Why do people say Jews are not white? They look far whiter than many European people I know

Why do people say Jews are not white? They look far whiter than many European people I know.

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Nobody ever said Jews weren't white
They just want to be special snowflakes

You know everybody says.

American Jews are usually only 1/4 or 1/8 Jewish.
If you've met an Ashkenazi Jew from Israel in real life they obviously aren't white. They are clearly Semetic.
Spot the Jew in this photo. His facial features are clearly different from everyone else.



You mean Nazis

Being pale skinned is just a part of being white.
Religion and culture also matters.


wtf i hate nazis now

The only reason you can spot the jew in this is because everybody knows who the jew is.
He's a fucking cultural icon.

" 'white identity', as it is presently conceived, is an American project, reflecting American interpretations of race and history."


That's just bs, you're pretty much making the argument for race as a social construct.
"white" originally a term simply used to distinguish ethnic Europeans from Amerindians, East Asians or sub Saharan Africans has become so imbued with racism its ceased to be useful. "white" is for practical purposes whatever racists want it to mean aka who they accept as one of their own.

I consider Judaism a religion, not a race. There are white jews (descended from Europeans), blacks jews, Asian Jews etc.

He could pass as Maori in my country, he couldn't pass as white.
He stands out even if nobody new him because of his non-white facial features.

>Richard Milhouse Nixon
Is this really true? I can't find any ancestry at all on the WP page for him. That's about the most English name in the world so I don't believe this.

Didn't the Americans use to not accept the Irish and Italians as white though?

All Europeans are considered white.

And a fucking genius, much the same as any number of brilliant jews like Spinoza, Marx or Freud. Except here's the thing, supremacists don't generally deny that others such as Jews have a capacity for brilliance, stereotypes and conspiracy theories racism is based upon required this acknowledgement, but they went on to attach moral qualities to genetics, which is the reason a racist doesn't usually marry a Jewish woman hoping his children will be financially succesful as they'll somehow be evil or deviated. Meanwhile it is historic fact that the most evil acts in recent history eg colonialism have overwhelmingly been perpetrated by white peoples.

Only dumb fucks can believe this contradictory crap.

Cuz dey came from outah spaize am tellin ya
>search “spirit science on YouTube"

I find it hilarious that pol retards think Jews are some kind of sub human, while at the same time holding the belief that they are the minority masterminds/puppeteers of global dominance and manipulation.

Jews are much much better than Muslims and Blacks. They don't cause much trouble at all and lot of them look European. I don't understand why they get so much hate.

Race is a social construct.

The Jewish experience is one that has always existed entirely outside of European Christendom, and most Jewish harbor a visceral resentment towards European values. To claim that they're one of us based upon the color of their skin alone is absurd.

Parasites wouldn't be successful if they were overt about it.

Which Jewish values oppose western values?

Now that you are saying it, people on Cred Forums at least has the habit of claiming Einstein just stole his science from other scientists despite none of the Scientists in question ever calling Einstein out on it and some even praising him for his discovery.

12 year old naziboos on Cred Forums hate on them.
Nobody gives a fuck about them, we only hate the globalist Jews, along with globalist whites etc.
If those stormweenies met Israelis in real life their opinion would change drastically.

That is demonstrably false throughout the western world

- capitalism
- feminism
- anarchism
- communism
- atheism

Jewish values is to help their own race which is bad according to Cred Forums logic, and western values is to destroy their own race which is bad by normal people's logic.

With success breeds jealously. They are too blinded with their cognitive limits they can't see the logical fallacy in their beliefs.

>If those stormweenies met Israelis in real life their opinion would change drastically.

>create a nation for Jews
>they stop being nation-wrecking parasites overnight

Really fires up the ol' neurons

Most "stormweenies" look at Israel and think "why can't we have a homeland for our people like that."

Better yet, we wouldn't even have to kill a bunch of Arab children to create it. We just have to stop letting people in. But even this is verboten. Only Jews are entitled to an ethno-state.

I agreed with your post up till the last part. Whites are one of the most empathetic races on the planet.

Jews rightfully are entitled to their own ethno-state, why are implying that's a bad thing?
It's not Jews fault white's are too fucking retarded to protect themselves from hominids.
Whites should be organising mass slaughters but noooooo we just sit on our bums bitching about an irrelevant minority.

