Cities that look incredible from the air

I have taken planes into Lagos twice, and the views are insane. Massive sprawling slums that stretch deep into the water. It's pretty incredible, actually.

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I can feel the smell from here....

I thought I was looking at the tsunami devastation in Japan.



wait they live in fucking river or is it just some flood?


Notice the boats?

Probably a flood. Blacks can't swim.







every sims city players ever

looks better at night



wtf ?
where dis ?

Yeah, Neza looks neat from the air due to the strict grid pattern, but on the ground it's pretty boring.

It's an estuary/river delta, so the water isn't very deep in most places. Mostly just 5 to 10m at most.

It's in the filename.

Landing in Rio is fucking epic

Slum that grew outside Mexico City limits eventually became a normal establishment but one of the worst places in the country

Even better at night, especially when coming from the East approaching O'Hare.

>That ridiculous low to high density transition

Daily reminder that Neza is NOT in Mexico City.

It's Detroit. Most of the city has been demolished or burned down. 70% of the city is empty.


Literally Coruscant-tier, 1bh

Is that the Matrix? It just needs a green filter.

Coming into o'hare from the east in the rain is great too. Breaking below the clouds just as you come off the lake.

Montreal from above looks like a city reclaimed by nature.

I like it.



Yeah, reclaimed by nature in a good way and not abandoned to the wilderness like Detroit.

I can see my roof in this photo


I think it looks cool being surrounded by mountains

I've always wanted to visit Lagos tbqh, it's a fascinating city.

It's a shame to see what became of the Alcolhua Altepetl that was the Nahua Athens to the Mexicah Sparta. We really have an urgent need to fix the urban landscape of greater Mexico City, find a fair way to relocate a good third of this people and bulldoze some parks and avenues with trees on the pattern of Southern DF



can attest to this, changed planes there and was impressed


Jew York is a shithole outside of Manhatten

Cities Skyline 2 looks great!

I find that a lot of Canadian cities have a lot of green space in them compared to other countries (from what I've seen anyway).
Even Edmonton has a pretty extensive park system, I like it desu.




Have a night shot too while we're at it

What's the point of living on top of water if everything below you is dead from your waste?

pretty average desu

Do they play ave maria just before landing?

Most of them were problably born into the situation.
It's kinda like a really shitty version of Venice I suppose, and most venetians don't just throw a fishing line into the canals.

>nobody posted this yet

Literally the GOAT

i hate shitstanbul

Jeje cant fin a recent mexico city air photo that isnt just a bunch of very thick pollution

Even if they didn't have public waste pickup, you'd think they could boat the garbage to solid land and bury the parts they couldn't salvage. That would be job 1 for me if I lived there. Just seeing and smelling it every day would make my skin crawl.

It looks good when you include the islands, but there's only two buildings and two hills where you can really see everything from

Unfortunatley the city/country has a lot more to deal with before they can reform waste management.

Comfiest city in Canada 2bh.



It's a lot cheaper than living on real ground, apparently. There's a big discount for a lagoon house. The tradeoff is that you have to live on top of a rancid trash-filled lagoon in a tropical climate...

Apparently there are some spots where the trash "mat" is so thick that people can kind of walk on it. It's like a very crude form of land.

Holy fuck, do you have any in a higher res?



Eh, here.



Again with this fucking meme. NEZA IS IN NOT MEXICO CITY, get it through your thick skulls.

What? You mean to tell me that my picture is not Mexico city? Where is it then?

Neza it's a municipality that belongs to the State of Mexico that surrounds Mexico City
Even if it's very close it's not Mexico City by any means see

It is nearby Mexico City, like a parasite, but it isn't even in the same state.

That pic is from Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, (Neza City).

Blue = Mexico City
Green = Estado de Mexico (State of Mexico - where Neza City is in).