Ask a second generation asian american anything

ask a second generation asian american anything

Does your family run a store or a restaurant?

How the fuck can we resolve the Eurasian issue?

Why "thought" is not "thout" ?
Why "you" is not "u" ?

why does everybody think that asian means chinese, while there is also indians c.s.

do you like kpop? fav group?

Blame the French

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does your mom pick stuff up with her feet?

This, and is it actually owned by the yakuza? I figured they are all just fronts for them considering every single one serves the exact same food and has the exact same everything.

Do you study in an Ivy League University?

How do you think the best country Japan?

what's the capital of guatemala?

are you worshiping China?


How do you feel about the bbc? Is it redpilled?

i like lula da silva

yes, a minimart
have no idea m8
i guess it's a cultural thing since many people refer to asians as far east asians
no i guess
i applied for M.I.T. have yet to hear back
no idea
both parents were chink immigrants
niggers literally have asian tier dicks

i love kyary pamyu pamyu and namie amuro too


ask a r/hapa anything

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what does that even mean?

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stop bullying me about my race i didnt choose to be eurasian


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what do asian americans have troubles in?


Are you qt?

when you say chink immigrants, does it mean from mainland china?

cause i was born in the land of the free
we're considered "exotic" especially in the south
maybe never really asked parents where they were from

this desu

so, that means not from china then.
then why do you still consider yourselves a chink if you're born somewhere else?

do you feel better to be a chink than some other asians?

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>maybe never really asked parents where they were from

How do you go your whole life without knowing where you parents are from? Are both you and your parents autistic?

well i know they're from china just not if they're from HK, Taiwan, or mainland

>maybe never really asked parents where they were from

you are not Chinese, you are simply an american banana, who wants to fell special but doesn't have any interesting qualities. do the world a favor and kys fake ass chink.

I'm a mixed race abomination and I have more heritage than you do

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probably "chinks" born and raised in south east asia. no loyalty to the country that sheltered a whole generation.
therefore, a real chink.


i know some nguyen's and tran's and pham's who insists that they are chinks, not viets.
this is how you can tell that they are chinks through and through.
*never trust a yellow man.

Half Korean Half White Girls are Very pretty.

anything not full korean is better.
hence the surgeries.

t. Sun Ting Wong

this. I knew one once, and she was hot af. had huge tits and everything.

Do your parents speak Cantonese or mandarian

t. bruce lee

give me 3 opinions on French people
other 3 on France (country and culture)



What language do they speak

desu i wias just bored, i'm not really a chink

Hillary or Trump


the nature of a chink is exposed.
find a way out, ling-ling.

Ching chong ping pong and sometimes quack quack quack