Itt: Give a reason for other countries to bully you

itt: Give a reason for other countries to bully you.
Norway: we are arrogant authists.

We are germanic

We ruled the waves and had an empire that spanned the globe...

Now we're only one small cunt with a few overseas territories and a global cultural impact.

We wuz romans n sheit

They are all jealous of us.

Well bullying england just sounds mean as an ancestor of the vikings.
Maybe atleast some of my countrymen are gonna get laid then.

We are noble and handsome

So many homophobes here (except for lesbians of course)

Our arrogance

T*ianon butthurt

The only thing your country is known for after 500 years is food.
Be a cook and make us pasta, you were only relevant before jesus lived.
Worse part you are one of the countries that is really into christianity to the piont that you have a sepperate state for it.
t. christian.

we're the best

>as an ancestor of the vikings.

You all look like thugs.

We are smarter and more successful

We're 100% European

We drink small foamy beers

We pioneered Neo liberalism, we also created shitty movie trilogies and having a government that is unable to look after their own people and only care in the interest in themselves and foreigners

Tfw no reason to bully Australia

Us Swede.
Or was the last brain cells blown out during the battle field off from Charles XII in 1718

hello haha i can't speak a 2nd language and don't care about anything other than videogames and netflix

If you actually were you would have won ww2
After the nukes sure.
>Neo liberalism
>Emu war
pic realated

Reason to hate Brazil?
Why someone will hate Brazil? Just don't come here or you will get stabbed.

Me too


Well, now again it feels like bullying the retarded kid.
To be nice im gonna say
>green water

Is no one gonna bully me?

what wrong with green water? taste way better than brown water.

No, Norway is almost perfect.
It's not only perfect because Swiss is allowed to exist.

Or maybe you just meant decadents rather than ancestors?

Well true, the carthels negros is probably floating a lots of shits fun down the amazon river from the favelas.

>we are french

Damn now im feelin bad for my last post, who would guess you find an ally acros the sea

norway? Norway?? more like noregay.

> this doing it for you?

It's just banter m8.

thieves of children
gay language
happy now?

dem digits triggered me

we deeply believe that every single world leader takes us under consideration whenever they make a decision on anything

Yeah did not think of the frensh empire here.
>when a culture whith a big impact on european history is forgotten in your cuntry unless in a comic outside a comic
>plz bully you deserve atleast deserve to bully someone Asterix or Obelix

To be fair, most people fall for this trap.

Still all polish people looks like the typical robber in the old cartoons

Yeah it was the point of the thread, monkey.
I guess my norwegian autism is kicking in,

It's okay. We Brazilians are used to it.
Last night I spend the entire night in Omegle. The few people that talked to me was 2 half aboriginal Australians, 4 northern Indians that sleep together
in a shitty house, and some prick using joker make up.
I really don't care anymore :)

Norway is Poor and gay

You are inferior in every way to Sweden and Denmark, that's fact

back to your cuckshed Sven, Jamal will be home soon.

at least they don't have metal shavings in them. Our beer is shit, Fosters is synonymous for piss over here.

holy fuck abbos are on the internet? Fuck I need to ring turnbull and tell him that the monkeys are becoming sentient.

Jealousy pretty much

fuck you cunts, australia is shit.

You mean a descendant?

There are human right violations going on inside my country, and we also have the 2022 world cup.

We're number one

You do? How the fuck are we gonna play football in the desert?

Well i would agree on Danmark since they have probably conquered us with beer.
Sweeden has alwasy been the butt of the jokes in the old days here soo..
Probably the way you australians are joking about the english.

Ja ,litt seint på natta no.

i dunno, I'd be too scared to even go outside when the day comes.

Det er jo formiddag, gutten. Legg deg nå, og kom uthvilt til norgetråden senere i dag.

ser den men er her no for og gjore det umlilig for dei jævla fjortisane i bygda og mase på meg når eg sovner

Look at the bright side, no more divegrass for free kicks.
Qatar will make football great again.

Check my repeating digits.
There are many like it,
but this one is mine.
Without it, I am nothing.
Without someone to check it, it is nothing.