house nearly everyday

Friendly kot

Here she is


260k mate


i'd just always wear a hat, make that my gimmick

think i would look fucking awful without hair though, i'd probably just wait until i have enough money to buy a flat of my own and then chill for the rest of my life, enjoying 60k PA

might make me more socially reclusive but i also wouldnt have to get a job and deal with all that shit



260 grand a year to look like bruce willis or vin diesel? well worth it

so does your mum, that's why I always bring a bag for her head when I pound her.

just remembered that aussies unironically eat fairy bread


Yeah, misread it as per month.

Who the fuck wouldn't go for it at 260k.

Money in the bank, that's shower,p aying for the bill, that's sho,keeping it real, that's shower
th-that-th-that's shower, th-that-th-that's sho

thanks this makes me so happy!

im outta here!

a cat once got into my house
it was so startled when i discovered it, that it ran into a window multiple times, tore down my curtains and urinated everywhere before finally sprinting of the lavatory window

rice with butter in it is quite good

You're a Yank

Anything with butter is good to you people

man, iceland is a whacky place. its like a cartoon world over there

mate i'll kick the shit out of you if I have to

My mother always stressing I'm not living right
But I'm not going out without a fight


What is it with yanks and fucking butter? There are plenty of delicious ways to get heart disease, why use butter?

*spreads butter on my willy*
got a treat for you~

my mind is playin tricks on me

looked at a tab i forgot i had open and found this gem

how edgy do u think that guy is lol, got what an edgelord. careful with that sharpness yeeeesh

mad lad

>people actually listen to nig rap

well i guess it's better than weebs listening to j pop


>nig rap

Best music ever after English post-punk.

fuck off ludford


nothing wrong with black music
its not a lie to say they were behind some of the most popular and best music movements of the 20th century in a really big way

to say all hip-hop/rap is shit is just plain false


ludford doesn't listen to jpop

as a japanese rapper i take offense to this

some old guy at my work listens to K-pop in the lounge on breaks
he puts his headphones in but then fucking sings along to them loudly


good tune to listen to on opioids

used to live on rice a roni hahahaha i'm so poor

Hey ;)



give this a listen and tell me what you think


you would know wouldn't you


what game should i pirate lids
not really looking for an FPS

yes I am actually well versed in /brit/ personalities

>no one is safe from african american influences, not even greenlanders


anyone watching canelo tmorrow?

>Niggers get white pussy
>Whites get Turkish pussy

>me a yellow skin roach gets no pussy and fap daily to satisfy myself

Kill me.

Do yourself a big favour and listen to this album m8

if you could live anywhere in your country where would you go?
I'd live on PEI and bike around the island or buy a horse and ride him to Charlottetown

>pull cute polish grill and fuck her in her flat
>meanwhile all I can think is "my knees hurt" "I could be on Cred Forums right now"
>post about it on the way home
Cred Forums ruined me and I don't even care.
Glad I'm back

Who's he fighting?

dead rising was just rereleased on PC

medieval 2 total war

Do yourself a big favour and listen to this album m8

crusader kings 2

Good lad

Turks are not white?
desu I'm about as white as this guy but with curly Celtic hair and a more square head/jaw instead of a round face.

Honestly one of the best games on the 360.

owen smith, WBO (i think) world champ at light middleweight from liverpool england

one brother from 4 professional boxers, his light heavyweight brother fought on GGG's undercard last week and got a stoppage in the 6th I think

anyone else fucking love how great beer is ?

post songs to contemplate my runtish existence too


alcohol genuinely tastes like poison. fucking disgusting

Sounds pretty good desu
Is it in Vegas?


>drinking alcohol for the taste
it's just another form of escapism lad

S P I K A Ð !!!!

>click the numbers until there are no more left

uh? fuck off?

>you typed the captcha in wrong

well sweetie that's impossible x

He is exotic. Exotics get white tourist pussy. I'm yellowish and I'm whiter than half of Europe. Whiter than Spaniards, Portuguese, Meds. I get no foreign pussy. I was at a holiday resort full of foreigners and all them asked me questions in their language thinking I'm European and my black skin Kurd friend fucked tourists. Thankfull he let me hear the moanings to fag for once. Fuck.

>alcohol genuinely tastes like poison. fucking disgusting

Why the fuck does Tim do so many god damn camera tests

I do
I even love the smell of it
when I open up a fresh bottle I just sniff it for a bit.

same with spirits, I like how alcohol brings out really subtle muted flavors and brings them together into something unique.

Lad, most people are whiter than the dagos to be fair.

I just hate how it fills me up and I feel bloated but that doesn't stop me from binging

I just had a delicious Blood Orange & Hibiscus Gose from Modern Times Brewing

it's crap

if rap isn't about gunz and weed it's about "profound and deep" societal issues, the genre's one self adulating pisstake

mehmet MY SON

want to make some sort of dessert tomorrow
will flick through a cookbook now

bleach is unique
drink that you fucking leaf

both of those girls are Turks too

define "yellowish" because some people have light skin but a weird sort of complexion

meanwhile others will have darker skin but a nicer complexion.