Yes, they didn't, it was a problem for the Nazi as well as most acomplishments of ancient civilizations need be credited to non whites, so they elaborated theories such as the leaders of Mediterranean countries having been Aryans and admitted Mediterraneans tended to be "more creative" which is ironic seeing as how today white supremacists use that argument for themselves seeing as how Asian peoples tend to score higher in intellligence tests.

It's just idiotic pseudo-scientific shit, if you take racist thought to it further consequences (social darwinism) then you have to conclude "whites" are in fact inferior or have genetically degenerated given their inability to reproduce near worldwide as populations, reproductive fitness being the most important trait in competitive adaptation. Now, I'm an ethnic European, I just no longer care to identify as "white" seeing the tripe in the US, so this isn't coming from racism, but this idea of magical intangible qualities in genes is ridiculous. According to /pol anyone not a conservative is somehow mentally defective.

Only stormcucks think Jews aren't white

Jews are a shining example of capitalist success, what are you smoking?

>it was a problem for the Nazi as well

No it wasn't. Stop believing Hollywood propaganda.

He is implying capitalism is anti western

>not creating a Category 0 for gyppos


Nazis were German Supremacists, not white Nationalists.

The question still stands then lol

there was literally nothing wrong with colonialism
dumb beaner

hey kike,

guess who is importing all the immigrants in the first place, and running the media that shames those who question this practice?

the whole "jews aren't the problem! it's IQ 50 africans who are orchestrating this whole thing on their own!" idea is such a transparent troll

Because they themselves make that distinction when it suits them.

Ashkenazi Jews are white and European. The rest are shitskins.

>jews are successful under systems that they devised

what a concept

capitalism is a disgusting ideology that spits in the face everything western christendom stands for

Are you okay there English teacher? You seem quite upset

Fuck off commie

Liberty and free markets are the best thing that ever happened to mankind

How are Ashkenazi Jews not white if they mixed with Poles/Germans/Russians for nearly 600 years? They are whither than average American or Australian.

the thing is jewish communities are usually very insular so people view them as seperate to the rest

Watch this.

I am a little upset.

(((free markets)))

Only if you believe American propaganda, the reality is all humans are ruthless and had other peoples achieved the technological advancements of Europeans before the they wouldn't have behaved differently. But the fact is it was "whites" who did acomplish this, the US deliberately participated in black slavery and segregation, it ethnic cleansed native Americans and fought a war of conquest for lebensraum, it's violated the sovereignity and self determination of, at this point, countless peoples, from the 19th century Japanese whom they forced to trade with them, to the Allende or Arbenz coups in Latin America to any of the proxy wars in the Cold war context. they only believe in capitalism and free trade when the system is rigged in their favor (eg Trump on China and Mexico) they consume one quarter of the world's resources being only 5% of the population, claiming they're losing on trade, and are destroying endangered species in rainforests on say Madagascar so they can have palm oil for Dove soap (yes, Euros also participate in this) or looking the other way on slavery and ecological devastation in Thailand for cheap shrimp. 70% of species on the planet are about to go extinct and their conservatives claim global warming is a hoax despite scientific consensus, they are the world's worst polluter and arrange geopolitics for their convenience in the detriment of hundreds of millions of human beings. Seriously man, I'm not claiming they're evil or that your average American is a twat but this is what they've done as a democratic society. Claiming "whites" have been empathetic is a joke, go visit a Native American reservation in the USA, or better yet, go have a drink with some Maori lads see how they feel about your statement.

Not him but as if one person speaks for an entire group? You're a retard looking to shift blame

Ashkenzai Jews look very European.

It's not their fault we sit around as fat fucks while Jews are actively running around for their own interests.
It's entirely our fault and you goddamn know it. If we weren't lazy complacent sheep we wouldn't have all these anti white policies put in place by jews.
They have every right to shape the world to their desire if whites are becoming empty canvases from our own degeneration self inflicted on us.

fuck off

if your ancestors conquered a continent they would literally sacrifice its inhabitants to their gods

Whites are the only race with an empathetic bone in their body--and that is their Achilles heel

He is a true samurai.

"The fact that the Mediterranean race is responsible for the most important of ancient western civilisations was a problem for the promoters of Nordic superiority. "


Because they are basically slavs/germans mix

America didnt need to ethnically cleanse Americs. The vast majority died of disease
dumb beaner

You're either a Jap or a weeb English teacher. Your opinion is utterly worthless

>there was literally nothing wrong with colonialism
>dumb beaner

You really can't be that stupid

you obviously haven't met a true Ashkenazi in real life then. If you did you would know damn well the "Ashkenazi are white" is just a Cred Forums meme.

