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first for american beauty


wow... deep... hmm...

pretty good anime

I buzzed my hair cause of a huge bald spot and now black girls keep checking me out and say lewd about me when i walk past them

Why can't white or even brown/mid east girls do this to me :(

>implying you have left the house in the past month

tfw lain is literally coming true

I am convinced we have actually created a god via the internet

>internet god
>should be full of endless potential
>literally just all of humanities uncensored bullshit in a pile

You know lad

i have a test on Saturday
I'm drunk right now
I'm going to ace it

i love lain
i love lain
i love lain.

Greetings Americanos

Met a cool international student from Mexico city at my uni. Looked pretty arab

Looking for hobbies, what do you do in your state user?

I feel like non-white women can sense my racism

We do look Arab thanks to our Spanish genes.

let's all love lain

>21 and still haven't started college

not even a money issue, I've saved up enough for the first 2 years of it now. I just have no idea what to even do, I have no interests. The pressure of going is really getting to me though

im drunk lads wew

Black girls ask me to help them with Spanish and Chinese homework then get really lewd really fast.

I usually try to get out as fast as possible.

bang girls lmoa

Why would you ever even think about going to college with no plan? Do you even have the skills required? Are you even attractive enough to enjoy the social opportunities?

do environmental science

Have you looked into the CF? Good pay and you can do a trade too

I'm joining after uni

Don't go to college unless you know what you're doing. Consider learning a trade if you have the diligence to do so.

Try joining some fun shit like the Coast Guard.

dont do college unless you know what you want to do. At least 80% of the college debt crisis in america right now are people going for a degree they are not passionate about and failing out. This problem could be largely alleviated by stopping telling people that they NEED to go to college to be successful. Ive seen so many people squander money and time on college for nothing in the end when they would be far better off in trade school or a blue collar job.

Opened up a Kokanee buds

why is NA so comfy?

You are 21 years old of course you don't know your interests, god fucking help you if you spent your life as a shut in because you are most likely stunted. Don't waste your money unless you have some idea of what you want to do and experience in that field at some level for several years.


the prophecy

well what's the alternative, working min wage jobs the rest of my life?

I do have the HS grades required to get into college or uni I just have no specific interests

seems like a degree you go for if you're passionate about the subject rather than interested in making money or getting a job

CF? Canadian Forces? honestly that's probably my best bet. Not trying to sound edgy, but I'm not afraid of dying. I keep hearing serving the country is the best thing you can do if you don't know what to do since it gives you purpose, direction, and benefits. I'll look into it some more for sure

looks comfy

I was thinking about being a heavy equipment operator since I enjoyed using my uncle's front end loader when I worked for him a few summers ago, idk though

I wasn't always a shut in, but I have been since I finished high school. I used to always be outside hanging out with friends after school but after graduating HS I left town so I don't know anybody around me and won't go out to meet anyone

Does Hillary actually have a chance? Nobody really talks about her outside the internet. Most of my coworkers talk about Trump and what ever candidate they think will replace Hillary.

Official chicken patty of /cum/

Cargo ships are also comfy you can get to travel working on one.

environmental science is a fast growing field and you're there is good demand to new graduates right now
its also a typical middle salary

environmental engineering is better if you're really good at math but basically anything environmental is growing

Hi little British


>well what's the alternative, working min wage jobs the rest of my life?
military, construction, traveling labor, skilled labor, truck driving, machine operation, road work, plumbing, welding, and other blue collar jobs. Fact is user you are an adult with no interests and you probably didnt work towards anything so you fucked yourself.

There's 60+ cops outside my block (some armed with rifles), 2 helicopters, yellow tape and a smell of gunsmoke outside my house holy fuck

Post pics or gtfo

I have video but I'd need to convert it first


Good shit

I've thrown around the idea of truck driving too but I'm fickle as all hell and never commit to things

you're probably right though, I should just give up the idea that I'm ever going to go to college/uni. I've applied and been accepted but I don't commit and end up cancelling before I start

Keep me posted user, you might be the only one in this whole general who has something to talk about. The rest of you can go die desu

Barely conscious.

Post some music.


I work a combination of some of those jobs, and I have a college education. Anyone out of high school could do the same.

Best decision of my life.

hehe . . nice try, kids

Goddamn, I loved RDR.