Thinking about joining a wine club but I can see it leading to alcoholism

i know we icelanders love posting in our language, so do i

but this is an english speaking thread

alright Muhammad Al-Cromwell but alcohol is arguably one of the greatest culinary creations of mankind.

there's evidence to say that it helped create civilization.

are these meme drinks actually worth the effort that goes into them?


>alcohol is arguably one of the greatest culinary creations of mankind.
>there's evidence to say that it helped create civilization.

the chink in this webm is a pretty cool guy. every movement he makes is very samurai-esque

do one you union jack waving imperialist

Have you never had a cocktail?

>define "yellowish"

White skin but because of southern sun you have a yellowish tone. Not totally white. My dick is white because it gets no sun. My hands and face is yellow.

My dick would resign if it knew that it would have such a miserable destiny. My Kurd friend knows no English and fucks tourists. I have English mate and I try to talk to them in vain but always end up sleeping alone with tears in my sad eyes.

this is very unsettling

Alcohol? More like Al-Cohol

no desu

yea sometimes, I had some fancy drinks like that in the Caribbean that were REALLY good but made me feel a little queer ordering them.

a what?

you sound like a pussy m8 not gonna lie

yeah. the rum martinez from that webm tastes so good that it makes your dick explode, its banned in almost every country for this reason. but its amazing.

it's killed more people and ruined more lives than your country could ever dream of


You sound like the kind of twat that would enjoy Immortal Technique

torrijas might be good

Wew laddy, what are you a nerd?

Start with a Gin and Tonic and move on from there

>spaces between the letters
>exclamation marks
I think it is easily understood what it means

theyre delicious 2bh, best way to get drunk.

avin a fag

canadians FUCK OFF


Me in the club

might have a bath

might not

might wank

might not

I listen to Johnny Cash. I look like Axl Rose when I grow my hair and I drink whiskey everyday. I get no pussy. My Kurd friend doesn't know English. He listens to top-40 pleb songs and he only drinks beer. He gets mad pussy. He once plowed a Nothingham woman here while I was at swimming pool trying to dive because my dick had nowhere to dive. I want to die. I told my father he is responsible for my fuck-ups because he is a white guy. I wish my father was Arab or Kurd or gypsy.

Can't get a read on this guy

>it's killed more people
the best things always do.

I had this drink, Flaming Voodoo or something in Cuba and it was the best thing I've ever drank.
>tfw I have Gin but no tonic
should I be a mentalist and go buy some? or just mix with fresca like I've been doing.

gin and tonic is pretty wretched though

this song is solid, dont even like rap anymore but kendrick is still good


>see some news story about someone who died of cancer
>they raised £80,000 for cancer research before dying

as obviously admirable and nice it is that they want to make a difference for others, billions is spent on cancer research every year. what difference is that small amount going to make?

stop your fucking whining

i have bought gin and tonic from the supermarket and it was absolutely foul - i don't think any kind of preparation/ingredient quality could make me enjoy it

cocktails are something i kind of want to try but i'm having a hard time believing they're worth it

*crawls back into my runthole*

just had sex for the 13,204th time lads

why would a club have a car park

>>it's killed more people
>the best things always do.

on cocaine and i hate it, i want to quit cocaine. my friends always reel me in. i hate it.

those billions are the collection of many such donations

*boards up the door*

don't buy premixed
gin and tonic with ice and a bit of mint is great.

People with a purpose live longer.

its for fingering lasses when the toilets are full

i've literally shagged kyary when i went to japan but nobody believes me

i wouldn't believe it either

somebody had to tell him 2bqh

then why am i not dead yet?

she had better message me before the weekend is up
won't be any good for the ol' morale if she doesn't haha

do you want to be?

it wasn't pre-mixed but the tonic was from a plastic bottle and i basically just used it to dilute the gin which was foul

google.co.uk/#q=cocaine heart attack pubmed

Have a read

dont worry about that

i think i am alright at the moment

because we drive everywhere in america

Are you the Sapphire lad?

It's worth it, or you can grab club soda/soda water if you don't like quinine
Either way pick up a few fresh limes and lemons for a squeeze of fresh juice in your drink

A good one will taste like sprite

Never buy premixed
Your best bet is to try something at a bar to get an idea of what they taste like, then buy ingredients and make your own
It's like cooking but with booze

what's the point of going to a club if you're not going to get fucked up? and driving out of a club car park at 4AM is just begging to be pulled over

>google.co.uk/#q=cocaine heart attack pubmed
i know it's bad for you physically and that's part of why i hate it, keeps fucking shit up for my relationships and friendships as well.