Unlike Mexicans most Maoris aren't ass blasted, they're finding out now we're much better neighbours than the chinese who are currently colonising the north

>Samurai are the complete opposite of a Jew

So samurais are dumb, ugly and unsuccessful in life?

you'll stop being a libertarian bootlicker the moment you graduate from your uni bubble and get your first actual job

I've never been to uni and I have a job now.

Sounds like you're just too pathetic to strive for what you want

Probably English teacher or someone on vacation, Japanese people don't speak English that well

have fun making somebody else rich and calling it success

it was the natural thing to happen
Europeans just happened to advance quicker than everyone else
There shouldn't be any guilt about it

Okay mate :)

They kept in their own communities, that's why they're partially inbred but also have these high iq genes sustained from the mild inbreeding.
They're are scientific studies in US about the decline of Jewish intelligence each generation from mostly marrying whites.

no-one considers Nixon an Irish-American

If he even actually has any Irish ancestry at all its presumably ulster protestant and probably accounts for 5% of his overall heritage

His people are no longer eating each other in savage jungle rituals

I believe the word he's looking for is "thank you."

My money is on weeb English teacher desu, judging by the way he writes

She herself is saying that they are playing a central role in it. Do you think she would say something like that if she just woke up one day and thought that she would start promoting for multiculturism all by her self? No, she says it because she is working with other Jews to promote it. If you go to any university and find a Jewish faculty member, you can be pretty much sure that they support multiculturism. Even here in Finland where there are very few Jews we got Jews supporting the multicult, making a career out of it.

>Liberty and Free Markets
>Best Thing to happen to Mankind
>Used in Same sentence

Hey look, we got a National Party Supporter over here, let's send him back to US/China where there belong

Seriously though Free markets are the worst thing to happen and free market economies is like communism, they do not work, don't believe me, just look at Rogernomics and how much that failed

My ancestors were Spaniards dumb shit, I'm they weren't exactly nice conquerors were they? Well, at least they weren't genoicidal maniacs like others. But I do consider the Aztecs my cultural ancestors and they were changing their ways, Nezahualcoyotl is famous for moving away from sacrifice a generation prior to the arrival of Europeans, you don't know who they would have become if they had won the development race had they won, now do you? And honestly we do know what YOUR people did as a colonial power, don't we? You're still to this day unrepentant of as a nation of some fucking hideous crimes.

>spend the entire thread defending white interests

>lol I exposed you bucko. you're not really Japanese at all!

nothing gets past you guys does it

Obviously with reasonable regulation and a sprinkling of protectonism but the overall system is unrivaled.

he's a dumb mixed race spic, japbro there's no saving him

theres 100 examples of Jewish people saying the exact same thing

Importing Slavs does not make you white

Nice strawman, who's ass blasted? I'm just having a comfy convo here, you didn't bother to counter any of the arguments I oposed to your claim, and which are easily verifiable by anyone with internet access.

Jews only consider themselves white when it its convenient. Jews are always Jews first, nation second. Many Jews don't consider themselves white at all.

Also I don't consider someone white unless they are European. I think most people understand the colloquial usage of the word "white"

>he's a foreigner in japan or JAPANESE therefore his opinion is useless
liberals being racist as usual

What about the black ones?

The point isn't that you're not Japanese, it's that literally no one values the opinion of a weeb and/or English teacher


there are no black europeans

Who said I'm a liberal? I'm actually right wing, I'm just not an idiot stormtard

It's not their fault for fighting for their interests.
It's our fault for being too fucking stupid and not getting off our arses and fighting for our interests (slaughtering migrants)
It's beyond a joke an irrelevant minority through their activism has more sway than the rest from us doing nothing

yes they are, its just stormfags playing 1 drop rule.
The real jews are the mirahi, the middle eastern jews. Sephardic ashkanzai among others are mixed

its an anonymous imageboard
nobody cares what anyone says

You guys all fall for the scam to keep talking about them and keep feeling sorry for them

I've yet to encounter a single Jap irl or online who bases their opinions on anything more than hearsay. They're complete drones that will believe anything from someone they perceive to be in a position of authority

You're right, I'll grant you that, fair enough, I've made the same argument here somewhere. But going as far as no guilt? It isn't about feeling guilt but acknowledging the past and dealing fairly in the present. I think that's pretty reasonable.