>traveling labor,
what does this entail
t. intrigued

Become a mexican.

Rate our new 5 pound note

You think ever you send messages back to your mind? I know what just happened happened


Is it polymer?

pretty shit 2bh, there are random colors everywhere that dont match and its quite ugly

1 cop told me he knows what's going on, there was a shooting but he can't say anymore. There's 4 copters out now. 2 circling and 2 stationary, 1 with lights on.

It begins....

Its not rocket science. You start a project in one town, finish it, and travel to another location to start another project. The company pays for your hotel and gives you food money or you pay for your own apartment and still get the food money. My current job pays 1000 for four days work and 100 a day for food but its a gooberment job so they like to waste money.

Hmm my specimen is all over it

Print immediately


I like the older £50 note, probably the best English note

i went to chicago once

Post some guilty pleasures too.

Yes and it feels weird... all smooth

These are relatively uncommon I believe, you usually just get 20's

Strange. When I visited London, I exchanged 500 USD and got a lot of £50s

They large as fuck m8 was too big for my wallet

alright here is some music that im embarrassed to enjoy:

What did you do there

What Canadian university has the best looking girls?

naw, get your party phase out before you start college imo


Western hands down


Any vegetarian here?
How do you avoid eating meat when you're drunk?

Was MJ a pedo?

I know so many girls there. Literally slut heaven.

I honestly don't think he did anything

No, just a weirdo.

my cousin is a member of this band


really? I know a few that go there from my home town. I go to fanshawe

Earthless are rad.
Seen em twice.


Half my high school went to western. The other half to queens. Queens is full of Asians though. My high school was full of basic bitch white girls

I'm in Guelph which I find nicer than both. Its a mixture of mostly southern Ontario kids.

I don't know what the fuck is going on.


So he just wanted to be an innocent kid?

Bored af, what should I do?


sharpie in pooper

Pic related, I think I ducked up

halfway done with my Maß and it's already too much

where you at?
I'm not gonna clean up back there just for a sharpie.
Thanks for the idea though.

Where was your high school? I'm at St Lawrence in Kingston, full of basic birch white girls. There's more Pakis than any other minorities at Queens I find.

Cali. I'll meet you at LAX.

What does the inside of a pussy feel like in your state


Toronto. One of the nicer areas around high park.

There are pakis everywhere. York especially aswell as waterloo. Being white in waterloo you are a minority.

But I don't really give a shit desu cause most people in Canada aren't dumb assholes

#update on cop situation

2 cops got shot, I was on my way to get snacks and now I can't even get into my house to heat up my pizza. Got threatened to get locked up for trying to get in my own house.shit is ghey

Sunday. Noon. After church.

is there any chance we could get together after ?
Also, where in LAX?

a test ona saturday

Are you being serious? :|

>with their spanish and chinese
u wot


It would be a hassle to go from norcal to shitcal just to suck off a complete stranger.
I am lonely though.


neck yourself

Pls fugg mah qt boipussy :3

"Looks like you're going to my Montana death camp."

post pls

Holy shit wtf do I do. I'm about to fucking bike around and find a 711 to heat these pizzas in

Just heat them at home.
Or go to sleep hungry.
Doesn't seem worth tbhfam

I can't even walk to my fucking house there's 50 cops blocking me from going up my block

Also some dude from his car laughed at me when I was getting reemed for trying to tell the cops I lived there

Made it home. Chill ass dude told me to talk to the captain and he let me back to my house ez

It's pizza and DotA time

Telephone lines all across the world
People fight all across the world
Angels sing all across the world
Baby, you and me all across the world

Jackie Chan flashing all across the world
Hulk Hogan flashing all across the world
Baby, let's go fly all across the world

Based doturd.

Which hero are you gonna play as?

Just got off the bus filled with sticky fucking moose fuckers. one of them touched by jacket, probably trying to steal something from the pockets, and left a nasty maple residue on it and it's ruined now. build the fucking wall.

