What happens if you cum inside an Australian girl?

What happens if you cum inside an Australian girl?
Serious question

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Same thing that happens when you cum inside any other girl.
Only it's sweatier and there's more cussing from the recipient.

I wouldn't know

>there's more cussing from the recipient.
Now I wanna know how it's like to fuck an Aussie girl
>Ohhh yes, fuck me in my cunt, m8

Tell her to get to fuck out and she goes home to cuddle with her fiance.

generally you cuddle for a few minutes and then she goes to the bathroom

Good threda

Womb spider bites the head of your dick

In my country girls go to the bathroom first

>tfw lost vCard to Aussie
>tfw couldn't find condom after I was done
>tfw my first time I came balls deep inside
>months later she's on the pill
>come deep inside her while she's on top
>hug her right and tell her I felt one with her
>she tells me that she loves me for the first time

they ask what the fuck is your problem then get up and leave

Gonna throw this out there,
'Roos have 3 vaginas.

How would you know?

You get some nice Mexican style goodness

It didn't actually happen did it?

Same as every other girl.
Just wipe the vegemite from your dick afterwards.

Too bad I'm thinking of dumping her
I see kids in my future and she doesn't

I wonder if putting vegemite on your dick in front of an Aussie girl is like peanut butter on your dick in front of a dog.

Something like this me thinks.


It's worth a try, post results

She puts you in her pouch and hops away


Spiders and snakes start to crawl out of pussy because you're flooding their nest.

I find it quite romantic
Like sleeping on girls lap while she fondles your hair
Or when you give her massage after her long day in work