No man, I'm making a point you're just an hysterical idiot.

Actually no, I'm an ethnic Spaniard. Not that who I am matters for shit, it's a discussion, my argument is either sound or not.

>slaughtering migrants
Just build the wall, and throw them back on the uther side.

>irrelevant minority
They aren't irrelevant if they have the money

>ethnic spaniard

why are blacks so shit lol

This meme has to stop. They're are no completely pure Jews in the world.
Mirazhi = Jew with some arab blood
Sephardi = Jew with some med blood
Ashkenazi = Jew with some white blood
They are as Jewish as each other.
What's not Jewish are american who claim to be Jewish because they have a great great grandparent that was.

>They kept in their own communities

Except Ashkenazis didnt

Don't be such a shitcunt.

What a cuck. Every African's blood must be spilled as their continent's resources are wasted by homonids.


Because they are stupid.

is this good or bad idk

All Jews in Germany and Poland were Ashkenazi, what are you even on?
They did keep to their fucking communities as they were the only type of Jew in that region.

>hey did keep to their fucking communities

t. clueless

>continent's resources are wasted by homonids

I am pretty sure that Chinese are working on fixing that, not by killing the niggers, but by pretty much colonizing Africa with investments.

Let's say for argument's sake that you were right, you'r describing culture, not biological traits. And if only things were as simple with you people as those with ancestry predominantly in Europe are "white" because the argument is always how much? A mestizo to you people is never white refardless of phenotype and you do strictly enforce the one drop rule when it comes to hispanics, but what about American "whites", is being 1/16th Cherokee a disqualifier? how about the 2-3% African? Where's the line to snow white purity? Because it only seems like you people struggle to find a line that aplies to most Latin Americans but not to most US "whites"

You may want to take a stroll in Molenbeek, you'll never legally deport most of those guys.

>keep to their fucking communities
They sure were keeping to their communities when they started that Jewish led communist rebelion in Germany.

Yeah but they are still not Euros

>slaughtering inmigrants

Yes, reality doesn't alter on your whims, let's be clear on this, while I can trace my family to Europe I'm not claiming to be "white" I'm a Mexican the same as any other, I dont care to join your kewl kids klub

>But even this is verboten. Only Jews are entitled to an ethno-state.
Israel is not an ethno-state. 20% of the population is Muslim (mostly Arab). That's 11% more than in France the country in Europe with the more Muslim.

>implying meds aren't white
Seriously man, you people are so fucking stupid

Boo fucking hoo.
Again, it's white's faults for bumfucking around to lazy for political activism, not Jews fault for fighting for their interests.
Before the communism shenanigans Jews kept to themselves. They understandably across europe in that time period wanted to fight for their rights, and struck at right opportunity as Europe was weakened from pointless wars.
We're our own worst enemy, we can't keep shifting the blame onto the Jews. Jews are not our scapegoat.

nothing edgy of culling from overpopulation to protect the enviroment, If it were rats you guys wouldn't bitch about culling them, why do you love feral coons> I hate double standards of libtards, how are we going to save the ecosystem with shocking double standards.

is he white?

That event by the way is one of the main reasons why Hitler became so anti-Jew. Strangely it is rarely mentioned in history documentaries or during history classes.

what I meant was Sephardi had some south euro blood and Ashkenazi had some north euro blood.
I was too lazy to type it out, I assumed people would know what i meant.

meh, my country built a national ethnicity based on two very diferent groups of ethnicities, whatever our troubles they're not ethnic, we are one nation.

Yet you want to kill all niggers while ignoring the Jews?

literally german tier tbqh

Now you're just bablling incoherence, are you going to tell your mommy you were advocating ethnic cleansing on teh internets? Go public with your views piece of shit coward.

Most Jews look like disgusting sandniggers.

Italian guy? I'd think so, does it make a difference? You think that guy can't get a doctorate or marry a Swedish girl?

nah i just think he isnt white my insecure friend

And most Germans are gray nobodys, same as everyone else, what exactly makes you superior to them Hans?

Neck yourself already Jew apologizer

Not insecure, admittedly a bit foolish to be arguing with you. And seriously Slovakia aren't you suposed to be untermensch anyway?

Nice proxy antisemite shill

maybe that has something to do with the fact that it is a colony on arab land?

america had a similar population of indians at one time

>maybe that has something to do with the fact that it is a colony on arab land?
no shit sherlock

Proxy tu culo, pendejo.
Jews are as perfidious and traitorous as anglos.