Come to Cali to see :3

I-I don't know you like that

>slightly drunk so it's a social lubricant
>decide to go to tavern that's literally ten feet from address
>go inside and it's loud as FUCK
>bunch of fat girls masquerading
>bartender ignoring me
Fuck that noise I'm hanging out here

Originally anti mage but now maybe sniper to fit the nights events






Just found out my Girlfriend led me on. Good bye friends

Where is the based anti anime janny



go away South Americans nobody cares about you people nor your irrelevant continent


>calling someone irrelevant

Hey don't make fun of him man, he might apologize!

every thread i post in dies


still a useless continent






desu I've interacted way more with canadian culture and country than south america

t. midwesterner


just spent an hour or 2 playing pokemon go with my buddy


went to mcdonalds just for an ice water



>tfw drunkenly downloaded tinder again

Ready to humiliate myself as usual

>inb4 1 match out of 300






>mfw eggnog is back in less than 3 weeks



any of you americans have relatives that were in vietnam


>drinking 'nog before december

all of my uncles were either too young or their lottery number never came up

though one mightve fled to canada for a bit, Im not sure

>denying yourself pleasure because of a calendar

>grandfather was a paratrooper who was supposed to go to 'nam
>withdrew troops before he had to go there

how young is your dad?

My grandpa's were both in Dubya Dubya 2

>grandfather was in militia (reserves) before WWII
>offered a commission in a fighting unit
>joins military intelligence instead so he can stay in Canada and not die

Grandfather on my dad's side was relatively young. Grandfather on my mom's side was born in '25 and served as a navigator during wwii

pic is my summary of us-israel relations

In Europe on in the pacific? My grandfathers fought in Europe.

one was in europe, the other was a navy mechanic somewhere (Hawaii, I think)

Fuck Windows 10 automatic updates
Fuck Cortana

My grandparents were bombed. My grandfather has been attacked by a british plane when he was out with his siblings, eventhough they were too obviously too young to fight and unarmed. I hate brits so much. The worst thing is that people think I'm joking, but I'm not.

>do you understand? it's all in your hands

were they in Dresden?

uncle was in Vietnam, he doesn't like to talk about it

removed cousin talked to my father about his service. Only 'story' was about how he received a tomahawk, and his bud beheaded some VC, don't know how reliable his story is though.

Worked with 2 vietnam vets: first was a grunt: I never asked him, seemed like a wise idea, dude was quiet but I knew asking a stupid question was only trouble.

Other guy was a cav scout, really vocal about everything. Was a door-gunner and eventually flew scout helicopters himself. I'll catch him on WoT every once and a while, cool guy.

Cum is a no nigger zone

>he received a tomahawk, and his bud beheaded some VC

My grandfather is italian, he was near somewhere near rome at this time and my grandmother was living there though. She never really talked about it, but she mentioned that she had to steal food for herself and her sister because they were starving. One time she had some kind of flashback or something, which made me feel very uncomfortable, it felt like talking about this all would have hurt her, even after all this time.

What's up buds
/cum/ has been waning lately
Why is that?

normies going back to school(college)

I'm a Texasboo

Have a good night, Canada!

Bye, USA!

And that's all.

But is that really it?

What else is ruining /cum/

anime shitposting autists as usual

That's it?
Canada gets a night, but not just a night, a GOOD night, and you drop a bye on us?

You don't have to worry about building that wall on our border, you've already built a wall in front of my heart ;_;

natives like to fight I guess

despite being >1% of the population proportionately we have the highest enlistment numbers of any other race

feels weird man

probably the """German""" posting feet all the time

is he /our guy/ money.cnn.com/2016/09/16/technology/youtube-fast-food-reviewer/



A harbinger of new fast food standards, the messiah (((we've))) been waiting for.

Is that enough to make you stop coming here?

Does it make want to leave?

Warrior race. Not even a meme. Natives are on another level when it comes to killing a motherfucker.

im a true hero

Do yourselves a favor and never buy ballast point habanero sculpin

This shits sucks so bad I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

how so?

He seems like a legitimately good guy. He's very smart too

and a real human bean?

desu, blogging; feels weird being distilled down to that

but I can't help but feel its true, a little glad that we're living in the most peaceful time known to man

maybe we can develop some culture outside of spaghetti westerns and the vacuum of black-culture


>most peaceful time known to man

Which is about to end as it feels, at least here. America, besides San Bernadino and the two attacks on the WTC was free from muzzie terror, but currently we're facing a lot of it and I'm sure it won't become better anytime soon, because the government makes the wrong decisions in my opinion.

hope things get better germanbro, keep in mind we have a whole ocean and culture of discrimination surrounding us. It's going to take a while to take hold.

really, kind of pissed about 'murrikan foreign intervention in the ME that eventually caused all of the happenings in europe, but all the power I have is calling my local senator; stay strong buds.

