It does make you think

it does make you think

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>they divide us


Muslim countries divide themselves.

Secretarian violence rules Muslim land, it would of been best for USA to let Saddan keep his strangle hold.

>What if we unite?
Still get BTFO

fishes are shit tier animals and pets

>Armenian flag
a Turk probably made this

This lmao plus the most powerful muslim countries have already picked their sides between nato and Russia

are you implaying armenia is not stolen turkish clay?

Worked so well during the six day war

American logistics and weaponry cannot be matched today

It really fires my synapses

I like how Israel is the eye.

Shouldn't you be denying that Armenia even exists?

>what if we unite?

Looks like they got your cuckstamp on every one

Drone strikes are pretty cool though

Nah other way around, it's an islamic cuckstamp

>They divide us
They actually do a good job of this themselves.

>Unite with each other without everything breaking down into a combination of religious and tribal conflicts
That's a good one; I'll have to remember that.

Actually it is Byzantine cuckstamp and christian(or pre-christian Greek even more likely)

One F22 and ME is gone

we had our first freaking civil 40 years after mohammed died for crying out loud. we continually back stabbed and assassinated one another for dominance

Thanks for that link. When I used to search for videos on the Abbassids and Ummayids it didn't come up with much at all.

>Muslim countries divide themselves.

Muslim countries were united under ottoman empre.
Britain,France and Italy colonized the near east.

Really? I read somewhere that it started with sumerians or babylonians. It's possible that it would've moved up through cilicia to byzantine territory

>limited war
>total war
wew lad

It is possible that Greeks got it from those, but Muslims adapted it from Ottomans, who in the other hand took it from Byzantine.

>not posting the "muh Vietnamese farmers" meme yourself
Top wew

least i could do buddy. i guess because they just cobbled them up in the one islamic history soup

>not grasping the concept of total war
Tip top wew indeed

>not grasping the concept of prohibitive memery
The wew heard round the world

>attempting damage control under the guise of prohibitive memery
Sad to be honest family

>claiming that I am controlling damage when you are in fact the party that is subject to damage that needs controlling
It is sad indeed

>how dare you call me out on my bullshit
>no u
Absolute wew

>my bullshit
>I'm not the one that needlessly brought up the difference between total war and limited war and precipitated this
>I'm not even the one trying to advance a position
What the fuck are you doing lad

>gets buttmad after getting called out on his bullshit
>goes on little rant
Ground control to major wew

Don't ever reply to me again


>so upset he won't even link post
Supreme wew

Try not to cry yourself to sleep
We both know you will relpy to me again

>We both know you will relpy to me again
N-no I won't!


why are Arabs so insecure that they only manage to unite , only for the sake of finding a boogeyman to pin all their troubles on?

Muh sects! Muh Zionists!

Is it because they're worried that without projecting a facade of unity their women will start to jump ship and fuck men of other races?

Turkish clay is back in central Asia.

>ottomans united muslims

>ottoman empire unified the Islamic world

wew lad, armenia literally dindu nuffin, why do muslims hate them so much?

post more Muslim sloots

Hello Mehmet, how's Germany this time of year

Look up israeli/egypt war.

Arabs are incompetent.

They don't it's only turcucks

>tfw no muslim gf with 10/10 tits

It would've been best if you replaced his stranglehold with yours

>what if we unite

Then they are still gonna backstab each other

think about what?

We gud bois SENPAI we dindu nuffin

Holy shit is that armenia on the left


>vietnam war

that is a bad example, the best example is Jordan in 1948. they don't care about unity and coördination, they just invaded West Bank and took it for themselves regardless of the wider goal the rest wanted,

why are at here 2 Libya fishes..
are we really this divided that noone believes we're one country? baka

Just like the Mongols United Asia and Eastern Europe.

t. achmett, mohamett, zwiebelmett

They tried but they can't even beat the Jews.
How pathetic is that?
Pretty much every European country has fucked up the Jews.

too tell you the truth last time i informed myself about libya you were in a civil war