Post parts of your country you'd gladly get rid of

>pic related

Fuck this Commie shithole

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how many times are you going to make these threads?

Yeah, I hate Nevada too but not as much as Florida.


The one place with actual culture?




I don't have California, just about 70% of Californians.
Even as a liberal I hate their liberals.
It's like they pretend to know something about environmental management just to look good.
Of course that's just San Francisco.

>California out of all states

Why? California has a nice landscape, weather, and God-tier cities like San Diego and San Francisco.

Northern California is GOAT too. California is also a major part of our nation's GDP. I would prefer we get rid of Mississippi or West Virginia (i.e. white trash land) instead of California.

Easy, delete everything that is blue.

>nice weather

Im sick of the sun

I miss rain and overcast days

Fuck f*nland

how on earth would supreme dictator trump become supreme dictator then

Ironically, most of the south isn't white.



yes please, delete england, save scotland

depends on which part of the state youre in for some of them

west mississippi, se oklahoma, ne texas, and south and east arkansas has lots of blacks

louisiana, mississippi, and georgia in general has a good amount of blacks, especially in urban areas

texas has mexicans, florida has cubans and old people, again in urban areas

the rest idk

This is the best America

The only place in the US foreigners respect?

everything that is red.

the south is where just about every negative stereotype of the US comes from


lol no leaf, the only part of england I would remove is shown in that map (and maybe a hundred miles south for good measure) would get rid of NI too.

>California has a nice landscape, weather, and God-tier cities like San Diego and San Francisco.


Gun control, assault weapons ban, 10 round mag limit, high murder rate

the coast is god tier, and the sierra nevadas are probably some of the best landscape in the country

I'm OK with this

>high murder rate

Isn't it national average?

Vancouver, Toronto, and all of Quebec.

who the fuck cares about guns unless youre an aspiring school shooter or wannabe ancap

also literally every shithole third world southern state has a higher murder rate with 1/5 of the population california has

are you naming the places you want to keep?

BC, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia are the only places worth keeping.

>who the fuck cares about guns

nu-male detected

>All of the west coast, including Washington and Oregon, leftist shitholes.
>Wisconsin and ghetto Chicago

>not even male

Full of bolivians in this zones

>btw im a girl xD


Guns are fucking useless. Who cares? Only a fucking dumb ass rednecks who want sniper rifles so they can shoot deer or wild buffalo or some shit want guns.

>Buenos Aires
Only CABA and Conurbano



Fuck off then you dumb whore, only two of your holes are worth anything and neither of them are on your face.

that's not how you ask someone to prom, jimmy

See how irrationally pissed off and annoyed you got when guns were so much as mentioned because it's always tossed out there without reason? You're now aware of what it's like dealing with Californians. :^)



Explain this

40% of California prisoners are Spic
27% of California prisoners are Black


Why not maggot cheese island?

Las Malvinas

>He's never gone deer hunting
>He's never earned his meat

venison is fucking nasty and i doubt any Cred Forums user could actually treat and prepare it right

Explain this

California has the highest economy in the US

Don't like the gamey flavor or because of something else?

Because maggot cheese from Sardinia is fucking good. Can't explain why it's illegal.

You keep posting this, it's clear that you are false flagging now

game is general tastes terrible to me, it's not how any person prepares it "lol if you dun like deer, u havent tried mine," it's just generally gross

actually, the eastern part of Northern California is full of hunters

Eww what the fuck

That's fucking gross

That's too bad, I like venison so I guess that's to my benefit. Venison stew is great.

But I wasn't talking about California in that post, I was talking about that one guy whining about guns

red can be nuked

The States.

As it was always meant to be.

>poutine detected

I know this is bait, but damn, that is some obvious but strong bait. 5/10

>who the fuck cares about guns unless youre an aspiring school shooter or wannabe ancap
This right here is why people on this board want to get rid of you.

The Dakotas and Montana are arguably the comfiest part of the US; is it the same with the Prairies and Canada?

Nuke North Island

Never been to North Dakota, have you?

I have, and the prairie there is top notch.

yes, the canadian prairies are great
dont listen to Pierre

just destroy everything in red please

ND native, if you get a kick out of hundreds of miles of nothing but flat, then be my guest.

I fixed america

No you didn't, Minnesota and the Dakotas aren't merged, and Wisconsin isn't a nuclear desert.

you're dead kid

>This right here is why people on this board want to get rid of you.

boohoo why dont you go fail another hunter safety course

What's this hunter safety course I hear about? I mean I know they exist it's just that I dunno what they teach that's different from what you learn without it.

>Merging Minnesota with literal wilderness
I'm not even sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing

how to hunt and use guns legally and/or not like an idiot

Dunno what kind of hunters you're meeting, but around here people learn to hunt proper, don't shoot at anything you can't identify and be aware of other hunters nearby

in rural oklahoma most people arent very considerate of the wildlife, very few are actually conservationists.

it's the same way in most rural areas in the south with little to no enforcement of hunting laws

That's a little more enthusiasm than I am used to when it comes to hunting. We hunt to eat, and eat what we catch. I'd eat a goddamn porcupine if I shot it.

yeah, a lot of people around hunt to eat and attempt to put everything to use

some trophy hunt, but the lack of disrespect to the wildlife and knowing the limitations can dent the environment they live in, leading to less game

i have nothing against hunting (because its really dumb to be antihunting lol) but some hunters need to be much smarter about hunting and knowing their limitations on what they can do at the time (hunting seasons, conservation, poaching, illegal hunting)

there's a lot of hunters around here, id hate to see hunting become extinct because of hunting

hey look another america thread

Papu formosa, chaco estan llenas de paraguas.
esas tambien se van a la mierda

Hunting won't go extinct because of hunters though, because nature always has a way to persevere despite what is done to it. Hunting will go extinct only if it gets witch-hunted as being another societal I'll that needs to be cured.

>he want's to get rid of this

I do 2bh.

My point exactly.

I can live with that