Which country is the gayest on Cred Forums?

Which country is the gayest on Cred Forums?


Funland :D

Benis :DDD

[spoiler]Be my brown bf pls[/spoiler]

Germans are history's faggots

Can't wait until their shitty meme country is gone.


I wish the us was gayer, so hard to find a decent by :/




post benis

cunt with most benis = top gay

How has nobody said Canada yet?

Fuck all of you. We suck dicks everyday.

Are you dumb?

t. Foreigner visiting your country and saw the most gay people in my life time so far

sweden no doubt

Finnish femboys

But that's haram desu

Meme answer.

Only my eyes and hair are brown, my skin is boring (white). Is that good enough for you?

>Is that good enough for you?
I just want a bf

Where benis

its halal as long as one of them wears a hijab desu

whichever one posts the most anime



you first

i like dick


Besides this user we are completely hetero, I swear.

Probably us (as in my cunt, not murica).

Although I do not know any real life gays besides all my family and friends.

I always imagine Dutch posters to be these disgusting crossdressers wearing fishnets and a skirt while being hairy and gross

Holland is very heterosexual. I see niggers with Dutch girls all the time.

The gay thing is restricted to your social circle.

I think of dope heads with body piercings or a hipster.

Maybe he looks normal and he's the same guy who posted the Illya Ohayou.

No offence to your Australian "brain", but dressing up as women is definitely an Anglo thing desu.

Is your mam Dutch then or what.

No its not. I've met a disproportionate amount of dutch cds

- monty python
- benny hill
- little britain
- dame edna
- eddie izzard
- geri halliwell

list is pretty much endless


>my skin is boring (white)
guerreiro de justiça social detectado

Não anão, é só que os gringos esperam que nós tenhamos um tom de pele mais escuro, nesse sentido é "chato" que eu tenha pele branca. Mas não que eu tenha qualquer problema com isso no geral.

Que bom, porque ultimamente isso tem se tornado sinônimo de algo ruim até mesmo no nosso país (maldito feministas e movimentos esquerdistas)

how come no one mentioned russia?

True, russians are pretty gay here for some reason.

Everyone here's gay or atleast has homo tendencies,

I hope Korea will turn very gay :3



When I see the Italian thread I only see anime spam so I guess it's Italy.

Finland but I want to fuck a cute snow elf :D

What's your endgame?

Brazil of course. We're just joking everytime