>being white nationalist
>in fucking mexico
haha lmaoing @ your life

I am a Greek

Being anti-jew ≠ being white nationalist
You don't need to be white to be nationalist either, the world would be better place if people learnt to respect others sovereignty.

>implying im nazi
>implying first country to join axis would be exterminated

Are you referring to Palestine?


Jews aren't white.

Genetically speaking Pekka-Erics corpse scores the highest European admixture.

So you're anti-anglo as well? tell me more about Aztlan

My opinion is that jews are not considered white because they don't relate themselves to white people on a personal / cultural / collectivistic / environmental level.

A white group that perverts its own people and wants to change demographics so badly just can't be white culturally. And that's true when it comes to jews and such.
They know where they came from, and they know what they want as much as they know what they did and still do.
And they absolutely don't want the same things white people do, after all. That's for sure.

So you're not a nazi but are proud of your Nazi past? Here's the deal I can name off the top of my head at least a dozen Jews who were freat contributors to mankind and Western civilization, how many Slovaks can you name?

That pretty much sums it up. Well said!

guys just calm down and watch infowars they'll give you'll all the information you need

what are you trying to say then, retard?

Israel is a Jewish entho-state that favors its own kind and treats the native population like pests in need of extermination. The fact that they've yet to kill them all yet doesn't disprove this.

Jews are as white s Arabs

No, I'm talking about fucking countries invading others and trying to control them, people should govern themselves, too bad they are to retarded to do so, that doesn't means that others do a better job though.

Imperialism was a mistake.

Daily reminder that Brits destroyed Indian, Chinese, Japanese civilizations and cultures and many others, you could argue that communism wrecked China and USA wrecked Japan, but both of those are Jewish tools, and guess who has given the greatest support to Jews? That's right anglos.

and yet arabs' number keeps increasing every year. how does this fact fit in your """"extermination argument"""" davido-kun?

like 4

>treats the native population like pests in need of extermination
What are you talking about you lunatic. Israel is a democracy with equal rights for all citizens. In fact Arabs have an advantage over Jews because they don't have the obligation to do 3 years of military service.

Da joos meme.

Jews are shit.

Is that what they tell you to say in your synagogue?

it just means you guys are jewing yourselves demographically

the number of settlements on palestinian land goes up year by year too

fuck off kike

I'm sorry for you.

Jews as any other group work for their own benefit without caring about the harm they cause to others, the difference lies on the fact that Jews actually care about each other.

In reality it's not the fault of the Jews that they take advantage of others, but the unability of people to care for each other.

It's still despicable of Jews to take advantage of others when they could help them.

>fuck off kike
You sound like a child losing an argument.

kek, I'll give you credit for that answer

Seriously man, Jews and even anglos are just people, it's not like they're all in on this massive conspiracy. If you really are a nationalist just be a decent honest guy and work your ass off for our country, we really don't need this right winger tripe

There you can spout your delusions.
The true enemy are coons invading the west, and cucked whites. Jews are only influential despite their small number because whites don't do jack shit for acutivism except for white girls spreading their legs for somali bulls.

>juice are this magical group that agrees on everything they do
Sure thing, kid.

>implying right wingers care about their country and their people

>Oh look at the niggers! Hate them!
>Ignore the Jews, goy... I mean mate!

ffs davido why would we jew ourselves demographically? you are not making any sense . didnt you just say we intend to exterminate them? if so, why letting them grow?

The majority does, they are basically more numerous Freemasons.

In their own deluded way they do, the fanatics who think they're serving their nation and their people are a lot more dangerous than the guys who just do evil shit because they're assholes

Actually non hermetic “Freemasons" which aren't really Freemasons.

I've heard it like 5 times this week on this site.

Kek, Cred Forums logic in a nutshell

Even though Jews can be destructive they can also be constructive, unlike coons who are only destructive

I am pretty sure that the area that Israel occupies now had a much larger portion of muslims in the past than it has now.

See who was supporting the opressive government?
The eternal jewnglo strikes again.

>Africans in Wahrmacht


Daily reminder that the Jews that care about the wellbeing of humanity end up hating on Jews themselves.

They are constructive only for their own benefit and the benefit of their own ethnic group. If it benefits them they will turn on the local population if they can. And that's why they have to go as well.

