Is the the Elder Scrolls games based on Nordic Culture?

Is the the Elder Scrolls games based on Nordic Culture?

physically but that's it

Have you only played Skyrim?

Jesus Americans are so ignorant

Its Romans vs Barbarians with a bit of twist

only Skyrim
Morrowind is Oriental/Jewish shit and Oblivion is generic West-Euro fantasy

Daggerfall is to hard to tell but a mix of Arab and Gothic European I guess.

t. Japanese proxy in USA

You have terrible taste in video games

Only Skyrim, and only very loosely.

It's heavily based on LOTR and LOTR is partly based on Nordic culture so yeah.
BTW, what's the use of having stone walls if you can't position men at them?

to keep attackers out lul

I don't think a game will ever do lore and fantasy like Morrowind.

But it they can just bring up ladders to scale the walls. And they will be able to cover behind your walls since you got none up there shooting at them.

better than having wooden walls

Not all of them

Skyrim and Nords were initially a lot less meme Nordic in that kind of fantasy pop vikings sort of way, even had more Eastern European elements. But Skyrim made them like that anyway anyway.

Only skyrim is. The others aren't

There are no ladders in Tamriel. The real problem is if the enemies fast travel into your city and since Skyrim is in a civil war many of the soldiers are likely to have visited the major ones in the past.

Still vexes me that they haven't fixed the top parts of the walls.

maybe they will in the special edition