You will always be fat

>You will always be fat

How the fuck do i lose weight guys? I love eating tasty food and I hate exercising. But I'm going to die by 35 at this rate, and be a virgin too. What the fuck

Are you fat?

Where are fat people treated well? I will move there

Better start counting calories and hop on that treadmill you fat fuck.

There's no legitimate excuse to be fat in 2016.

Eat less than 2000 calories a day.

Do it. Just do it. Do it you fuck. Just fucking do it.

What don't you normies get about enjoying delicious food?

I hate fucking eating rice and brocolli all day like you normalfaggots do

Nor is there an excuse to be a virgin. I'm pretty autistic and women aren't into me but I still went out and hired a prostitute before I turned 30.

t. normie

maybe try facebook? when did normies infest this board so hard?

It's not about restricting your choice of foods you retard, it's about restricting calories. You can have 1800 calories in forms of burgers and tacos, only less of them.

Just dont eat, its not that hard.
Just walk or run a bit, its not that hard.
Its really not that hard, really makes you think, it does

If you want to eat delicious food without limits, you don't get to complain about being fat.

If you don't want to be fat, you have to eat less.

Every has to make choices you faggot, 'normies' included. Fuck off with your victim complex because this is something you can 100% change with your behaviour.

Lost about 20 kilos in a year without really trying. I ate icecream and roasted meat almost daily. Literally just learn to count your calories and eat whatever the hell you want as long as you're below that number. If you still want to eat afterwards, either kill yourself since you failed as a human being, or eat pointless foods like salads and drink to curb the appetite

but i like a lot of them

It's not worth looking like a bodybuilder to me

>tfw you eat nothing but junk and fast food and you're still underweight

Hiring a hooker is basically cheating mate. Play the game how it is suppose to be played m8.

>not eating shitloads of brocolli
Brocolli is great, fuck off

Just eat meat and walk while you watch your shitty animu you fucking autist

Not eating is literally the easiest thing on the planet to do.

It's literally doing nothing. It physically CANNOT get any easier.

Dieting sicks balls....
I want to lose about 15 kg but all i can think of is ice cream
Life is hell

Then stay fat. Have fun dying at 45 from some fucked up cardiovascular condition. Just don't complain like a fucking woman.

lol @ this normie

Why are you here fag?

it tastes good faggot. I eat 5 chocolate bars a day and drink pepsi pretty much throughout the day


I know that feel bro

I can only imagine how my fucking insides look from atherosclerosis but i don't care when i see candy or pizza

I'm not a 'normie' by most definitions. You don't have to be a normie to not be a myopic self-pitying pile of miserable odorous obesity.

You are a normie.

You literally shouldn't be here if you haven't given up on your life to the point of completely neglecting your health and basic hygiene. fucking normalfaggot

Just do things to cut your appetite.

Apple cidre vinegar, excessive alcohol, any emetics/nauseants, or of course our old friend the uvula.

Git gud fatty.

I'm going to stay and you'll have to cope with that, perhaps with another barrel of mommy's tendies and a 44-gallon of Pepsi Light Max Sugarfree

eat shit normie

>excessive alcohol

Isn't that kind of harmful? Alcohol has a ton of empty calories and it seems bad for your health

Literally just eat less

go back to /fit/ faggot

Not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder i just want to enjoy my food but my fucking normie doctor keeps telling me I need strong lifestyle changes

I was at the doctor and that normalfag started lecturing me about my 167/110 blood pressure and how bad my health markers are.

Why won't you fucking normies just leave me alone?

Cry more. Normies are here to stay and you best get use to it.

Tfw cant get fat

I swear to god I want to graduate from being a hungry skeleton jesus christ

I have not met a single girl with thinner arms then I have

>Isn't that kind of harmful?
If you do it very occasionally? No, not that much. But of course if you do it very occasionally you won't go very far at all in regards to cutting your appetite.

If you do it even somewhat regularly? Yes, extremely harmful for your health.

Can I use meth very occassionally too following that logic?

I've heard strong amphetamines can help reduce weight by increasing your metabolism or something

Probably not, meth is too addictive

>ask how to lose weight
>get answers
>"reee normies get out"
I hope you die of a heart attack.

eat shit normie

You don't belong on this board. If you aren't at least 50lbs overweight with horrible conditions you inflicted on yourself you are a complete normie

This is Cred Forums, not /r9k/.

How is Cred Forums not /r9k/?

I'm new to this board but all I've seen so far in the 4 hours i've been here has been porn, blogposting, sad pepes and everything else unrelated to international discussion.

I thought this was /r9k/ with flags?

You were wrong. It's a healthy mix of full on autist and normies.

>tfw I've always wanted to be a skeleton

It beats being a fatty I guess but I cant help but slither away every time someone big and strong comes around

Maybe you were meant to be a girl

Come to Japan and eat Japanese food as much as you want.