Your nation's capitol building

post them
Here's the centre block from Ottawa.

Here's my State's Capitol.


This is the state capitol building in Salem, Oregon. It is widely considered one of the ugliest state capitols in the US, looking more like a mausoleum than a legislature.

Looks a little like my provincial capitol.

It reminds me of a mormon temple.

They arr rook the same


Looks better in winter desu.

North Dakota's Capitol looks like a high-rise jail 2bh. Yours looks like something from Brave New World, 2bh.

Maximum comfy, 2bh.

hm, I guess so, I've only ever gone to it in the summer.

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My province's "capital building"

Its just for protocol and ceremony
all government is seated somewhere else

The abby is connected to it, so you have a clear view of the tower

Not bad

I have an idea what if we put pillars on the front of our capitol building, what a new and unique idea

Really I think it depends on how they're used. These two use them well:
But the ones in your pic look pretty shit.

Unfortunatually, the allies (in this case the Americans) had bombed this place, so the old Congress Hall has lost their Renaissance carpets and other parts of this 15th/16th century interior. However, not all rooms are such damaged.

Thank you. The construction of this building started in 1124.

That sucks, 2bh, much like what happened to Rotterdam.

Wow, that's older than many "old" buildings in England, much less the New World.

I don't actually know about the age of similar buildings in England, but I think we may be glad that this one has survived all those centuries.


capitol building in austin, look familiar?