rate my food

Too healthy, still would eat

Grate some cheese on that shit

i mean, at least it isn't finnish

Moar proteen

Green beans have protein

>he doesn't enjoy meat and fish
lol faggot

Then stop posting noodles with ketchup and cold hot dogs every fucking day

Not my fault that NEETs post NEET food

hey now, i heard ulan bator has some nice finnish cuisine and culture

i need to eat at least 2 plates of this to feel full

add tuna and mayo

I'm on /fit/ diet

>/fit/ diet
>all carbs with no protein

I ate protein in the lunch

7/10 - breddy good


que asco ese platillo tercermundista

Rate my taco

Looks bad Todd

Hot Dog meat is like authentic mexican taco meat because you don't know what's in it. 5/10
This is now a taco rate thread

mirĂ¡ como esta esa pobreza papa

Rate my first world cuisine

Fiji soup is like, totally healthy for you though, like, my bff Emily lost 80 lbs after she started eating only that but that was after she started dating like this model and they did like, a ton of cocaine, so I dunno if that was part of it.

wtf is that?

More like extreme laziness kek. I had everything to make some proper tacos; meat, veggies, etc.

ice cubes and water

>soggy carrot pasta
fuck off/10