Why is /cum/ kill?

Because it's full of faggot shitposters

my looks are that good

I knew you were behind this, Akarin


Sad desu

Me in the back.

I'm gonna go lie to the government about my income

night /cum/, see you tomorrow

seems like a foolproof plan

Semi-ironically going to sit here and listen to this entire album. Not even going to skip Wake Me Up When September Ends

its a good album

It's actually not that bad.

I liked it a lot when I was like 13. Haven't heard it in years

A lot of cringeworthy stuff, and I'm only on the second song, but the music itself is catchy at least

I mean we aren't forced to join in all the time, and Schröder even had the spine to say that we won't join in in the iraq war. We weren't forced to take them in and there are a lot of different things that lead to this whole situation, and in the end these shitholes are to blame, too. Unfortunately all these things aren't easy, but I appreciate that you even think about us. Currently the whole german-american relations seem to be taut.

At the center of the earth in the parking lot, of the 7-11 where I was taught the motto was just a lie

>dad wanted to buy a house after he retired
>huge yard and shit
>suddenly parents get a divorce
>he moves out of state
>now my mother and i are stuck taking care of a massive yard and house that neither of us want
Ah yes, very gentlemanly behavior

Vandalism is fun


I'll take the house.

I'm gonna vandalize your house

I'm gonna vandalize your rectum kiddo

I'm gonna draw dicks all over your house and smash you windows


Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. what is it?



>Wake Me Up When September Ends 00:30/04:45
Someone please kill me

its a great song, you pleb


Epitome of melodrama. Even worse than Time of Your Life

/cum/ confessions

I love trap and listen to DS2 every night

If you aren't an avid Gucci Mane fan, you don't "love trap"

I watched some episodes of Gossip Girl and actually enjoyed it

but I am user-kun

I have a Facebook.
I post Cred Forums memes on 9gag.

long live a$ap yams

I love shit, I Love to eat shit and my entire life revolves around shit


>mfw tried to get high tonight
>only got drunk with friends, but not high
>might not be able to get high tomorrow
Life is suffering at the moment. Guess I may as well drink more.

>mexican police

drink water

I was on a bus tonight where everybody - first and most loudly the drunk but then the sober such as myself - gave an above respectable rendition of 'Oh Canada'

If the national anthem is a quality drinking song, I am ccc

Is it me you're looking for?

not quite user

Okay. That's fine...

>be american
>get THICC teacher
it's not fair



>ffuck things up with another friend


My friends and me, support Trump lads,

I like Taylor Swifts old and new music, I sing it in the shower, I sometimes get emotional from listening to her love songs

I'm unironically addicted to interracial porn. I'm trying to change my ways but it's tough.

Hey guys how are you doing?

>I am black

your opinions on the newest music hit in Germany?


get out of my thread faggot

¿S-Sí?...¿Quien es...?

Kill yourself

Good morning


its 14:25, good afternoon user


Anyone here wants to gangbang me?


Fine as I can be as an insomniac.
I've only been messing around in turtle graphics all night long.


I'm so fucking lonely.
I was on /soc/ last night just because I wanted to have contact with a human in a more personal level than just shitposting here, but everyone over there is just trying to fuck.

I don't know what the fuck to do anymore.
I wish I had friends.

How do people just hear the alarm and jump out of bed and stary going? If I do that i would probably pass out. I need at least a good 10 minutes of stretching

>Das Nicht
heh, meant to write Nichts*
I should take a break from the computer screen.
You can be alone without being lonely. Nature exists everywhere you know, aside from just in humans. It's about what you make of it.
Hell, I've been a recluse for years, but I could only feel lonely in the presence of others.

I've been alone; my entire life.
I think there's certainly ways to keep one's self busy, but reclusiveness isn't normal. We've evolved to the point we are because we were social and codependant.
Maybe you've been able to suppress the feeling in your youth like I did, but trust me, cravings for social interaction is primal and can't be erased. When you get it older it'll hit you like a freight truck.
Life wasn't meant to be lived like this.

