Who /moving to chile/ here ?

who /moving to chile/ here ?

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Meme country with no culture

which country is better to live? yours and
chili i guess croatia and chile are in same gdp per capita

better having no culture than having narco culture

Their only big city is basically a mid-tier brazilian town and their current economic growth relies too much on foreign companies and the mining business.

t. lemon

chile is practically croatia of south america

why?,when?, do you speak spanish?

I would move anywhere that isn't fucking f*nland if I could.

Isn't Santiago more populated than Rio? They'd be our second most populated city if so.

what's wrong with Funland?

do you like hallways?

this is the Texas flag though?

I meant in terms of development.

What is Pablo Neruda? What is Claudio Arrau?

december, january to absorb south american culture and spread my love, also because I've never been outside of europe even though france could pass as africa desu

Me of course

alright, good luck and enjoy it user :3

> rance could pass as africa desu

Chile used to be good, but Bachelet is taking the country towards a socialist path again. If only Venezuela didn't exist as a permanent example of how bad things get under socialism, Chile would be even worse.

They need another wave of helicopter rides.

i want to move to either Chile, Mexico or South Argentina

how hard will it be?

for any of these countries you need at least a little Spanish user, at least the basics to buy food and else

yeah, thats obvious, but im asking about visas/resident permits

>in latam

not sure in Mexico or Chile, but here you don't need any of these

you keep saying that but you know you will never do it, you fucking retard


so, i can just move to argentina tomorrow and start living there?
sounds nice, what if i want to start own business tho?

>i can just move to argentina tomorrow and start living there?
if you live here for 2 years you can get the citizenship (yes, it's that easy because we wuz a country of immigrants and shiet)

>what if i want to start own business tho?
you will need papers for sure,but not sure about citizenship, so I recommend you looking for more info in google

nice, ill research it

what places in south Argentina are good to live in, what would you recommend?
I want a climate similar to whats here, so i'll prolly wont endure the constant heat in the rest of the country and ill miss the winter, so the south seems the best

How would a gringo fare living in Buenos Aires?

chile fuck off

Patagonia is god tier if you have any degree or some money because might be a bit expensive for living (like any turistic place), sadly I was never there so I can't help you very much on that

Buenos Aires get tons of foreigners every year, I'm sure you would fit if you're sociable enough

My fav patagonic town is San Martin de los Andes, but pretty much all the cities in Patagonia are small, excluding petroleum cities wich are awful. Bariloche is a nice option too but it's not as comfy as San Martin or Villa la Angostura

I don't know man, I've never quite understood this irrational hatred Chileans seem to have toward the Mapuche.

They were advanced enough to weave apparently awesome textiles and had copper working prior to European arrival. They succesfully resisted Spanish domination and picked up stuff like riding horses, silversmithing and building effective forts in the process. They don't even seem to be ugly when given a chance to grow unsaddled by poverty and hard manual labor. pictured.

Yet despite an overwhelming majority of Chileans having some degree of Mapuche ancestry I've never seen one of their posters here refer to them as anything but lowly animals. Like seriously even Aussies aren't that hard on abos.

There's omething going on here I don't quite understand.

Patagonia is a depressing grey shithole with the same scum people that you can find in other part of the country

t. went there last winter

yeah, Patagonia is what i was thinking, looks comfy, reminds me of the north USA nature, but without the niggs and shitty taxes

hows the internet there tho, i need fast internet cos of my job, ive heard latinos have really terrible connection

Me gusta el sur de Chile, su gente y la Isla de Pascua.

Yea, depressing as fuck

> but without the shitty taxes
hummm not exactly... Argentina is the world capital of shitty taxes

But he went on winter.

how can someone live there? where do you get your food, where do you work, etc?

it depends on what you're looking for user, if you want parties, and a big city life then might be boring, but it's paceful and beautiful af, according to what I've been told

You do realize all those places trees are growing are potentially prime farmland

Northern US in the countryside has no nigs and low tax in many areas.

It's a hotel, the city is near.

Still comfy imo

>ive heard latinos have really terrible connection
depends on the company, Fibertel is the best option

>shitty taxes
not sure what you call shitty taxes there 2bh

>without the niggs
niggs here are rare af and especially in Patagonia, and have in mind you would be living in a small town (-100k inhabitants) so would be pretty quiet

>there are good works coming from shitholes
Wow, I wonder what Wole Soyinka and V. S. Naipaul have to say.

maybe, but getting a visa is really fucking hard if you arent a spic/nigger in USA

well damn, that sucks.is it THAT bad?

Get ready to be killed.

Most of the people don't hate Mapuches, the only place where people hate Mapuches is in Santiago, and that's because the Santiaguinos are dumb and don't know shit about the rest of the country.

iphone is like $1000 or something

OP said Chile, not Brazil

Well if you buy a car here, 50% of it's price will be taxes so yea... that's what happens after 14 years of shitty governments. Macri's goal is to lower the taxes though so it can only get better I guess...


