Why do Americans put cookies in jars??

Why do Americans put cookies in jars??

Where do you put them?

so the kids can see it and get mad because their short as fuck and can never reach it. eventually the kid has to wait to get a cookie and it teaches patience.


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It's true desu

I remember my mom used to have a cookie jar. Now that I'm older we don't have a cookie jar anymore.

>American parents withhold sugary treats from their young whilst teasing them
No wonder you guys get fat.

This, patience is a virtue and Americans are the most virtuous

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

my mom used to fill the cookie jar with sugar wafers to the brim and i probably only got to have one like once a month.

Because there's a song about it.
If we don't put cookies in a cookie jar then how can we sing the song without having to explain it to everybody?

Also if the jar is sealed right it keeps them fresh.

It also teaches you not to be a gready fuck when you do steal from it. Take one and you won't get caught. Take half the jar and you're cruisin for a bruisin.

Truly, we're a cut above the rest

Seriously, where the fuck else would one store cookies?!?!


That's just a plastic jar-thing.

Is it really that different?

Leave them in the packet they come in.


>he doesn't bake his own fresh hot cookies from scratch

But what if you bake the cookies?

>Australians cannot even understand the concept of baking your own food

Then they'd get soggy/soft/whatever the word is.

I'm just talking about the cookies you can't eat. Some people have finite stomachs. She's cute though.

yes, it's easier to store tupperware when not in use, it doesn't shatter,and it dishwasherable/microwavable

>not making your own

Whatever the woman who did the baking wants them to go into.

Seriously, where the fuck else would one store MY DICK?!?!

inside this

I just use a plasticy-tupperware/jar hybrid, so I guess I was extending the concept a fair bit to cover both containers.

You guys just buy the cookie dough and bake that. That's not really baking, is it?

it's not hard to make dough from flower, eggs, milk, and sugar

>implying they don't eat them all right away as soon as they cooked

I baked cookies from scratch the other night. Memes aren't real life.

I know, but it's not really what most of you do, is it?

>Portuguese cannot even understand the concept of making your own cookie dough

We're not much of a home-made sweets country, no. Cookies in particular aren't really our thing. But we don't use factories for them, either.

Our cakes and sweets are usually made in pastry shops since they require some serious finesse and time.

I know you guys don't have a lot of pastry/baker shops, so I guess it makes sense.

most people i know make their own dough, it's way cheaper.

>don't have a lot of pastry/baker shops
You don't know much of anything about us, then.

>cooking your own cookies

Only from what I hear you guys complaining around here. Every little village here has it's own bakery and patisserie that make traditional salty/sweet food.

You are always eating your square bread, for example.

Found the girls.

you shitting on square bread, f am?

Shut the fuck up Ian, you don't even call them cookies.

>Every little village here has it's own bakery

We don't have villages, but it's no problem at all to find a high-quality cake bakery near whereever we live

>You are always eating your square bread

Even our fresh bread is often rectangular, don't be an autist

>go to america
>ask for biscuits
>get served bread with gravy

exactly, important right of passage for any American child desu

Eh. It's not the best, is it?

Usually spongy instead of soft, and a bit bland of flavour, and without a proper crusty crust. I've had good and bad quare bread, and even the good doesn't compare with those round, rustic, hard-crust loaves.

I think you're misunderstanding how many bakeries we have. I'm saying that our "low-quality" bakeries still serve good bread for cheap. Look up "papo-seco" and that's the blandest, cheapest bread we have, the one we use for quick sandwiches and such, and it's still pretty delicious and soft for at least a day.

I'm not trying to austism my way into an argument, I'm just following on what I gathered from other gastronomy threads.

You have it backwards. We serve you gravy with bread.

I don't know about other towns, but I live in the smallest in the middle of nowhere midwest town with 10k people all spread out, and our shit town has more than one bakery and patisserie. It's just easier for most working people to buy the shit stuff at a large grocery store where they can get a bunch of other stuff too.

>10k people
I'm talking about villages with populations in the order of the dozens and few hundreds, though.

>He begs mommy to make him food.

Then maybe it's because we don't have villages here, and everything is more spread out period because the country is so large.

hard crust bread sucks with butter tho

>It also teaches you not to be a gready fuck
obviously doesn't work then

best cookies coming through

pro tip: oreos are shit

>muh hard crust

I wish /balt/ was ITT, their opinions on bread hold more weight than Americans' here

I just buy them from the shop like a normal person.

>Cookie Jar sales plummet
>Childhood Obesity raises
The signs are there

It does not. It's the very best. Especially when it's still warm and the butter melts onto it.

Right, I'm not attacking you. I'm just saying that we don't bake small snacks like cookies, because they are easily available to us.

We'd only consider baking cookies for a party, and even then we'd just bake some pasteis (salty snack things) and buy the cookies. It's just not in our tradition, which is how this discussion started.

American style cookies are pretty good.

That's what I meant by hard crust. I can't really explain it better, but it's like pic related. That's a family bread, that you buy for a lunch or dinner and everyone cuts slices from it. Then the leftover is buttered for a mid-afternoon snack.

>americans always say the opposite from what the person is saying
>every american you talk to is always the exception
god I hate americans

Fuck off you stupid leaf faggot

I didn't take it as you attacking me, I was just trying to give a logical reason as to why.

We can't all be collectivist sheep like yourself, Chang.

B-but I legitimately like baking cookies. It's a family tradition to do it around most holidays as well.

You at least make your own meat right?
Here in the midwest you can't call yourself a real man unless you know how to grill.

I'm a vegetarian.

>Americans will never know what it is to live in a small village.

I just came from my monthly visit from Cred Forums so it's hard to tell.

That's universal. Even if it's just salt and meat, you have to know how to grill to be a man.

You disgust me



>Massive country with a high population
>Most common posters on Cred Forums
You mean we don't all conform to the stereotypes about America? Fucking shocked.


Maybe if brits didn't make baking for women only then they would have a halfway decent dish.

I don't like meat, sue me.

It's just fun to harass vegetarians, who gives a shit what you put in your body.

>Doesn't like meat
>Doesn't make his own food
You're a Londoner aren't you?

It's only acceptable if you eat copious amount of fish.

>anime poster

second post best post

>there are people out there who can actually eat only two cookies

it's either a whole sleeve/half a bag or none at all.

but then you cannot appreciate the cookies in their hardened form. You are only appreciating half the cookie experience.


Except it ;^)

No, we get our Mexican grandmas to make them for us.

Biscuits are for southerners and dogs, not people.

Why not vegan?

To keep them fresh?

The animals that you ate probably cared.

(Unless they have some sort of vore fetish.)

>L-Le you all have to be the same according to my Cred Forums memes XD

Please never post on this board again. Thanks.

To keep them fresh.

What a stupid question.