1. You are cunt

1. You are cunt
2. Are you addicted to (You)'s?


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Are you just one person who occasionally comes here and floods the board using proxies?

I hate (You)s. It terrifies me that I might see an insult or a correction attached to a (You), and so I always make sure that any remotely controversial post I make is done via phone so that I won't see the (You) on my computer browser and I can pretend it's someone else being humiliated


This is a terrible way to post and you should feel bad




I wish i could get a (you) from an anglo cunt


yeah, all day

*smaccs you a (you)*

is this a (you) thread?

I am (You)phobic. Do not respond to this post.




'You' is such a weird word. sounds like a chinese persons name

>implying yu aren't chinese

solid bantz AND a (you)?

Have a (you) on me mate

@64984187 (You)

thanks friendo

@64985095 (You)

remember the dark days before we had (you)s?


bump bump bump, FUCKING BUMP!!!!

[spoiler] please feed my addiction [/spoiler]

does this answer (your) question?


you wanna go? I'll fight you irl bro!




(you) want my (you)?

then get on (your) knees and beg me for it.

stop using this normie @ shit, I can't see who you're replying to by hovering the mouse over it like I can with nice Cred Forums >>'s

>Best guess for this image: female
Thanks, google.


as a token of my gratitude for the (you)

how is this thread still here?

1. Russia
2. Not much. I like to communicate with people so at least some degree of the addiction should exist.

unfortunately yes

have some

don't like this thread?

maybe this (you) will change your mind?
maybe a couple more?


what a faggot