My bed is about to break

Have you tries going to the gym? A gym is one of those places that, in today's age can be an area of complete isolation. Walk in, put in your headphones and get to work. Go at an off time when there are only a few or no people there, and never make eye contact. People consciously make an effort not to make eye contact during off hours at a gym.

Then, when you are confident enough, you can begin talking to people. I was so autistic that I felt like I would never be considered normal or able to interact in society, but this method helped me tremendously. Or, you can just continue to be a faggot.

lol the real question is whether trump has a chance.

>gay as fuck
checks out haha


he can't keep getting away with this!

I was probably worse than you, I would literally stutter and shake when talking to people even cashiers.
I got a job at a call center though, and I guess that slowly made me feel more comfortable talking.
My main problem is I think no one really finds me worth talking to.

imagine a world without benis and only bagina

Why in US all white men are cucks?

>I've been alone; my entire life.
>When you get it older
Don't you think it's a bit condescending to put it that way? Sure, I'm no oldman, but chances are you're not much older than me.
My desire to interact isn't 'suppressed,' it hasn't been extinguished or anything like that. That "craving" is just satisfied in ways I've found to work better for people like me. An introvert's brain doesn't distinguish between the animate and 'inanimate' on the level that extraverted brains do, so the excitement or sense of belonging one might feel while socializing could be achieved by other means. It's a matter of finding those means, i.e. whatever makes life worth living to you. Maybe you can narrow it down to what it is about human contact that makes us crave it, then go from there.
>We've evolved to the point we are because we were social and codependant.
I won't deny it, we're social creatures no doubt, but I'd personally put it more like— we've evolved to the point we are because our co-dependence gradually allowed for greater spheres of independence.
And I'm not estranged from this world, only from most other peoples'. That has been the main cause for my reclusive tendencies... the world is full of disappointment, but that's because it's also filled with excitement. Admit it or don't, people are absurd, and there's not a more suiting place I can think of to call their home. I feel a great sense of belonging here.

>Episode 6
I thought they only got 5 eps

Good morning, lads.

Just came off my first acid trip lads
Lots of new contacts in my contact list who i dont recall adding...
Some appear to be female though o_O

they all have dicks

just sharted, unironically

You see? It's not that difficult, you just have to be in a "I don't care of the consequences" state of mind.

What should I do for the next 12 hours?

Watch porn and shitpost on a Senegalese fish monger chat room

I once fapped for 8 hours straight.

Do you have skype conf of this thread?

consequences being "I don't care if she's post op" or "I don't care if she has an STD" but yea

Wrote in one of my lessons :^)

We have the rest of our lives to feel regret :^)

buenos dias

Remember that if you feel lonely when you are alone you are a person that is not worth being around in the first place as you can't even keep yourself entertained.

>His state has over 10% of black people

somebody post that jeb tries to commit suicide and donald trump watches him greentext please.
he's on a roof and trump talks to him, and then jeb is like "i won't do it to spite you" and then donald tells him the secret guac recipe and he jumps anywa

Just go out. You're not going to meet anyone being inside your room. At least outside you increase the probabilities.

Find a hobby that moves you to the outside.

I don't have that but I have this.

i love jeb, such a nice guy.

>ywn give Jeb! a hug and a little peck on the cheek and tell him everything will be ok


how was it?

a tall glass of orange juice and a bowl of scrambled eggs are what make the morning
fried eggs can too, ofc.

it's so hard to find a gig that lives up to the billing,
trying to find a reason to work, god willing
I admit, my thinking is wishful
like a star upon a child gazing up to the ceiling
how far do we have to stretch the truth
to fit the lifestyles borrowed and overdue
we can take it all back to the register
and start all over from the canister
let's break it all down into pieces of bright
moments that pass by like a meteorite
throw on your favorite reel that's good to go
on the analog player watch the people glow
sit back to the breeze let the memories flow
comedy tragedy all the highs and lows

Is it worth going into debt to finish college if you are only one semester away from your degree?


only if it is a liberal arts degree

It depends, how much debt and what kind of degree?

>not studying philosophy


Be sure to report all racist comments/threads! :)