His city doesn't become a -45 celsius hellhole in the winter

>his city doesn't become a -45 celsius hellhole in the winter

why even live if your city is so irrelevant?

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>a leaf on a flag
Is this some kind of joke flag that the mods made? Why the hell is there a leaf on a flag?

>implying there're relevant cities with -45 weather
You're pretty much living in a shithole if you have such weather.

>Not living on the snowline so you can experience instantly melting snow every year and spend the next 3 months fighting through a churning, ever renewing mass of mud

wew lad

Only -30 here with cheeky winds now and then
But Siberia teaches.

It's an actual country and that's a real flag. It's north of murica.

dude I lived in North Dakota for a few years

I was amazed people actually grow up in that shit, especially the Canadians further North, what a nightmare. It was like hell on earth.

just so the rest of you know, when it gets down to like -30'C it becomes too cold to snow, so it's just a fucking arctic tundra of frostbite. not even the added aesthetic of snow, just bitter cold.

>+40 at summer
>-40 at winter
Is it ok?

So basically like a winter here

>I was amazed people actually grow up in that shit
It is pretty fun, actualy.
t. Siberian

Hahah -45.

I'm happy I don't live in such a place. I'm very happy with having mild winters, because I get cozy snow but don't need to freeze my ass off for it.

it went down to only - 37 celsius last winter

I cycled to my gym that's kilometers away from home at -30C last year and will repeat the same this year

Just put on some layers how is cold even real haha

Nipponese snow is strongest snow.

>-30'C it becomes too cold to snow
Not true. It can always snow as long as there is water vapor in the air. You want to say that it is usually too dry for heavy snow when it's that cold. In Norway we will have humidity even in cold days, so it will feel extra cold, and it will also snow.

I love proper winters, it's very comfy time of the year.

But fuck that +/- 0 c weather when snow starts to thaw and there's slush everywhere and everything gets ugly. Basically the last 5 winters has been like that where I live.

>pic very related

I hate that too

>falling for the Canada hoax
silly gyros

Try this faggot:
>doesn't become a 6 Celsius
Colder night that my town had was -4 in 5 years ago.

I hate how it looks, but it means I don't need to snowblow my driveway.

>In Norway we will have humidity even in cold days, so it will feel extra cold
Humidity hardly has an effect on how cold you feel. The reason why humidity makes it feel hotter in warm weather is because it reduces the amount of evaporation the sweat on your skin does. Sweating is an extremely important mean of thermoregulation, so something reducing that will obviously make a huge difference.

Now, in cold weather, you don't sweat to maintain your body temperature, so humidity plays no real role in that. But I've seen people claim a few things why humidity makes cold weather feel colder. They say that humid weather can make your clothes damp. This in turn means that you'll have to warm up the water that gets trapped in your clothes, and the water will increase the thermal conductivity of your clothes, so they don't insulate as well as they did before. Makes sense? The problem with this idea is that the dew point will be lower than the temperature your clothes will be at 99% of the time. 80% relative humidity at -20C weather means that the dew point -23C, while your clothes should be at a temperature higher than -20C. Condensation doesn't occur (in a significant scale). In addition to that, the amount of water in the air is pretty damn small. At the conditions I mentioned previously, a cubic meter of air will contain about 0.8 grams of water. That's barely anything.

>tfw moved away from north of the arctic circle (Kiruna) to southern Sweden to a big city for work

this is me now
>tfw feet are always wet and cold because I am expected to wear somewhat decent shoes

>tfw feet are always wet and cold because I am expected to wear somewhat decent shoes

and also if the weather hits below zero in the evening/at night the grounds become skating rinks.

High humidity in cold weather increases the conduction of heat from the body. It also requires more energy to heat the air around your body when it has a higher humidity. I always feel comfy in cold weather when I'm far inland in some dry place. I feel terrible in the same temperatures when I'm standing near the coast with high humidity, feels like my skin is gonna get ripped off.

