Why are Arabs so insecure that they can only manage to unite...

Why are Arabs so insecure that they can only manage to unite, only for the sake of finding a boogeyman to pin all their troubles on?

Muh sects! Muh Zionists!

Is it because they're worried that without projecting a facade of unity their women will start to jump the muh Arabs ship and fuck men of other races?

It's like social control through distraction.


literally every society picks a boogeyman/scapegoat to allow a society to ignore actual problems either domestic or abroad

i don't like arabs

they where better under ottoman rule

Why do you want an Arab gf so bad fake Morrocco?

What is Canada's boogeyman? Quebcois?

Aren't Turks part Arab?

Canada's bogeyman is the USA

This; America's scapegoat has historically been commies, for example.

no we are anatolians

Arab women are the most beautiful! reeeee

mistreatment of natives

>aging demographic with no easy fix
>utterly terrible domestic security systems that allowed a muzzie shooter to shoot at people on parliament hill
>fentanyl, an extremely quickly growing drug that has a death rate on comparison with shit like krokodyl
>a PM that has been literally all talk, no action for almost a year
>a slowly failing health care system
and yet we are talking about how we used to treat them in schools and how pissed off they are after we throw millions of dollars at native reserves, they cleary mismanage and then are out of money

Can't argue with you. Maybe it's because I seek genetic diversity as a blond white guy but I want to blanda up with a dark skinned Arab or Mediterranean girl.

Communism was and still is a real threat.

it's global my dear
why do you think muslims suddenly became this evil danger that threatens the western world just exactly after the soviet union collapsed?

Are Kev will save us

>muh globalists

t. Mohammed Abdullah al-Taqiyya

thats not even the same girl OP

shut up , i've seen your feet and ass
you're my fuckboi now, fuckbois don't banter their bulls

Indeed, but Communists aren't taken seriously at all outside of college campuses. Ironically given OP, Arabs have often been feared in the US for the past 15 years.

It's one part their countries having tons of oil, so people fight over that. It's another part of that area of the world being where the juden, christainity, and islam clash. And one more part of islam being extremely popular, so they are taught that violence is okay against people you disagree with.

>tfw no non-muslim Arab girl to marry
Life truly is hard