Do you lift? If not, why?

Do you lift? If not, why?

Do people in your country liftm

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i lift your mum


pretty much everyone here lifts

No you don't

Why don't you join them?

Return of the /fit/ Canadian.

Down to my sweaty jungle tinged fly infested malaria ridden third world cock.

Yes and yes.
Gym culture has become quite trendy here.

Pushups and squats only, no weights

Just starting tbqh. My pants size grew 4 sizes in 3 years. I looked in the mirror and I hated what I saw. Best choice I've ever made.

Some do.


that's a waste of time. Sign up to a gym

At least do some pull ups or something for you back, rear deltoids and biceps


>paying other people for the privilege of doing something you can do in your own room

I don't have (and can't get ) a power rack, olympic bar, bumper plates, a wide assortment of dummbells, gluteham station, benches(incline and decline), and a cable machine in my room

why not just spend $30 or $40/month to train?

Lift you fatasses, LIFT

Yes and I'd say 50/50

Bump wtf fatties

almost every person i know either currently goes to the gym or has been there for a while, feels good

I lift and so do many people in this cunt maybe not all but a sizable part of the male population does it.

I go to the gym 5 days a week because I want to like what I see in the mirror and people treat you better when you look good.

Because going to the gym feels very effeminate. I live in BC so I go hiking with my dog regularly. I'm also a geologist, so I spend most of my time time in the summer/fall in the mountains. This year I was working around Garibaldi, and I'm planning to do some work in Greece and Turkey this winter.

My arms and legs currently don't work because I lifted so much last Thursday.

Yeah, but not that much

Very mediocre, I also do sit ups

I do calisthenics at home and martial arts but I don't lift because I don't have the money for a gym membership and I don't know how to sign up anyway. I'd like to though

yes I do
not a lot because it's a stupid sport

Yeah I started doing SL this week, OHP got my shoulders good

i lift because i need to delude myself into thinking that eventually at least one (1) cute (6/10) girl will find me sort of attractive and not be really mean to me like all the other (cute[6/10]) girls i have ever met and possibly even have vaginal intercourse with me one day
i dont think its working though




I do


Nothing wrong with using roids.

I lift.
Most of the pussy males around here do not.
Probably 20% of the big city populations are fit.

i used to think like you, but now that i can really see the diference (went from 68 to 79kg) it's probably the most inteligent decision i made in my life

Nope. I don't especially like it, I don't want to waste my money on a gym membership and I do enough sport to keep fit while eating like a pig.

Some of them lift but they're a minority.

No, this country is full of DYELs.

80% of my gym is old people, 10% some sports players (teenagers/college), and 2% look like they even lift.

It just makes it easier for me to impress girls with an ottermode body, though. Nobody likes jacked bodies here.

Hello is this nihon?
Yes i am running to you right now,im just over the steppes

Do you make good kebab?

As long as you act civilized and don't do stuff like this, it's ok.

No, I used to but not anymore. I keep thin with a good diet and lots of walking, some push-ups and curl ups a few days a week but that's it.

Yes, but not excessive. There are people who just overdo it and it doesn't look nice anymore.

Just do it at home. Gyms are shit-tier. They just crave for your money and on top of that you have all these disgusting gay guys meeting there.

Do your gyms have 50 kg dumbells?

No, because I'm handsome.

Yes, lifting is mostly for ugly people so of course many people do it.

No. Why?
1) There is no real need for me to be much stronger
2) Its stupid to alter your body to a state which it cant hold naturally
3) I dont want to eat 4 times a day for the sake of gaining the right nutrition, endanger myself to retention and hemorrhoid
4) I could use that needed time and effort for something more interesting and useful
5) The "lifting" culture looks often like a sect
Im happy with more "light" but more enjoyable ways to be fit, as my understanding of fit isnt very demanding. The "i'm stronger than you, so i could kick your shit" aspect is in case of dumb street fight comepletely irrelevant, as the fighting skill is much more importnant than your lifting capabilities.

Paying for a gym isn't the only thing that dissuades me from lifting. I do a lot of cardio because of my work and if I wanted to get big by lifting, the amount of calories I'd have to consume just seem too much for me (I'm on 4500-5000 kcal/day right now).
I sometimes do calisthenics to keep a good core and I might by dumbbells to implement my regimen with some lifting but I don't think I can make it more than 20% of my daily exercise.


No. Because I'm a fat piece of crap.

Everybody lifts here in Brazil



lift is good for bone health and keep their density

do 4times a week