so you can drive home as opposed to sleeping over at the club you mong

what is the most sophisticated thing one can do

I think so
starts 9pm eastern time



a sit down wee

What does it mean when a girl is hideously flirty with you but her sister is really low-key and distnat

literally got told about how good looking I was but was so blazed I reacted kinda autismly, still got a hug and we kissed each other on the cheek

>sleeping over at the club

Yeah, I fucking hate it when you get in the club showers at 5am and the penis inspector comes around.

fart without a sound

do americans say "wee wee" and "poo poo"?

dad used to brake into ladas and sleep in them with the heater on when he got drunk

wish i had gotten into at least half of the antics he used to get into

well, things are different here 2bh

people drive to and from clubs and bars all the time, police hang out outside a lot just in case shit goes wrong when people are leaving and if they can tell if anyones obviously way too drunk to drive. but people drive to these places all the time here and people drive drunk all the time.

Jack off without alerting the roomie

ye, jizzing is "cum cum" over there, bit weird

you are merely extending my hyperbole intended to show the ridiculousness of not driving to the club, which is only proving my point further. *sips tea*

>tfw Autumn soon
>all the pumpkin flavored things are going to start coming around
pumpkin pie
pumpkin beer
pumpkin cider
pumpkin spice coffee
pumpkin soup
pumpkin-ginger waffles
pumpkin bread
pumpkin pastries
roasted pumpkin seeds

pumpkin fries

Autumn is the best season.

adding this to the Wikipedia page

We say "do a tinkle" and "make a doo doo"

"cum cum" is going out of fashion quickly, its what our grandmothers used to say. "give me the cum cum!" she would scream as she walked into the room.

now days we call cum-cums "Sperm"

as in "ahhh dude you just spermed!!"

poo without leaving a single stain

computer games are for children

I do stuff like that
bought a car for 35k isk
did burnouts
went offroad
hid from the police
parted it out and made money even after I rolled it

Pumpkin dick.

what wikipedia page? is there a /brit/ wikipedia page out there?


Agreed that's why I'm console masterrace

Salam alaykum lads

just brewed up a batch of lsd lads

salami eggs and bacon

honestly can't even imagine playing on a console anymore
I mean its comfy to play on the couch with a controller on the big TV but honestly I don;t want to put the time commitment in to sit down and play a game and ONLY a game

I end up flicking around the menu before shutting the console off.

arent there like 4 lsd manufacturers in the entire world?


yanks are a different species

all me

Not him but I've got Netflix, Hulu, etc and I can use the browser to watch classic Simpsons and Spotify for music
It's totes comfy

what happens if you get caught?

Sometimes I look at ducks and think, yes, that's an animal perfectly adapted to living in a pond

where is the nicest place to live?


When you think about it, are we really..?


yea but I can just do that and more on my computer anyways, plus multitask

only consoles I still play are my Retro ones like SNES
not planning on buying any new consoles.

i want to go to prison for a couple of years and regularly get visited by very famous rappers such as jay-z, kanye west, drake, all dem boys. maybe get some conjugal visits from nicki minaj.

everyone else in the jail would think im so cool and i'd probably be the most popular one there just for hanging out with all the rappers.

Cities; York or Edinburgh

In General: The Lake District/Comfy Countryside

But really think about it this time

Cairngorms National Park

*clears throat*
occam's razor

Playing SNES is fedora as fuck


fuck having borders and shit

it would be extremely painful

fuck having borders and shit


fuck off you disgusting yank freak

yanks are a different species

>fuck off you disgusting yank freak
>yanks are a different species

Lad, you're not thinking about it hard enough



also kek


this was true back in the 90s I think. not anymore. One single guy was making like 95% of the worlds supply in a bunker

Building a wall around these posts lads. Can't contain this madman

i will buy you a chuleta on la noche de san juan

stop killing the mandem

*walks into your house and leaves the door open*
*opens up your fridge and chugs your milk straight from the carton*
*goes to your computer and checks your facebook*

the next song on the album

not like it matters what the lyrics are about anyway fagboy

like I care what you think is too "fedora" to enjoy as if it matters at all.

desu only betas get triggered and "cringe" about others doing "nerdy" things.


du hast
du hast MEINCH

.............your mum

been trying to remember this kids name forever
joey badass is by far the best of the newer rappers 2bh. his songs are some next level shit


what a legend eh lads

he doesnt understand flow

maybe not

not sure

just remember reading that somewhere


imo he hasnt come close to topping his orginial mixtape, sharp decline when capital steez killed himself

just remember how many rap arguments i witnessed in middle school

went to a very black middle school

kek these are those "black lives matter" morons who shut down london city airport earlier this month. they were in court the other day lads. just fucking look at them. most of them are privately educated, cringe worthy "save the world" types.

>when they were given conidition discharges in court, one of the women in the dock exclaimed: “Go, white privilege.”

would smash all of those females but especially top left

york looks depressing and empty

edinburgh looks nice

don´t be surprised if some had penises.

aalright lads welp

winona ryder is beckoning me back to the bedroom so i bid you adieu~