Europeans are awake. Post freeways

Europeans are awake. Post freeways.

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>need to get to far left lane
>I merged in the far right and it's rush hour
>also there's a semi in the lane between me and the one I need to get to

>literally trapped by cars

Nice "free"way lad

They're free of charge u dip.

>park on driveway
>drive on parkway

>free of charge
>amerislobs charge for driving on normal roads

not free enough

Just imagine. There is one person for every car there.

One fucking person. Traffic would be so much faster if people were smart enough to carpool

that's in houston though
and as a houstonian I can tell you that a good amount of those cars do indeed have only 1 person because people here don't care about carpooling
but some of those cars are comically packed with several mexican families


>Europeans are awake
Are you implying we're wagecucks who have to get up at 6 and shitpost during breakfast or do you hope that some neet will still be awake?

I'm awake though

>believes roads are "free"
dont you know how welfare is paid for?

Brazil tier desu

imagine trying to cross that

Rate my commute.

>That hilarious bottleneck

I think it would probably be faster to ride by horseback if theres alot of that.

Severely triggered by all this freedom Tbh


There are legitimately sections of the Interstate with tolls across states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, 2bh.

>muh taxes
In that case nothing the Government, and really nothing at all, is free.

Here's a proper freeway.

>only 4 lanes

In all seriousness, rural America has 4 lanes; on each side the right lane's using for driving and the left is used for passing. Is it the other way around for countries that drive on the left?

It's pretty much universal that the inner lane is for passing, and the outermost lane is for slower traffic. And in highways with three+ lanes, the middle lanes are for people traveling at regular speeds.

Can't forget the Japanese.


>Land of the Free
>Step outside home
>Get shot

Why do Americans look down on carpooling?

>claims to be a proud socialist
>doesnt even have fucking tolls
how do you function

Because of ""muh American Dream"" I guess, but cities are starting to have HOV-only lanes to incentivize it, although enforcement varies.


Sam reason they look down on using public transport, to them it means you can't afford your own car, gas, and insurance; even if you don't need it.
I drive myself to work, but it's only a ten minute drive and I don't use any major roads. Sometimes in the summer I'll even bike to work.

t. favelado

This is what this freeway looks like in real life

You must be cuckifornian

the car is fucking gross in all honesty
i get what it represents to people, independence and hell if you're into cars that's fine man gd on you for having a hobby but they're just a cash cow
in my city of sydney they've pushed the car and it's led to unmanageable suburban sprawl, pollution and a city that effectively demands a car for anyone outside of the inner west

fuckin stupid
plus we have some of the highest costs for registration and insurance slips

>Land of football and trannies
>Get decapitated on camera

This is a "free" way.

Good morning Cred Forums

Left is regular traffic, right lane can only be used for overtaking.

And this is an even freer road.
A free road should show as little of civilization as possible, but still ok (but not too ok) to drive on for a normal car.

I thought carpooling was an american thing, I'd never heard of it until recently

Not true

Looks complicated but actually isn't too bad

murry plebs being proud of their freeways

Ok Cred Forums, draw the line to help car get from point A to point B. Remember about correct road side (left right).



fuck the system

I can't actually see the entrance to B though, the place just above it isn't a driveway I don't think

That's insensitive, Hans. A French-Poster could see this while lurking around the board.


Too bad you have grandma speed limits

The magic roundabout is actually an efficient, magnificient piece of engineering.


t. 20 km/h

It's not bad, because fewer people dies.

However, if you are determined on driving too fast, roads like these are not controlled by the police anyway.


El Salvador's freeways are pretty good considering its small size and big poverty.

road thread?

hot stuff

Except when it's on one of the main roads with 2 less important roads attached during rush hour. Constant stream from one side to the other while at least one road is completely fucked.

I didn't know Sweden was a commieblock country.

I wish

is it true that American "free"ways have a speed limit?

Oh, I see now that Swedes really does live in a commieblock land.
I didn't know that.

Here's the famous 6-level interchange between the Yan'an Elevated Road and the North-South Elevated Road (along with local streets) in central Shanghai.

Ground-level perspective. There is limited clearance between levels, so, large trucks have to be careful.

>trapped in traffic on a freeway
>suddenly out of fucking nowhere: diarrhea

Those "commieblocks" are cute because they have cute roofs.

In function, they are. They're just cuter.

Canada has lots of modernist le Corbusier inspired "towers in a park." They're usually inhabited by new immigrants, students, etc. We also have "projects" for perpetually unemployable blacks but they're typically low rises. Pic related.

Did you shit yourself?

>a walmart on the horizon

Doesn't USA/Canada have a majority of people living in detached houses?

So far only Japan actually looks nice.

>H.U.D update

Probably, I don't know the stats. But neighbourhoods like pic related exist in many areas in the greater Toronto area. I've lived all around Canada, and in some cities (like Calgary) there are few neigbhourhoods with tall concrete towers. We also don't have a lot of blacks to contain so our projects are small.

No. I managed to park my car on the side of the road and take a dump in the forest.
I always carry industrial tissue paper in my glove compartment for such occasions.

*also, some of the detached or semi-detached homes have been converted into multi-unit (2+) mini-apartment buildings or even shitty rooming houses. It's a good source of profit for the owner.

Eesti has freeways? Isn't your entire population smaller than Helsinki?

But people dont die that much because of going fast, they die of distracting using the phone or drunk driving...

I was traveling.
We don't have freeways nor do we have toilets on the side of our roads.
So when you need to take a piss you take a 'forest break'.

In Norway a lot of people die because they drive fast. What my pictures don't really show that well just how winding our roads are. You drive along mountain sides all the time, and there is always a swing and a next one, and so on. In high speeds people tend to drive off our roads. Statistics in Norway says it all. We don't lower our speed limits for fun or to be cruel to ourselves.

road thread!

this one looks similar



i like how neat this looks

This is a free way.


Here's the longest highway in the Maldives, the 14km Addu Atoll Road.


I've heard that it's not common for people from murrica (and also other cunts) to make space for the ambulance when there's a traffic jam on the freeway. Don't you know what a traffic rescue lane is?
You guys seriously need a lession about ORDNUNG and about building a so called Rettungsgasse:


It happens here all the time SENPAI.
Same goes with the police and EKAB

God i hate gridlock so much.
Here we call them novogradnja (newlybuilt), it's applied to post 2000 buildings. They are of a higher quality, better design and have more spacious apartments.
I like to call them cappieblocks myself.
There's a clear distinction both inside and out.
For once, the elevators in them don't feel like deathtraps

finland has only very small roads