Freemasons are nothing more than Linkedin with headquarters and secret handshakes, nah man, jews are alright, they're bro tier if you genuinelly hit it off and have some drop dead gorgeous amazing qts

Sure, the Orthodox are near Islamic tier and no doubt they produce some greedy, evil motherfuckers, the exact same as every other people on earth, we have more than our fair share of bad apples as well

Whites that care about humanity hate most members of theiur race as well. What kind of lame arguement is that? humans suck, is that a fucking newsflash?

If you believe enough of these things, Jews are responsible for everything that happened in history. Non-Jews don't even exist, it's all secretly Jews.


portion yes, but only before the creation of israel. numerically no. also, arab's portion increased constantly until the fertility rate got almost even in the last few years thanks to haredim mainly.

>I find it hilarious that pol retards think Jews are some kind of sub human, while at the same time holding the belief that they are the minority masterminds/puppeteers of global dominance and manipulation.

>some jews, witch are 90% slavic emigrants, looks white
How is this possible?

>humans suck, is that a fucking newsflash?
No, but that doesn't make it less despicable and unacceptable.

Non hermetic Freemasons are not real Freemasons.

Being ethically inferior doesn't mean intellectual inferiority. Jews are where they are right now because Ashkenazis aren't stupid and they network pretty well. But because they exploit others and normalize such behavour (usury for example) they are despised as inferior. Also the Jews that are more native to middle east are usually as stupid as the other goat fuckers in the area.

All the people dissing on the Jews look to me like baboons tbqh

This meme again. Mizhrazi Jews are no more native to Israel than Ashkenazi, as they arab mixes. Arabs with jew blood are stupid no shit.
Ashkenazi with little euro blood are extremely smart. The more euro blood an Ashkenazi has the more likely it is to be stupid.

Racially Ashkenazis are at least mixed with whites.
Culturally and ethnically they're much more European than Middle Eastern.

>The more euro blood an Ashkenazi has the more likely it is to be stupid.
Are you by any chance a Jew yourself?

There are 5 Jews in that photo

Judea delenda est.

No, nice ad hominem btw

shut the fuck up

>usury for example

Usury being acceptable has nothing to do with Jews. In fact, it has more to do with the reality that nobody would borrow anyone money if they couldn't make money off of it somehow.

Tu mama pendejo, tu mama.

I was simply asking a question.

These for example are ad hominems.

Or maybe loaning money would be a different sort of business than it is now. Kinda like how public healthcaredoesn't turn a profit but is still done because having healthy citizens is useful for the state.

>usury being immoral
are you a commie?

There are different types of Jews, Ashkenazi ("Scythian" Jews), Sephardi (Spanish Jews) and Mizrahi (Arab Jews). ~50% of Israelis have Arab Jew ancestry.

No I am not.

Usury is "excessive" interest.

>the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest.

Wanting some regulations isn't necessarily part of communist ideology.

Pretty much this.

this guy () is right, there are 5 jews in that photo and 3 people who were accused of being jewish lmao. so much for jews being so easy to distinguish visually.

Paul Ehrenfest
Wolfgang Pauli
Max Born
Niels Bohr are the other 4

I like the fact that the one who made this map tries to show how "smart" the People are all over the world but using a wrong world map.

there are more white people promoting leftist multiculti bullshit than jews in existence.

but wait it's because the jews corrupted them and made them do it. white ppl dindu nuffin, they wuz like innocent little christian children until the jewish devil came and destroyed europe with capitalism (or was it communism, i forget).

But ashkenazis are just one Jewish ethnic group

if you value civilization, niggers are a genetic dead end. in the long view, the proliferation of negro dna means the slow death of civilization.


in medieval europe ANY interest was usury.

Pretty much everyone who has some pro-Israel views discards them once they visit Israel.

there is only one race, the human race
blenda up

Or if they see this

How do you guys blanda upp when you only rape 10 year old boys?

that shit happens in every country on earth. woooow cheap foreign labor have bad conditions someone call ban ki moon lmao.

i've been to israel twice. it's a lot shittier than you'd think in terms of creature comforts but it's overall a nice place with good (albeit loud and somewhat abrasive) people

who's "you guys" exactly

I will give Jews credit; they do not suffer from this perpetual victim complex over past persecution like blacks or some other races. "Crackers wuz so be oppressin' us 200 years ago gibesme welfare check." Jews suffered huge, hideous levels of persecution for centuries but didn't become welfare leeches who sniff glue, rob the corner liquor store, and have a disproportionate incarceration rate.

