Is this real in rio??

Is this real in rio??

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That's not Rio, it's somewhere in the Northeast.

is he ok?

He should be, it's not like he was using his brain anyway.

Hard to tell apart Brazil from Africa.

>it's just culture!

>superpower by 2020


damn, nigga got fucked

Local justice.

Why the fuck do this apes have access to guns?

Black market.

holy shit i hate brazil now

I'm on mobile, what happens?
Someone please paraphrase the habbendings in the video


nigger shoots another nigger in the back

then when he's laying on the ground, the shooter proceeds to empty an entire clip into his skull and chunks of his head and his brain fly up and scatter with each shot until his head resembles mush

>word-by-word what actually happens

that is not paraphrasing

Did he die ?

>until his head resembles mush
You're exaggerating a bit

he escapes and lives happily ever after

Brazilian subhumans
Holy fuck
Nuke that shithole NOW

Then South Brazil goes and produces videos like these:

Should i also post the teenager who was chopped to pieces?

What's up with brazilian killers always recording themselves?

He must have really pissed them off to get shot 20 times

Why doesn't the army go in and kill all subhumans and gangmembers?

Off duty cop gets rekt by superior South Brazilian robber:

Leftists would cry, the military police has a bad rep as it is already

In South Brazil, off duty cops have no chance of survival. That's why they had stop working and superior Paulista National guard had to go to South Brazil protect them from drug dealers.

>people literally just watch and take videos instead of fucking help

okay, how the fuck do you even survive in brazil?

colonization was a mistake

Why is Brazil so shit?

Niggers roam freely

Brazil is individualist country. Every man for himself. Law of the jungle.

It would be nice if you had some exosuit wearing supersoldiers with miniguns for arms though that cleaned up the streets once and for good. They'd come up and say it's time to order and progress, and I'm all outta progress.

You people need to realize that virutally every place outside of europe is a deathtrap.

So you want a Brazil with the population of Iceland?

This, people there don't give a shit. They will rip off others to get money for their family. Then rip off their family. Not all but a lot are like that. I've been there 6 times...married a good one

I don't know man, I get the feeling it's a relatively small number of assholes ruining it for the majority of poor people and regular poorfags don't dare to report or do anything about it because they'll get shot in the face if they do. I doubt every poor brazilian is a deranged murderer but fuck if I know, maybe it's better to just end everyone and start over.

There is an interesting article by a guy named "mark Manson" called "Brazil I love you...but" it sums it up perfectly

>Nuke South America
>Nuke Africa
>Nuke the Middle East
>Nuke Russia
>Nuke Eastern Europe
>Nuke Southern Europe
>Nuke China and East Asia except South Korea and Japan
>Commence ethnic cleansing of all non-white/east asian groups in remaining countries

The world is now clean.

Until then, we will need to deal with this behaviour.

you forgot to add: Nuke heretics and both meme and non countries

Thats the future of the USA t-b-h.
Or the present

Belgium is a lot more relevant than Spain. Nothing ever happens in Spain. At least European politics in centered here.

You forgot the Indians and shitskins, you stupid faggot