Do NEETs exist in third world countries?

Do NEETs exist in third world countries?

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Of course, bullying exist everywhere.
everyones know this is the main reason of passive agressive asshole Cred Forums classic replies, insecurities and constant obsession about school shooters.

Are you one of these said people?

They definitely exist in f*nland.

Neet is a very broad term that covers a wide range that also can include those typically not within that normal definition.

I would say yes but I don't live in a third world country, so...

Yes and no, here i'm just some kind of sociologist about internet behavior, and my conclusion is bullying destroy lives and make you an asshole on internet board.

why do you think the movie and vidya communities are always the most cancerous? because they are full of bullied people, especially on the web.


Are you from the Germanic nation of South Brazil?

Of course.

Probably. There are rich people in third-world countries too.

Of course you daft cunt, just look at the unemployment rate of those countries.

What's it like being a 200cm Aryan blond surrounded by ugly black manlets?

>just look at the unemployment rate of those countries

How do they survive?

>Brazilian water heating

There are no ugly black manlets here, only pure germanic whites. The niggers get sent to the north to work the fields.

Gas heating here.

Low cost of living and living with their parents until they're 35.

>8,9% unemployment here
The fuck are you talking about?


Why brazilians blacks are manlets and american blacks are generally more fit and tall? they are both descendants of slaves.

Bantus are more weak than west africans?

American blacks were selectively bred like dogs for several generations and our blacks are all mixed, we actually have a lower non-mixed black % than USA.

>my bathroom is world famous now

It's the truth pal, insecurities about muscles and fist fights here are from bullying traumas, shitty replies full of frustration the same shit, terrible perception of life like it was an hellhole with no hopes the same, frat boy lifestyle obsession about what age you must lost your virginity, the same, interests on the life of psychopaths who shoot their school, the same, and also the racism, but it's understandable, when you see massmedias and leftists sucking the dicks of minorities who bullied you, it's normal to hate them, they actually deserve for a lot of other reasons.

concerning the fact that there are NEET, bullying make people antisocial.

I didn't word that good. What I meant to say is a lot of countries with high unemployment also tend to be third world. Not every third world country has high unemployment though.

>living with their parents until they're 35.

Don't their parents ever threaten to kick them out?

But american blacks are mixed too, it's actually the main reason of their tall height.
they were really selected like dogs??? but i don't understand, it's supposed to be the same kind of slavery no? working on plantations?

I'm sure there's cultural differences m8. I don't know, I'm not Google.

>getting a blowie from a two header
my one dream

Shut up faggot

Immortalized through bathroom water heater pictures

Meant for


Where do you live?
I refuse to believe it's anywhere near a civilized location.

I was the bully in school

He's not the only Brazilian I've seen post their shower. You're third world, Jaõ, face it.

I'm planning on visiting Brazil but I'm legitimately terrified of these things, even more than the mugging.

Are these common in hotels?

>New Zealand bullies
You guys are Australia's Canada, the beta inferior version of something better.

I'm sure as long as you don't go to the shittiest hotel you can find it won't be an issue. That's more of a thing for locals.
Iktf tho imagine coming back absolutely wasted and trying to take a shower in that death trap

>I don't live in a third world country

Keep em coming João

Don't talk to me or my son EVER again

superier version of the dumb pants on head retarded original*


>a fucking non-country

No one dies from this shit.

Lmao is Cred Forums autism literally all you know?

Apologize to me right NOW or I will give you a wedgie you dork

come at me bro

>Google Brazilian showerhead
>All the results have suicide shower in the title

New Zealand is a country full of bullies that can't handle their alcohol. An entire nation of insecure people that go to social gatherings to start fights, occasionally breaking the monotony by beating their wives.

I'm from Porto Alegre.

>Do NEETs exist in third world countries?
Well, let me put it this way: Do you consider Sudan to be a third world country? My guess is that you probably do.
Well there's a Sudanese guy that comes on here every now and then. He's a self-confessed NEET with a whole host of social anxiety issues. There's your third world NEETness, complete with memes and all.

1-2 people die each year because of them, it's stupid people call them ''suicide shower''

All this projection

Why do you have to be insecure to beat someone up? I just found it fun and you bond well with mates through fights

>Why do you have to be insecure to beat someone up?
I didn't say you have to be insecure to beat someone up; I said people that go to social gatherings with the intention of starting fights and acting like uber macho idiots are. Nice twisting of my words, tough. You nearly strawmanned it... Nearly.

I thought you were continuing the "bullies are insecure" meme that's been posted just before. Misunderstood your wording that's all

I wasn't, although bullies are insecure. Or at least have some other kind of mental damage. If they weren't insecure they'd probably just be getting into boxing, MMA or some other shit like that to fight other willing participants. Instead of somebody that they already know wants none of it.

1st world = NATO countries
2nd world = Warsaw pact countries
3rd world = guys not important enough to pick a side.

I'm not sure how Cuba fits in, but no one really says 2nd world as an insult.


Your terminology hasn't been correct since 91