Most European countries had lifted legal disabilities on Jews by the middle of the 19th century; within 25 years they had a rather overwhelming domination of the white collar and intellectual fields. Why do blacks continue to struggle and have below-average social indicators 50 years after institutionalized racism in the US came to an end? Why do AmerIndians sit on a reservation on welfare huffing paint varnish and beating their own kids?

Easy: Jews are smart, niggers are dumb

Hitler knew it too. He was embarrassed at the primitive culture of ancient Germans.

"The accomplishments of the Germans compared with the great civilizations of the Mediterranean or of China were small. It may be for the best that the world does not know about this, yet for some reason Himmler insists on conducting archaeological digs and exulting over every last spear or potsherd they dig up."

most all science and cultural accomplishments of Germany were performed by Jews or Poles anyway.

jews do suffer from a perpetual victim complex. they just also have the genetics and culture to allow success despite it. however that victim complex makes them particularly vulnerable to leftism. combine the two and you see why there are so many influential leftist jews. niggers lean left because of their victim complex but aren't influential because they are stupid and have a shit culture.

of course jews are overrepresented amongst influential rightists as well, but to a lesser degree due to the 'victim complex into leftism' cultural mechanism. that might be changing though -keep in mind that jewish leftism is a modern phenomenon, they were previously decried as being too conservative and patriarchal. i've noticed that there are tons of jews into neoreaction.

t. Shlomo Shekelstein

Jews are the most butthurt people ever with massive persecution complexes. Lots of people in history have been treated far worse and they don't whine about it like jews.

>jews do suffer from a perpetual victim complex. they just also have the genetics and culture to allow success despite it
There we go. You made the point I wanted to make, but couldn't clearly articulate.

This dude though is just a butthurt Mudslime.

Jewish culture and identity are changing a lot anyway since it used to be mostly based around European Yiddish culture, but that was obliterated during WWII and doesn't exist anymore except among elderly people.

jews are good people because they're genociding the white race
soon all the world will be semite
like allah/elohim intended

>however that victim complex makes them particularly vulnerable to leftism

That wasn't really because of having a victim complex, a lot of Jews in the 19th century turned to leftism because they thought by becoming socialists, they'd get away from the ancient stereotype of the Jewish money-changer.

And to an extent, it was a reaction against traditional religious Judaism which was widely viewed as backwards superstition.

They adopted the Nazi culture after WW2.

This is manipulated the guy on this pic is not Pole, but Cygan (Roma). He even has cygan surname.

Except nobody thinks that, hymie.

Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence is well-documented and accepted by nationalists. We dislike kikes because they don't have a moral bone in their body. They apply all their cunning to nefarious self-serving causes.

you're joking right
these oven dodging heebs are still playing the holohoax card to this very day the moment a politician says "wait, can you give me a good reason for bombing Iran"

"Contrary to what most think, the true danger is not moneyed Jewry, but revolutionary Jewry. The moneyed Jew presents no danger to the existing social order, as he profits from it and has no desire to see it destroyed. Instead, beware the poor, idealistic Jewish revolutionist."

-- Otto von Bismarck

they turned to socialism because they (rightly or wrongly) believed the world order that existed at the time was unfair to them and wanted to replace it with one that was "equal." what you say might be true but it is secondary to the desire to simply upend the unfair system.

I've encountered a few Jewish people and israelboos before, I respect them much more than many of the people around here.

If something like that came up in any European country, it would be a scandal like no other. I have heard more complaints about other Middle Easterners doing stuff like that, but when it's Jews, no one mentions it or belittles it like you do.

>Belittling bad Jewish qualities
>Drawing more attention to niggers
That seems to be a trend around here on this thread.

When it comes to Jew victimhood few come close. Jews are pretty rare here in Finland, but a friend told me that when he met one and out of surprise said "oh, you are a Jew" the Jew flipped even though my friend didn't say anything bad about Jews. Jews are always talking about how opressed they are, how racists others are towards them etc.

Ashkenazi Jews make up the largest ethnic group of Jews in the world.

I always wonder how undereducated the person was who made this graphic.
Why would you let your own people fight if the "untermensch" could do it for you, and of course there were some proxy wars.
For instance, the Indians joined Germany to fight against GB


Do polacks really believe jewish secret agents post on their board

At least it seems like there is a lot of Israelboos around that would put Ken-Sama in shame.

Mostly in Burgerland. Other countries are not as cucked.