Really makes you think

Really makes you think

>be Icelandic

>tfw weed is legal here
>tfw 1g for 1$
>tfw not even in the top 20

Regan was a mistake, need to legalize it

>be Iceland
>smoke weed to warm up

This is Good Country

I'm totally ok with this

how much does weed cost in Iceland?

>dat combiination of countries
that's cheating

considering literally everything is fucking expensive in iceland
i'd guess a lot





I'm high

Do you even know how charts work?

>didn't make the list
Absolutely MORAL

>be ameican
>wage war on a plant


How do they even get the weed up there???

Iceland is bigger than BENELUX, im sure they have room to grow it themselves

>Netherlands not even in the top 15
Tell me again how decriminalizing weed is a bad idea

20 euros a gram really makes me think

Weed is not legal here

That's why I used the word "decriminalization", not "legalization".

Can you even grow it in that weather

It's usually grown inside with huge lamps connected to your neighbour's electricity network.