>there are people that actually enjoy winter

Winter is better than autumn or spring.

No it's not, and they're all worse than summer

+2C winters, best winters

>he doesn't live in a city that goes up to minimum +40C in summer

Do you prefer cold rain and melted snow instead of proper snow and -5 weather?

sadly, my city only becomes -30 celsius

I would love for it to be -45, as -30 is rather weak and normie weather, and with adequate preparations normies can withstand -30 rather fine.

at -45 I would be the last one standing on the street, taking strolls and enjoying fresh air and absolute lack of people around

>tfw it sometimes dip below freezing in late january and it feels kinda unpleasant on your nipples

>Do you prefer cold rain and melted snow instead of proper snow and -5 weather?

Yes, that is what Bergen city is known for. The winters would not be the same without it

>40+ in the summer, atleast -25 in the Winter


> >40+

It's not that bad honestly, we don't have much humidity and the country is fairly wooded so there's a lot of shade.

Can you even call it an actual country? It's a mini-America ruled by the Queen of Englnad

I fucking hate that 1-2 month period where you get temperatures of 1-2 in the day and perhaps-5 in the night. The whole world turks into ice and just walking around becomes a hassle.

umm no way serbia gets 40+ and -25

>the country is fairly wooded so there's a lot of shade.
Do you not have buildings in your country?

My house has a heated driveway since its on a steep hill. Never used it, too expensive.

Yes, yes it does.

How did you even get that from my post is beyond me....
Yes, there are fucking buildings, and they radiate a lot of heat since they're from solid concrete and not boxes of plywood and aluminium. Therefore there are a lot of parks inbetween buildings for people not to light on fire. The inside of the buildings are always comfy though.

-26 was recorded in 1893.. although +43 is impressive. do you get that every summer?

>-30 in the winter
>+30 in the summer

good lad, not using fahrenheit like those loser united statians

>too lazy to use a shovel
fucking nu males

What the hell?

Comfy is 15-18 (if cloudy).
Comfy is 12-15 (if sunny).

>the perfect excuse to cuddle with girls

We literally had -35 with windchill about two or three years ago.

Yes, generally, 35-45 is the usual span.

Where did you get that info?
Minus -26 is not the record minimum nor is +43 the record maximum.

>shovel a 35-40m driveway + in front of the garage and a place to turn cars around.
Ok, lad.

>I need anything but a sorlandsskuffe to clear my driveway

I don't think you do what I do with a sorlandskuffe fåvæ. And even if you do, you're wasting a lot of time which you could use on better things.


>-35 in southern europe

It's a great muscle building activity fåvæ.
Only oldfags need a snowblower because a) they can afford to waste money on it and b) they don't want to risk a heart attack with strenous physical activity

the rest of us should shovel

I used to live in Salla and -40C wasn't too uncommon. In north there was a lake with a record of -50C. But I've been to Murmansk many times when I lived there and that place was even colder.

Go take strolls during night

Absolutely no one outside then and the stars and moon shining on snow creates a magical atmosphere

>winter isn't even over yet
I hate this place.

>the rest of us should shovel

I've found the temperature ranges on Wikipedia wrong on many occasions, take it as you will.

>-35 degrees in a country with a continential climate, no sea access surrounded by mountains

My neck hurts

>no snow for half of winter
>actual green grass on my lawn during fucking christmas
>nothing but slush though January and most of Februaty
>it all freezes on the last week of February
>right back to slush in March

No snow for us, but 6℃ and rain is good enough I guess

Tbh only irrelevant shitholes are that cold.
t. grew up in interior of lapland with constant -40 winters and experienced -50 once


The only time it gets comfy here is when it rains once or twice in winter

>his city doesn't become a 50 celsius hellhole in the summer

I always do that once it becomes a bit chilly outside, autumn-winter usually, very romantic.

I almost know that feel

trust me you don't

Now +8°. Cold as fuck

I'm fine. Winters here are comfy.