Do you get free university in Argentina? What about healthcare? Is it quality? Do you HAVE to be a normie to fit in? Are stereotypically "nerdy" interests like DnD or vidiya popular? Moving to argentina is one of my dreams (that will never happen)

Yes, free university.
I'm not too sure about healthcare though.

fuck, i thought that shit existed only in Brazil
well, how hard will it be to import things then, lets say if i but technology back from Bulgaria?

Also, is it the same for Mexico/Chile?

You can buy things on the internet with a limit of 1000 dollars... Chile and Mexico had better luck with their governments in the last years so no, the taxing pressure is not as high there. Argies who travels to Chile for vacations always come back full of cheap tech they buy there...

"sobre lo de DnD, hay mucha gente qen argentina que lo juega, big nerds"

It sounds like there are a lot of people who play DnD in Argentina.

Free university: Yea, an public universities are the best in the country.
Free healthcare: It's free too but I would say private hospitals are better in this case.
If you want a nerdy universities you have the UTN (would be some sort of argie version of the MIT)

How does the UTN compare to the UBA?

UTN has an engineering profile, UBA's profile is more about traditional careers; medicine, laws, etc. They're both considered the best in their respective areas.

Well it's terrible compared to eastern Europe, but not Australian tier. I have 100/10 uncapped for around $45

most people here don't hate mapuches, the few ones who hate them are a rich (european-unitedstatians wannabes normally) people and 2 or 3 morenazis. of course you see many people here in Cred Forums hating them but c'mon what are you expecting, it's Cred Forums after all.

but we don't hate them

> this irrational hatred Chileans seem to have toward the Mapuche
it must be because they inherited their flat butts


so Yoko is mapuche?

My desertic city in northern Chile is more peaceful than that place

Pro-tip: pic related.

What are you bringing from Bulgaria we don't manufacture for the US market friend?

How is living in Mexico friend? I want to visit. Especially mexico city.


not so fast!


What the fuck, Chile. They are literally the ugliest. Like, the Latin Aboos or something.


wtf... why?

>they do not know about tranny Pierina

Que mierda viejo.
Las peruanas son horrendas.

That's pretty awesome, yeah, I know this is Cred Forums but even then it was getting ridiculous not seeing any love for this people, thank you guys for setting the record staright.

I supose he means Amerindians are descended from East Asian peoples

I'm glad you got it right. I personally don't hate mapuches at all, only those commie supporters who want to tear Chile apart.

Not all

It isn't bad really, good food, low cost of living, gorgeous nature/arcitecture if you choose the right spot. there's some pretty safe places eg Mérida if you're concerned about violence. Mexico City is pretty awesome but unless you're going strictly for the museums isn't worth it without friends familiar with the city to show you around, take you to the good places, not unlike American big cities in the sense your trip can be hell or heaven depending on where you go and who you meet. Pretty great cultural scene, great food, awesome museums and everything from top models to landwahles when it comes to girls, again it depends a lot on where you go. There's suposed to be something over a quarter of a million Americans so you ca go out in areas like Condesa or Roma if you want a scene that's familiar but still mostly Mexican.

well. stuff here are cheap, i dont want to pay 1000 usd for a playstation

What kinds of music are popular among Mexicans? Rock music? Can you recommend some good Mexican bands?



Current lowest price I can find for a PS4 is US$385, in cash. Buying second hand goods is very common in Chile, you can get one for a hair under $300. Lowest price in Argentina seems to be US$550

¿por qué siempre los mapuche? habían un monton de otros pueblos originarios igual o más relevantes. Los "mapuches" solo se concentran más que nada en lo que hoy es Temuco+alrededores y aun los mestizos predominan allí.

Esta mentalidad centralista me da asco, en pocas palabras.

La Barranca, Santa Sabina, Caifanes,San Pascualito Rey.

Top tier Mexican rock bands.

meh, stuff like that is a lot cheaper than in the US.

Mostly pop music and if you go clubbing you'll probably run into a lot of Latino genres mixed in. We do have a big rock scene tho.
Some favorites






I hope the serbs go to Bolivia

Por que los mapuches y otros pueblos araucanizados dominaban la zona central, y aunque no te guste esta es el "heartland" de Chile.

I guess because much as with Mexico and the Aztecs, we tend to associate Chile with the Arauco war, and because "Today the collective group makes up over 80% of the indigenous peoples in Chile, and about 9% of the total Chilean population."

helo do u lek chille

first post it's always a butthurt colombian. if they only stopped flocking here :/

I do :3

>Patagonia is god tier if you have any degree
I have a degree.
Go on.....

>quintessentially Chilean.

Most logical answer are peruvians living in Chile

That kikebook page is nothing but comedy gold. kek


Chile i.....

I don't hate Mapuches, I only dislike commies that appropiate their culture and act like they are horribly oppressed and think they know better what mapuches need than the mapuches themselves.

Also I dislike these that talk about mapuche as being the ancestors of chileans by mixing with the spaniards when the mapuches were only annexed in the 1870s and only started mixing with chileans many decades later.

Mestizos in Chile descend from the mix in the colonial era between spaniards and 3 native groups (picunche, diaguita and huarpe). The descendant of mapuches call themselves mapuche rather than mestizos even if the average for mapuches is being 30% european and 70% native.

si patron